What “Raising Your Vibrations” Really Means

I find that a lot of people will use this line in trying to explain HOW you go from plane to plane:  \”Just raise your vibrations!\”

To me, that sentence has always befuddled my poor human mind… raise what exactly?!  How do I RAISE my vibrations?  I\’ve had that question answered for me a hundred ways by a hundred different people.  *facepalms*

I just recently figured out what it means… and I can tell you in a more modern and less mystical way.  \"Smiley\"

Getting to the astral (Robert Monroes Focus 22/23, Frank Kepples Focus 2 oC) is the easy part.  You go there every night you fall asleep and dream.  You just need to bring about your full (or as close to full) conscious awareness as you can.

Now, to shift to a \”higher\” (that\’s in quotes, because no plane is higher or lower than another) plane you need to control your thoughts and emotions.  When you\’re on the astral, those two things are fueling your experiences, because on the astral THOUGHT = DIRECT ACTION.  So, to \”raise your vibrations\” means to calm and quiet your thoughts/emotions.  When you meditate, that is what you\’re doing.   You\’re calming and quieting your mind, and raising your frequency doing so.

It\’s really just that simple.

\”Raising your vibrations\” means to purify your mind-thoughts.  To become clear and focused so that you can begin to perceive the collective consciousness areas.

I hope that helps some.

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