Addition to Your Non-Physical Perception

I wrote an article earlier in July on how our perception in the non-physical works.

Here is an example I came up with to further illustrate how your perception works in the non-physical. Meaning, as a consciousness, you can only experience that which you experience within the paradigm of the sum of what you\’ve experienced previously. And it also illustrates the subjective nature of our non-physical experiences.

For example, you\’re gallivanting around the non-physical in some alternative reality and you run into a \”Dadipladouche\”!!! (That\’s completely made up, btw ^_^) How will you know it\’s a Dadipladouche? Now, *I* know what a Dadipladouche is as I\’ve run into one before (since this is made up, duh obviously I haven\’t lol)… so when I run into one, I have something from my experiences to draw from so that I perceive it as a Dadipladouche. If I didn\’t have the experience to draw from, my consciousness would have to scour my experiences for something that resembled it as closely as possible and then display that. That\’s the interpretation factor of the subjective nature of our non-physical experiences. It would then appear to me as whatever it was that was the \”closest representation\” to what it was that my consciousness could find.

Say this dadipladouche was some kind of \”big scaled creature\”, it might appear to me as a Dragon or a Dinosaur, since that would be the closest matches that my consciousness could make in order to \”define\” it and make it \”understandable\” to me. The key here is \”make it UNDERSTANDABLE TO ME\”. You can\’t experience something if you can\’t, in at least in SOME SMALL WAY, understand it.

You might experience a reality frame and all you experience are flashing white lights. That\’s not because that particular reality frame is made up of flashing white lights, that\’s just because \”flashing white lights\” was the only way your consciousness mind could interpret that which you were seeing.

Now, say you have two people. They can experience the \”same reality\”, however it\’s also very possible that they will each perceive that reality in completely different ways. One person might see that \”flashing white lights\” reality, where the flashing lights are floating, orbs of light randomly dispersed about… whereby the other person might end up having an experience of rows upon rows of car headlights pointing towards him/her. They both experienced the same reality, but the source of the lights and the nature of the lights are perceived completely differently.

What you experience in the non-physical (be it dreams, lucid dreams or astral projections/obe\’s) IS REAL. How you experience it is a metaphor… an interpretation based upon the sum of your previous experiences as something that your consciousness can draw from for that interpretation to take form.

2 thoughts on “Addition to Your Non-Physical Perception

  1. light487 says:

    So how do I get to know what a “Dadipladouche” (or whatever) is, especially if it is something is non-existant in the physical reality we find ourselves in? Will it always appear as a “dragon” (or whatever) because now that is how I identify with it and have categorised/catalogued it? Or at some point, through repeated exposure to it, will I start to perceive things that “just aren’t quite right” about it? And through those perceptions, start to build a better picture of what it “truly” is?

    For example, I start off seeing this thing as an elephant.. and through repeated exposure to the thing, I start to notice that it actually doesn’t have a trunk with a nose on the end but instead it has an eye in its place. This of course means it is not really an elephant, then I begin to notice other things that are different and slowly, over repeated exposure, I come to see it as it really is?

    If this is so, then that would require an adjustment to how the non-physical awareness works.

    • xanth18 says:

      You might never know. The best you can really hope for is your subjective interpretation of what you’re experiencing. Try to find the objective meaning behind the subjective imagery. That’s the key. 🙂

      While exploring, try to remain passively aware and emotionally neutral to ANYTHING you experience. 🙂

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