Phasing – Physical Body Disassociation

I believe I need to explain the reasoning behind this particular article before you read it. First, it\’s geared towards beginners of Phasing. The action of physical body disassociation should be a natural and automatic one, especially if you\’re doing the Noticing or Mental Rundown exercises correctly. However, as with all things, sometimes it just doesn\’t work out that well and someone needs to focus upon other reasons for why a particular exercise isn\’t working. In this case, especially for the beginner, I felt it was important for people to know and understand what was happening behind the scenes with your physical body as you begin to do the phasing exercises.

Now, onto the article…

I tell people that to do Phasing it requires one to disassociate from their physical body and surroundings. That\’s really easier said than done. How do we actually go about disassociating?

Well, there are two parts to Phasing. First, you need to keep your consciousness focused upon something/somewhere that isn\’t \”here\”. This is what our Phasing Exercises do. In the case of Noticing, we\’re placing our conscious awareness into the blackness we\’re viewing. In the case of a Mental Rundown, we\’re placing our conscious awareness in the scene we\’re visualizing. That\’s all fine and well, but there\’s another half to the story and that\’s the point of this article.

Disassociating is something that I\’ve been doing automatically without even realizing it and it wasn\’t until last night that I figured it out. Disassociating from the physical is all about reducing the physical input you are processing from your physical senses. We do this by desensitizing them. Usually this is done very naturally and gradually over the course of our practice time. However, sometimes it doesn\’t work out too well and it\’s our physical senses that end up locking us into this reality. So, how do we go about desensitizing our physical senses and break that hold that physical reality has upon our consciousness?

We have five physical senses which connect and lock us here in this physical reality. To Phase, we need to reduce the processing of that physical input and increase the processing of our non-physical input. The scope of this article is to talk about the reduction of the processing of the physical input.

Our five physical senses are Taste, Touch, Seeing, Hearing and Smell.

Taste and smell are kind of a non-issue. Unless you\’re eating and smelling things while you\’re projecting, you shouldn\’t need to worry about these.

Desensitizing your sight begins the moment you close your eyes. Actually, you can even do this with your eyes open. If you stare at something that isn\’t moving and if you manage to keep your eyes relatively still, you\’ll begin to see a fading effect happen. What\’s happening is that your eyes are becoming desensitized to the visual input being presented to them, because nothing in your field of view is changing. Well, this is what begins to happen when we close our eyes. The blackness isn\’t visually appealing, so our physical eyes begin to shut down on us. If you do this with your eyes open, you might actually recognize the pattern of the fading you\’re seeing… it\’s probably very similar to that which you experience in Focus 10/12.

Our sense of touch can be a little more difficult to desensitize. To do this, we keep our bodies perfectly still. That way the input we\’re receiving eventually becomes familiar and then begins to get ignored altogether. This causes the numbing sensation that most people notice.

Hearing is probably the hardest one to ignore, unless you wear earplugs or use an audio device of some kind. If you\’re sensitive to sound then you\’ll just need to make sure you\’re in a quiet area.

You should obviously not have to consciously worry too much about these things while you\’re practicing as that will probably be distracting. However, note something that I haven\’t talked about yet: Relaxation. I\’m slowly coming to the conclusion that relaxation isn\’t a requirement for projecting. You might need a base level of relaxation to remove any tension you might have in certain muscles, but as long as you\’re comfortable and free from points of stress, it shouldn\’t be a problem.

Next time you find yourself just sitting at your computer or watching TV, take note of your five physical senses and see if you can reduce their input slightly.

You can even use this knowledge, if applied to your physical body as you\’re meditating to enhance your Focus 10/12 state.

Good luck and Enjoy!

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