My View on the Wider Reality

My belief of how the wider reality is setup comes about from a mixture of Robert Monroe, Frank Kepple and my own experiences.

Robert Monroe devised the \”Focus Level\” model of reality.
# Focus 1 – Physical Waking Consciousness. The level of awareness in which people spend most of their daily, waking lives.
# Focus 3 – Basic Hemi-Sync. The first level where Hemi-Sync starts to have an effect on the person.
# Focus 10 – Mind Awake / Body Asleep. The physical body sleeps and the mind is awake.
# Focus 11 – Auto-suggestion state.
# Focus 12 – Expanded Awareness. The awareness is expanded beyond the physical body.

Frank Kepple came along later, following in Robert Monroe\’s footsteps, in an attempt to duplicate his work.  Later, he further refined Monroe\’s Focus Model to compile associated \”Focus Levels\” into a more concise model.
# Focus 1 oC = Monroe Focus C1, 3 & 10
# Focus 2 oC = Monroe Focus 12, 15, 21 & 22
# Focus 3 oC = Monroe Focus 23, 24, 25, 26 & 27
# Focus 4 oC Here the comparison ends, as his Focus 4 oC has no Monroe counterpart.

His differentiates from Monroe\’s model by the use of \”oC\” or \”of Consciousness\” suffix.

Focus 1 oC is this physical reality.  However, Focus 1 also extends to what some people refer to as the RTZ (Real Time Zone).  He refers to both of these sections collectively as the \”Wider Physical\”.

Focus 2 oC is the area of consciousness where we do our Dreaming, Lucid Dreaming and what people refer to as Astral Projection.  This is the area called the imagination, the subconscious, or some even refer to it as \”the astral\”.  This is your own personal area of consciousness, that people can not directly visit, they can however influence it by means of telepathy and other forms of communication.  I have projected here many times fully consciously aware.  To me, this is personal truth.

Focus 3 oC is the area of consciousness which is described more as a Collective area.  On the lower branches of this Focus levels you\’ll find people of similar Earth Belief Systems congregate and live in their self created expectations of their afterlife.  The upper branches are the \”transition areas\”, where you\’ll live while trying to remember what it\’s like to live in a subjective reality once again.  Then, when you\’re ready, you have the choice to either return to Earth for another go around at being human, or move back to Focus 4.  I personally haven\’t consciously explored this area of consciousness as of yet, but I feel like I\’m close.  So this is a belief to me.

Focus 4 oC… well, there\’s not too much I can tell you about this as it\’s way beyond anything I\’ve seen/done.  Frank describes it as a loss of individuality.  He describes it as plugging your mind into a sea of minds.  It\’s an area of COMPLETELY subjectivity.

Anyways, those are the Four main Focus levels as per Mr. Kepple.

Now, I\’m going to relate these levels to the more occult versions of them.

Physical, Astral, Mental, Buddhic, Atmic (I\’ll stop there, as I have no knowledge past it).
# The Physical Plane = Focus 1 oC, Obviously equates to this physical reality we\’re in now.
# The Astral and Mental Planes = Focus 2 oC, I believe these two planes are misinterpreted by many, and I believe that they are one in the same.
# The Buddhic Plane = Focus 3 oC
# The Atmic Plane = Focus 4 oC

So that\’s my view of the modern model of the Wider Reality and how it fits into the classical, or old world mystical reality system.

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