I do not believe Demons exist!

From time to time on the Astral Pulse forums and lately in the Astral Pulse IRC channel (there are links for both locations on the right side of this website) I\’ve been having to tackle the issue of demons.  People supposedly \”fighting\” with and just having general encounters with demons.

I\’ll just say that \”demons\” (or other negative entities) in the astral is purely a matter of BELIEF.  They only exist in the minds and experiences of those who believe in them.

Now, how did I come to this conclusion?  Well, basically, I can\’t remember a single time in my life where I\’ve ever had an encounter with ANYTHING that could even remotely be considered evil that didn\’t come directly from my subconscious mind.  No objective existence of a negative entity has ever cropped up in my experiences.
I\’ve been Lucid Dreaming for pretty much my entire life and more recently into my Astral Projections, I have never experienced this phenomenon.

What can I infer from this?  Well one of two things.

If demons really do exist then they are afraid to interact with me for some unknown reason.  We know this can\’t be the case due to demon-legend and folklore… and honestly, I\’m nobody special.  Now the second option… they are the creation of those who believe and I do not believe that they exist so I don\’t provide them with the chance to exist.  Makes sense, eh?

The only reason people experience demons in their astral projections is because either they outright believe in them or on some subconscious level outside their normally accepted conscious awareness, they believe in them.  Either way, it\’s a fear-based belief that brings them into your projections.

And seriously… fighting them?  That\’s giving them even more power to exist, because you are only further reinforcing the belief in yourself that they exist by engaging them.  Your best bet is to ignore them as best you can.  Close off your thoughts and emotions to the scenes playing out around you and they\’ll fade away into the nothing they came from.

So, the next time you find yourself facing down \”demons\” in your astral projection, don\’t be afraid, they are a simple fear-based self creation.

One thought on “I do not believe Demons exist!

  1. Juliano says:

    HI, let me tell you part of a VERY powerful OBE I had, and an interpretation–though it is shall we say a living dynamic with mutiple perspectives. In order to get a context I will have to tell you I was a sex addict. Now I came out of the body, saw myself lying in bed with a male and female on either side of my body, They telepathically told me not to be afraid….They glide me down stairs (I will edit bits out here] I go into the lounge and meet what I think are people very close to me, one of them SUDDENLY and I mean that!! SUDDENLY goes down on me and begins persforming a very uncannily powerful fallatio on me and I freak out to the other person banging on the back of the person I think it is. Then after I am really freaking out the person sucking me off and the other person–who had been sitting on a couch both stand up take off human-looking masks and they are Satyrs.

    SO…..in other words this is not ONLY an OBE (not that OBEs are ‘just OBEs’) this was showing me something VERY VERY dramatically and directly about my life, about the danger. So in that respect the whole thing about ‘demons’ is that whether or not they exist or not to me is not the point, but to understand that these dimensions are full of loving deep meaning~~intelligence. The Pagans knew that the Cauldron of the Goddess, the Underworld or what ever you want to call it was a deeply healing place…This experience changed my life and still has riddles I am learning as they unfold

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