Morning Projection – April 6th, 2012

I had a really awesome astral awareness experience this morning. First, I\’ll mention that it was \”astral\” and not \”lucid\” because I was firmly and fully consciously aware of who I was.

It started as a normal dream awareness experience where I was visiting my old place of employment. From there I quickly clued in that I was in the non-physical (which, ironically is VERY physical when you\’re experiencing it first hand LoL – this is why the labels physical and non-physical are really bad for this), at which point I flew up and away!

I wanted to test some things, like the properties of water… and I landed and found a muddy puddle of water. From there I begin just touching it and splashing it. Everything felt just as it should. At that point, I felt he usual \”waking up\” signs. My sight started to blur and darken a bit, so I took this opportunity to practice a method of remaining in the experience. On a curb of concrete next to me was what looked like a small metal plaque with the numbers \”2701\” on them. I focused really hard and really intently upon the plaque and its numbers. I even reached out and felt them in order to bring my awareness more into the reality I was experiencing.

Well, everything started to darken, but not completely! It took a few seconds and it was a bit iffy… but I eventually managed to refocus my efforts into the non-physical reality I was in, and cleared everything up. After that, I had what felt like another 10 – 15 minutes. I took the time to fly around and bust through some walls (yeah I dunno why I enjoy doing that LOL), and mostly just taking in the sights from where I was. I don\’t remember too much of the details except seeing some people who were working on a high rise as I was flying by.

Anyway, the amount of concentration and focus I had to put into retaining my experience was immense. I remember the sensation of opening my non-physical eyes as wide as I could in order to get the traction there I needed. I hope to get more chances like that to test and practice these kinds of things.

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