Classic OBE vs Phasing

I\’ve seen a lot of people get confused over what \”Phasing\” is in relation to what I refer to as the \”Classic OBE\”. In regards to where you end up, they\’re the same. Both types of projection will take you to the \”non-physical\”. The difference is in the sensations and methods for getting there. That\’s all.

When one has a \”Classic OBE\” they generally feel sensations of separation from their physical body along with the classic vibrations.
When one \”Phases\”, you generally don\’t get those sensations. You\’ll be Here, then you\’ll feel a shift (not a separation), and then you\’ll be \”There\” with your full waking awareness intact. In both cases, they lead to the same \”area of consciousness\”. You could end up somewhere familiar, like your bedroom… or somewhere not familiar, like some otherworldly environment.

I\’ll try to expand on this at a later time, but I hope it provides some kind of idea on the differences between the two phenomenon.

5 thoughts on “Classic OBE vs Phasing

  1. xanth18 says:

    Between Classic OBEs and Phasing? It depends upon the individual.

    I’m more visualization-oriented… so Phasing works a bit better for me.

    But there’s no “one” that is better than the other. 🙂

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