How I Came To My Beliefs

I wanted to go into a bit about the How\’s and Why\’s I came to my current belief construct.

My beliefs aren\’t something I came about to overnight… also, and most people might not even believe this, but people such as Robert Monroe and Frank Kepple didn\’t influence any of my beliefs, they simply filled in some of the blanks I had and further reinforced that which I already knew was true.

They opened me up to a world where what I have been experiencing and the questions I\’ve been asking myself for the past 31 years I now had definite answers for. The thing is that, I knew these answers all along… I just didn\’t know I was ALLOWED to believe them.

Questions like, \”Where do we go when we dream?\”… when posed to my parents they would tell me, \”well you go nowhere obviously… it all happens in your head.\”  Alluding to some kind of well known fact that dreams are something that are \”not real\”.  I somehow knew this was wrong. I somehow knew there was more to my sleep-time than \”just dreams in my head\” happening.  I might not have had the terminology and understanding that I do now thanks to Robert, Frank and others, but the basis for my beliefs were formed back then when I began asking myself these questions.

Fast forward to a year or so ago and my introduction to Frank Kepple\’s work.  At this point I had already read a lot of stuff on the subject and had been attempting Astral Projection for well over 10 years with little to no success.  I had managed to feel the so-called \”vibrations\”, but little else (I\’m still not convinced they\’re some objective experience directly connected to astral projections).  I still hadn\’t made the connection that dreams WERE astral projections of a decreased awareness nature.  Finally, as Frank says, the penny dropped!  I had my link… finally the puzzle pieces started to come together.

Dreams, Lucid Dreams and Astral Projections were all the same experience!  It made so much sense to me… my own experiences gave me the proof I needed.  At the time the known majority of my experiences were \”Non-physical Lucid Awareness Experiences\”, it stood to reason at the time that if Dreams and Lucid Dreams are intricately linked… then the next logical step would be that they\’re really the same experience as Astral Projections.  Bam!  Mystery #1 for myself was solved.

Then I started remembering experiences I\’ve had in the past where I wasn\’t sure they were projections or not… and now I had the answers for them, they DEFINITELY were astral projections!  … and they were just like my lucid dreams too, except I knew exactly who and what I was at the time along with my normal waking mind.

Now, as I go back to re-read all the books I\’ve read previously, I find that I\’m able to gleam so much more out of them.  When one understands what\’s going on, one can understand and interpret, not only their own experiences better, but those of other peoples as well… even if the other people come up with different interpretations.

So, here I stand… with too many non-physical lucid awareness experiences to count and several known non-physical astral awareness experiences (I dunno how many there could have been during my youth) under my belt… this post is how I came to realize these truths, the personal experiences which meshed so well with those who came before me.

I can\’t wait to experience more and to attempt to follow in the footsteps of those who came before me.  🙂

7 thoughts on “How I Came To My Beliefs

  1. Robert J says:

    Just one minor point: What do you mean by the term “objective experience”? It seems to me that experience is by its very nature subjective.

    • xanth18 says:

      Hi Robert,

      I mean “objective experience” in a more socially collective manner. That they are something that many people have reported as being connected with astral projection. Not in the sense that it is 100% objective experience, because you’re correct… all experiences are subjective by their very nature.

      Thank you for pointing that out. 🙂

      • Robert says:

        OK, then, let me just report that in my OBE experience (which consists of a bunch of brief and uneventful spontaneous ones that mainly happened some years ago), the vibrations were a definite experience that seemed to be a meaningful part of what I was encountering. I wonder if anyone has looked into what conditions are associated with the vibrations (spontaneous vs. actively persued OBEs, veteran projector vs. novice, etc.)

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    • xanth18 says:

      I’ve never really ever had to struggle to become lucid while sleeping at night.
      If you’re having a hard time being successful at it, I’d suggest trying Reality Checks throughout the day.
      So throughout the day, stop what you’re doing and ask yourself some questions… you’re goal here is to essentially confirm to you that you’re physically awake.

      “Who am I?”
      “Where am I?”
      “How did I get here?”
      “What am I doing?”
      “Where am I going?”

      Answering those questions successfully means you’re awake.
      Do that at many random intervals throughout the day – the goal here is that as you become more accustomed to doing this during the day, it’ll hopefully transition to when you’re dreaming.
      Then the answers will become a bit more strange, telling you that you’re actually in the non-physical. 🙂

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