Possible Cause for \”Reality Fluctuations\” in our projections

There was a discussion on the Astral Pulse recently where we talked about \”Reality Fluctuations\”. I wanted to share with you a statement made and my response to it in hopes that it\’ll shed some light on this phenomenon. This is the thread in question should you want to read the whole thing. My post is on the second page, at the end.

The original statement:

There are never any defects in the RTZ when I stay projected in my bedroom. The defects start when I leave my room, and they get much worse when I project outside my house.

My response:

There\’s a reason for that, in my opinion… and it illustrates the very \”subjective\” nature of this so called reality that people label the \”RTZ\”.

Basically, you know your room really well. You could probably close your eyes right now and visualize every detail of your room, down to the smallest part.
This \”knowledge\” of your environment gets a little more iffy the further away from your room you get until you get so far away where you can\’t rely upon your memory of the area to get a firm \”build\” of it to experience.

And the further you get out, the more the \”collective\” nature kicks in… whereby you\’ll begin to see the environment meshed with other people\’s thoughts and ideas of how they perceive their surroundings. This is, I believe, the nature of the \”fluctuations\” people experience.

This goes for other non-physical realities as well.

This is part of the \”subjective\” aspect of the non-physical reality you find yourself in.
To me, it\’s obviously being created by your mind to a degree, and the other minds you\’re sharing that reality with.
The \”RTZ\” really seems to be no different than any other collective \”non-physical\” environment.

This effect can even begin happening within your immediate surroundings upon the initial projection \”exit\”. If you don\’t truly remember where something was put, then it just might not be where you think it was. This actually lends more credibility to Tom\’s MBT Theory of the larger consciousness system. The only data available in whatever reality you find yourself in comes from your own consciousness, unless it\’s a collective reality of sorts shared by at least one other consciousness. If you\’re not sure where a certain item is, then the data for that item\’s placement won\’t be available to the reality in order to render it to your consciousness in the location you believe it to be.

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