John Magnus\’ Book and Message Forum

I said in a previous post that I finally ended up buying John Magnus\’ book \”Astral Projection and the Nature of Reality\” from my local occult bookshop.

His thoughts and ideas on Astral Projection are very similar, if not identical in most regards to my own.

He has made available to people a forum on his website (  It might seem kind of dead over there right now, but John does apparently show up often to check out if anyone has posted.  So, in an effort to try and revitalize his forums and to assist in getting his message out to others, I\’ve added a link to them in my \”Astral Projection Forums\” section.

So head on over there and check it out.  Create an account… I found that you\’ll have to create the account, then do a password retrieval… THEN you can log in with the password emailed to you.  At which point you can go to your account page to change it to whatever you want.

Some of the old posts there are of big help too!  I\’ve been reading through them and learning a lot.  Personally, I\’ll be dropping in there every so often to see as well.  🙂

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