Morning Projection – Friday, February 4th

I had, what I could consider my first successful fully conscious exit projections. They\’re not much, but I\’d like to share them! I haven\’t had the time until now to jot these down. 🙂

I took the day off work and slept in a bit… I woke up around 9am, and with a quiet house I decided to put in a bit more phasing practice. I got into my usual routine… 15 – 20 minutes go by, and I found myself staring out of the bay window at the front of my house, I knew right away that I was in the non-physical. I glanced outside to see an \”outside\” that wasn\’t like how it was supposed to be. I had a great idea the time… I wanted to see how fast I could fly. I\’m not sure if it began raining before or after this, but I took off in the rain and as I was seeing how fast I could fly (which seemed to be pretty fast, although because of the rain I couldn\’t see well) the rain was pelting me in the head… and I felt every drop.

Shortly after this, I lost the experience… I fell into a dream awareness experience where I was walking into an Aikido class, yet nobody was training, everyone was talking. I got changed and ready to go, but for some reason I had forgot to take off my jacket and my hat… meh. My sensei spoke to me personally about something, of which I don\’t remember, but then I woke up.

Lying in bed, I tried again… this time I appeared in my bedroom, everything looked perfectly normal… yet this time it took a second to realize I was in the non-physical, so you could actually call this a false awakening. I was holding onto something, a \”strip\” of something, leather maybe? It wasn\’t until I, somehow, turned it into a bracelet of sorts that I realized I was non-physical. Anyway, knowing where I was, I started to walk out of my bedroom towards the bathroom… yet, my feet felt strange, almost like I had something wrapped around them, kind of like when you have your pants down at your ankles and it makes it hard to walk. LOL I made it to the bathroom, yet I had trouble moving my head upwards to look in the mirror… I could only look upwards enough to see my legs and feet. This is the best part though… I felt myself beginning to wake up so I enacted upon an idea I had earlier this week regarding focusing upon something within the experience to keep myself in there. I focused upon the bracelet/leather thingie… I began studying it, looking it over, feeling it. This prolonged my experience for another minute or two.

The first experience I had was a usual flying run-of-the-mill projection for me… I didn\’t really discover anything good out of it. The second one, I found that the \”focusing\” upon an item thing really did help retain my consciousness within that reality frame. I highly suggest giving it a shot for experience-prolonging. 🙂

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