Projection is like Walking!

Funny subject, I know! I wanted to get your attention! So, how exactly is projection like walking? Well, I\’ll explain.

Consider all the labels that we use to describe our non-physical experiences. Now compare them to something like \”movement\”.
For example: walking is a form of movement, running is a form of movement, standing still is also a form of movement (or a lack of movement for that matter).

We use different labels to describe what is, in essence, a form of movement. They all feel completely different, so we don\’t question the labels we use. Also, we all agree on what it means to be running (or walking or standing still). This is just a no-brainer concept, right?

So let\’s talk about the non-physical labels we use: dreaming, lucid dreaming, astral projection, obes are all \”non-physical experiences\” in the same way that walking, running and standing still are all forms of \”movement\”.

One (movement) is a measure of \”speed\” and the other (projection) is a measure of \”awareness\”. Really simple, eh?

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