My Most Recent Lucid Dream Conversion Experience

I\’m hoping that talking about this will assist me in experiencing more Lucid Dreams… because lately I’ve been in quite the dry-spell.  I’ve been having Lucid Dreams for as long as I can remember.  I usually have a lucid dream, at least once every 1 – 2 weeks… but as I type this, my dry-spell has lasted the last 5 – 6 weeks now.  I’m going to relay to you the last Lucid Dream experience that I had.

Prior to being lucid, I simply remember flying around, but when lucidity hit me, I found myself hovering roughly 50 feet above my old high school.  I always find it fascinating that it didn’t hit me before hand… I mean, c’mon… flying… and it doesn’t set off triggers.  I don’t know WHY I “all of a sudden” became lucid.

Anyways, I was now lucid, so I focused on a spot on the ground below me and went into my usual questioning mode to bring forth my full conscious awareness.  Easy enough.  I remember having a bit of fun with the people staring up at me and I decided to dive bomb them a bit, because, well… it’s fun to fly!

Very shortly after that, I wanted to see if I could shift into Focus 1 oC… and I always wanted to visit England, so I visualized a friend of mine who lives there whom I wanted to see.  I began visualizing… then my vision went black… I remember feeling a “shift”… but then I found myself waking up in my bed.

The important part here was that I DEFINITELY felt the shift.  I was well on my way to where ever it was my subconscious intentions were taking me, but I ended up losing it and having my Protective Self wake me up due to, what I believe, was an unknown in regards to how the “shift” felt to me.

So anyways, that was my last projection… a short while ago.  I’m still trying and waiting patiently for another Lucid Dream.

8 thoughts on “My Most Recent Lucid Dream Conversion Experience

  1. Jason Rosenstein says:

    Hey Ryan,
    I know what you mean about strangely becoming lucid “all of a sudden”. I too have been flying around, or even executing some other non-physical activity such as psychokinesis, and have not noticed that my environment was not of the physical dimension.
    It’s strange though how just suddenly your awareness can shift and a “knowing” that you’re OOB just occurs.


    • Xanth says:

      Hi Jason,

      Yeah, that “randomness” is how I’ve tended to become lucid throughout my life. I don’t really understand WHY it’s been that way for me.

      Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  2. Mel says:

    Hello Xanth,

    Found your website on one of your posts at Astral Pulse, and your avatar looks familiar from T. Campbell’s MBT forums. Thanks so much for all this stuff you’re sharing. Just finished the first of the True Sounds audios “True Meditation”. Having just discovered Frank Keppels “noticing”, this perspective on meditation, not trying, just letting it be what it is and taking note, really feels good to me. Am looking forward to reading your PDF on phasing. The first two times I tried it after reading Franks words, I had these little “TV screen” come up just to the right and a few feet out in my field of vision (eyes closed, although I’ve had this happen with eyes open sitting on the couch) and there are scenes going on with people in them, like an alternate reality. I’m sort of in the scene, but in a passive way. Not sure what this is, but excited to learn more. Thanks very much for your work here.

    Had a question and tried to link to your radio/chat? station and got a warning notice from FireFox that “this connection is untrusted” etc. Just thought you might like to know. Most of us out here wouldn’t know how to deal with that and would miss what you’ve got going on.

    I’m going to ask here and hope that you have time to respond. I’ve had some lucid dreams, the first one being monumental…in my mind anyway, and that lead to reading about lucid dreaming and now OBE/astralP. Last night a huge thunderstorm blew through. I was awakened. It’s a little hazy, but sometime during this period I was awake, my laptop power light was pulsing and lighting the room slightly. I looked up at the ceiling and there’s all this action going on. There appeared to be several layers of forms spread across the ceiling. I think I see what look like blades of a fan slowly turning, but I also feel that it’s some kind of bird or animal and I feel slightly uneasy. Also just below that are images I’m used to from work…floral deco shapes and paisley shapes turning and moving slowly as the faint light comes and goes. I’m staring trying to figure it out, but only get a little more freaked, because I’m not in dream state (where I’m usually pretty brave). I close my eyes and re-open them…’s still going on. I roll over and comment to my spouse about the crazy stuff I’m seeing (who confirms this to me this morning), so I’m pretty sure I’m awake. I’m feeling stupid that I’m avoiding such a cool happening and roll back over and it hasn’t changed. Must have dropped off to sleep after that. The only point of reference I have for this is from very early childhood watching shapes swirling in the darkness one night. Any ideas? Is this related to OBE? It appeared solid, real and very textural, but dreamy because of the lighting.

    Thanks for any thoughts you have. So cool seeing Robert Waggoners icon up there on your Facebook list! Have a lovely day,

    • Xanth says:

      Hi there Mel!

      Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’re enjoying my website. 🙂

      The experiences you refer to are something that I’ve experienced as well as a child growing up, and to a lesser extent as an adult. I remember lying in my bed as a child, staring down the hallway which my bed faced, and saw these same kinds of dancing shadows which you speak of. I think it speaks highly of a youngsters metaphysical aptitude.
      As it relates to adults… I think it’s definitely projection related. You can use those images to focus your Intent in order to project.

      What you can try in order to “use” these visuals is just stare at them, focus entirely upon them. Allow everything else in the room to fall away and disappear. You’ll eventually feel your body falling asleep, but your mind will be staying awake due to the active nature of the focusing you’re doing. At some point you’ll either shift consciously into a non-physical environment, or you’ll find yourself in your room projecting!

      Goodluck! I hope that helps! Also, if you could give me some feedback on my eBook too please! I’m thinking of tightening it up a bit in order to shop it around for a publisher. And it needs lots of polish. 🙂

      As for the “True Meditation” series… I listened to those, especially the first one, and my jaw just dropped. The way he describes meditation, it’s just phenomenal. I think if anyone is interested in doing any of this metaphysical stuff really needs to begin with meditation, and if so, that series is probably one of the best places to start. Next stop should be with Tom Campbell. He has a really great mind for this kind of thing. 🙂

      • Mel says:

        Hey Ryan, thanks for the reply. I agree with your impression of my experience and felt a little silly since I read the PDF after I wrote you and by the end was confident that it was real and a waking shift in consciousness. How cool is that. So, thanks for responding and giving me some tips. Even though I didn’t milk it for as much as I might have, this event added to my experience in a perfect way that positioned me to be more open to what I’m encountering rather than from an expectation of a previous, much loved and appreciated, experience. My paranormal temperature is indeed rising.

        As you said, “Treasure each experience you have and log them accordingly.” Perfect words. I’ve heard this advice before, but as we all know and hear a lot lately, each person must experience it for themselves…. which brings me to a little piece of feedback I would like to share.

        I enjoyed your writing very much, because it was well written, and because we share many common aspects of perspective and are attracted to similar teachers. It provided clarity about a subject that is expanding quickly and from many sources. An evolving stream of clarity is what we’re all wanting to ride.

        I commend your decision to publish your experiences on your website and encourage it in your writing. The recent trend of, “I won’t share my personal adventures so I don’t corrupt your experience “(read: cause you might not instantly interpret it perfectly, according to me), all the while extolling the personal nature of reality, is condescending and paternalistic. Ridiculing the evolution of a pioneering teacher is a reflection of the speaker. What people love about Mr. Monroe is that we can see his evolution….and it makes our heart sing and gives us hope for our own expansion. Learning to roll out of your body (or any other metaphor) absolutely helped and continues to help many people get to where they want to be from where they are, and to think that they can’t also quickly grasp that there’s no “place” to “go”, is silly. When you write, don’t be negative about anyone’s path (especially your former teachers;o) and don’t talk down to your audience, because you’ll most likely be preaching to the choir, be they experienced or novice.

        Your personal experiences are all you really have once you’ve got all the appropriate warnings and caveats honed to perfection, which you do. We’re all evolving..yea!!. Have fun and thanks again so very much. I feel more open and accepting of what’s coming in my experience. Looking forward to future posts and will keep my eyes open for your precious avatar as I surf.

        Very best wishes,
        ps Yes, holding my breath does indeed seem to pull me into the moment. And, yes, I’ve read Tom’s book, or as I prefer to say, “my eyes moved over each sentence”.

        • Xanth says:

          Thanks! It means a lot. 🙂

          Oh, and I really should change my avatar… it’s not the one I use around the forums. LoL

          If you go to the Astral Pulse, you’ll see my forum-avatar. 😉 Meow.

  3. rkfenwick says:

    Hi Xanth,

    I really love your blog and the information you have on here is priceless, thanks for sharing it with us. Like you, I am also an avid lucid dreamer and have recently become interested in turning lucid dreams into full-blown OBEs. I have had a lot of success with the following technique…When I realize I am dreaming and become lucid, I make the request, “Now I am out of body!” I say it with firm conviction and sometimes I need to say it up to three times. EVERY time I’ve done this, I feel a shift and then find myself floating above my physical body in my bedroom. From there I am able to go on many interesting adventures. Just thought I would throw that out there just in case you’re looking for different techniques.

    Happy Travels!

    Rebecca 🙂

    • Xanth says:

      Hi Rebecca!

      Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad people are enjoying the site. 🙂

      The command you give is a great example to controlling your subconscious mind during a projection! Really nice!

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