How Your Non-Physical Perception Works

I\’m going to explain how I think our perception (what you experience) works in the non-physical. Your non-physical perception actually works in *EXACTLY* the same manner as your perception in this physical reality works, but because of how the non-physical is malleable to your thoughts/expectations/beliefs/snap judgments/etc it can play havoc on the true nature of the things we \”see\”.

First, an anecdote that shows how my perception fooled me while physical:
I was biking home the other day, and off in the distance I saw a dead squirrel lying on it\’s back and it\’s legs sticking up in the air. Now, at the time I was absolutely positive that\’s what it was… I was about 50 feet from it. As I biked closer and closer to the \”dead squirrel\”, I saw it for what it really was: a folded up piece of fabric, however up until that point, it WAS a dead squirrel, literally and figuratively. I fully perceived it as such. The object\’s true nature came through because that\’s how our physical reality works, I was able to distinctly identify the truth because in our reality an apple is an apple.

Now, let\’s investigate how this same scenario would end up when played out in the non-physical. All the same stuff would apply, I\’d be biking home and in the distance I\’d see something. My initial impression was that it was a \”dead squirrel\”. This initial impression would then become reality. Because of the malleable nature of the non-physical and how our assumption/expectations/beliefs react with the reality we find ourselves in, even if I got closer to that \”folded up piece of fabric\” it would have retained that \”dead squirrel\” perception because I had formed the belief and expectation that that was what it was. In the physical this isn\’t a problem because our perception, as such, doesn\’t directly effect/change that which we see, but in the non-physical it\’s a huge issue because our perception DOES change what we perceive.

Now, how do you stop this kind of perceptual filter from being applied? How do we see the TRUTH behind what we see and not allow our perception to colour/filter our experiences? Well, it\’s VERY hard… and in some cases you just might not be able to see the Truth behind what you\’re seeing due to the very nature of what you\’re experiencing. However, the major thing you need to learn is to not make snap judgments upon what you experience. This is usually the first thing people do when they see something. As you can see it\’s the first thing I did in relation to the above story… I made an immediate snap judgment of the \”folded cloth\” and assumed it was a \”dead squirrel\”.

This is something you can practice even in your physical life. Try to catch yourself making these snap judgment calls, then work on slowly stopping yourself from doing it until you\’re in a state of passively observing. A by-product of teaching yourself this, is that it will also help you to control your emotions and thoughts. That\’s the next thing you need to learn to control. Learning to control your emotions and thoughts will keep that bit of fuel from influencing your environment and in turn, will keep the experience as pure/true as possible.

Let\’s look at the perils of what would have happened. Seeing the dead squirrel up close might have brought forth some sad emotions of me feeling sorry for the poor creature. This would have added fuel to what I was experiencing whereby something \”sad\” would have occurred… then that scene might have further fueled more emotional sadness which would have added more fuel to it. In the end, if I didn\’t nip the original emotional outburst in the butt, I would have been caught in a never ending emotional filled loop. The only way out of it would have been to wake up and start over. This one snap judgment might have been the end of a fine non-physical experience.

The more you keep these three things (snap judgments, thoughts and emotions) under control, the easier time you\’ll have directing your experience and making the most out of it. 🙂

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