Monthly Meditation!

I mentioned something about this on Facebook a couple weeks ago.
I wanted to try to put together a meditation group of sorts. The goal would be to try and counter some of the negative energy/thoughts put forth about the upcoming nonsense regarding the 2012 Phenomenon. Basically, we\’ll pick a day, a single 24 hour period in a month when everyone can focus their meditations towards sending out positive energy regarding this phenomenon.

It\’s almost common knowledge these days amongst metaphysical practitioners that we create our own reality.
The energy we put out in the universe shapes our universe in a multitude of ways.

Now, you can go about this meditation in any way you want. For me, I intend to visualize all the negative thoughts and ideas that people have regarding 2012 and putting them into a big metal box, then tossing that box to be incinerated into the Sun.

The thoughts will include any notion of war, destruction of the earth in various ways, to smaller negative things like fighting with friends and neighbours. Putting energy towards the goal of peace and love should be of the utmost importance.

I was thinking the last Friday of every month would be a good time to do this. Any thoughts?

Feel free to comment here or on Facebook with your thoughts and ideas on this. 🙂

Together, we can make a difference!

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