Dream vs Lucid/Astral Experience

I had a great non-physical experience last night, but it was a \”dream awareness\” one, regardless of how much clarity or control I had over it. Clarity and Control are secondary characteristics of a non-physical experience. Awareness is the primary characteristic you need to consider. I\’m going to use my experience last night as an example for how people can answer their own \”was this a dream or an astral projection?\” questions.

First I\’ll recant the experience a bit. I don\’t remember much of the details, but I do remember that at some point in the dream I was able to fly. If you\’ve read any of my posts you\’ll know that this is something I absolutely love doing in the non-physical, except this time I thought I was fully awake and was FINALLY given the ability to fly (LoL I know, crazy huh?). I flew around Toronto a bit, even to the point where I was gleefully jumping off skyscrapers and zooming along the waterfront. Not ONCE did I consider the thought that I was in the non-physical… and that would be the key here.

The experience was crystal clear and I had full control over my own actions (I was making all the decisions as to where I went and what I did there, no control over the environment though), yet I had no idea I was dreaming. So regardless of the clarity and control I had… because I didn\’t realize I was dreaming, I call this a \”Non-Physical Dream Awareness Experience\” and not a lucid or astral awareness experience.

Now, as I\’m typing this, I am remembering a point very early in the dream where I was rubbing my hands together to retain my focus, which points me towards having at least a Lucid Awareness at the start, but for one reason or another I quickly lost that awareness and went straight back into a dream awareness.

Clarity and Control (of yourself and/or the environment) are simply secondary characteristics of a non-physical experience. They do not denote what kind of experience you\’re having. As above I had clarity and control yet I had no awareness. I was, for the most part, the actor playing a character in a play, not knowing it was a play.

I hope this helps. 🙂

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