The Physical is an Astral Environment

I\’ve been thinking lately… what if this physical reality we hold so dear as being a solid reality is ACTUALLY just a non-physical reality? Through Quantum Physics, humanity is already starting to get a glimpse that our world is actually made up of probabilities.

In the non-physical what we think becomes reality, any stray thought that comes to mind will instantly come into being in full technicolour 3D right in front of your non-physical eyes. Now, what if I said that this also happens here in the Physical as well?

Take instances of hauntings where items are flung around the room… is that some outside force doing the flinging or is it the person in the room doing the flinging and not realizing that their subconscious thoughts are initiating this reaction?
What about supposed miracles that happen throughout the world? People with Terminal Diseases suddenly and for inexplicable reasons being cured permanently. Is this really a miracle? Or the person healing themselves by subconsciously desiring AND believing it.
And there are more unexplained instances, like that of people lifting cars and trucks to free loved ones trapped beneath… the list goes on and on.

What if these acts we think are coming from outside of us are actually coming FROM WITHIN US. This would mean that our thoughts DO have a direct impact upon our physical reality and what we experience. What if the trick isn\’t simply believing it? What if the trick was going BEYOND believing and stepping into KNOWING?

It\’s just a thought. 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Physical is an Astral Environment

  1. Leilah says:

    YES! lol This summer I had a “breakthrough experience” that lasted several months and I came to the same conclusion. Even tho its just food for thought, this summer I knew this to be true. The things that were happening were proving to me time after time this to be the case.

  2. Alex says:

    Michael Talbots book the ‘The Holographic Universe’ discusses this theory – no doubt assume you would have read it.

    I agree with your comments and feel that perhaps there is an element of ‘synchronisty between our consciousness and to what we refer to as the paranormal – perhaps all just an energy byproduct of our actions and/or emotions.

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