My Observations During My Projections

I was thinking today about my journeys and how solid they seem to be. During my last several non-physical experiences I\’ve been running some experiments upon how \”real\” the environment is. The observations I\’ve taken are that what I experience in my dream awareness, lucid awareness and astral awareness experiences is every bit as real as this physical reality experience is.

When I say it\’s every bit as real as this physical reality experience… I mean it. The only difference is the ability to do paranormal (beyond normal) things like flying.

This really makes me think about the very nature of reality. The only difference I seem to find between here and there is that this physical reality is more stable and what happens from day to day here remains constant. This is probably due to the collective nature of the consciousness estate who are experiencing this reality.

I\’ve taken the time to examine in detail many environments which I\’ve found myself in. I\’ve examined water, trees fences made of wood, concrete sidewalks, even looked down upon an entire city from high in the sky. They were all as real and solid as this reality I find myself experiencing right now.

It\’s kind of mind begging when you start to question the very reality which you\’ve called home for so long.

What exactly is real?

8 thoughts on “My Observations During My Projections

      • William says:

        Come on now Xanth – that is just playing with words!

        Okay so everything might will be imbued with consciousness. Like planets and stars for example – Galaxies and Space and Time etc…but are they consciousness? It is like saying the human body is consciousness. It may well have a degree of consciousness throughout and then the air between one human and another has consciousness and that consciousness is ‘swimming around in itself’ so to speak. This suggests then that consciousness make consciousness real. Where shall we go with this?

        • Xanth says:

          You’re mistaking “being conscious” (or awareness?) with “being consciousness” (the fundamental building block of everything).

          The concept is that the only fundamental thing that really exists is consciousness.
          That this physical reality, and any other reality which we “experience” is a virtual reality.

          To further explore the idea, you should look up Tom Campbell’s “My Big TOE”. It’s quite fascinating. 🙂

  1. William says:

    I am looking into TCs TOE theory. It is not ideal. TBC is what probably turns me off – and the reincarnation angle…and there is another philosophy which I know of and at first wasn’t impressed with but the more I am looking into things, the more it seems to fit.

    I think consciousness (being self aware) is like having a piece of the fundamental builder of everything which is a potential connection to that Source, but this Source has been distorted by subsequent builders of things (like TBC) and other human god concepts.

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