A Theory – Visual Fading Away

I have a theory that I\’ve been tossing around in my head lately that I wish to share.

If you fixate upon a single point in front of you and are able to keep your vision from moving around due to the micro movements of your eye or from objects moving within your field of vision then a strange phenomenon begins to happen.  First, things around your fixated target begin to disappear… a line here, a corner of something there… they vanish before your eyes.  Eventually, everything starts to fade away into a background white or black, depending upon how lighted the area around you is.  Generally, during our normal waking lives, this phenomenon doesn\’t occur because even if there is nothing \”moving\” in our field of vision, the micro movements of our eyes tend to keep things moving.  Think of it as a computer monitor, the micro movements of the eye cause a screen refresh 30 frames every second.  It might be hard for some people to keep this movement to a minimum… but give it a shot and see if you can make this happen.

I feel that the fading away of the visual spectrum is the beginning of the shift into Focus 10!  I find that as this visual shift begins to happen, my mind is nice and relaxed, but that may just be me.  See how you feel when you try it.  But it\’s just the beginning of it.  Now, this is the reason that we usually do our practicing with our eyes closed, due to the visual distractions.  Your eyes are much easier to remain still in this state… this is also a great exercise to do to learn to \”passively observe\”, as you need to keep your eyes passively still for the fading to initiate.

If you can get it so that the visual field you\’re viewing completely disappears, I think you\’re good to close your eyes and try it.  As I said, I think this shift is the beginning of Focus 10… it\’s the start of removing ourselves consciously from the physical.  If you can actually hold this (which would be hard due to having to blink), theoretically, you should be able to project even with your eyes open!

Any other ideas?  Thoughts?

One thought on “A Theory – Visual Fading Away

  1. EDWARD says:

    I use a Focus of my complete attention to Phase. My last Phasing attempt it felt as if I was being sucked into myself, wild to say the least!! Concentration is the absolute Key to Phasing. Focus means: to concentrate IMO. 🙂


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