Bedeekin – The Lightsaber Experiment

I wanted to post this here for everyone’s reading pleasure! A fine post made by Bedeekin regarding an experiment he did in the non-physical about manifesting items.

Bedeekin’s – The Lightsaber Experiment

I thought upon one occasion after reading a particular nudging post on a forum to create an object while in an Out Of Body Experience. Something of which i have been practicing regularly for 29 years.

The question was

When Astral Projecting can you make anything appear in front of you and if so is it real?

or words to that effect.

I decided to tackle the question in a way that would not only confirm the question personally but challenge the preconceived outcome.

I decided to create a Lightsaber.

The opportunity to try this exercise arose a few nights later during a type of focused experience I normally use to play out scenarios to find out the possible outcome; the free will of any people involved pending. The landscape I decided upon was a small clearing in a wood that I have visited since on many occasions.

I thought of a lightsaber in my hand but nothing happened. I created blackness and and imagined it best I could, still nothing in my hand. I walked a few paces as my mind became distracted and realised that something heavy bumped off my thigh. I looked down and there hanging from a clip on a nice leather belt was a shiny lightsaber.

I tugged at it and felt it slide from what was possibly a magnetic clip and held it in my hand. The surprise of seeing it and feeling it almost pushed me into dual consciousness so I gripped it tighter to anchor myself. I noticed the details. The machining and construction of it was sublime and solid. Very precise and a beautiful example of technology. It was rather heavy, most of the weight distributed at the pommel end of the shaft which almost felt like it was filled with lead shot.

I peered carefully into the business end and noticed a dark lens of some sort about the size of a dime (1/2 inch) nestled in a concave sand coloured ceramic inlay around which there were six small holes, like vents.

Curiosity and the obvious got the better of me and I played the hilt in my hand to find the ‘on’ switch. There were a few nobs and complicated looking bits along the shaft but one in particular stood out as being the obvious choice. I pressed it and nothing happened. I tried to slide it up like a torch but again nothing. I thought I might have manifested a broken or useless one when I suddenly slid the switch sideways with the ball of my thumb.


A three foot long blade of heat and light instantly exploded in a burst of blue.

Now… I will pause here to reflect. If you told me that I was to hold and activate a lightsaber as a child I would have probably just thought it was the most amazing thing to swish and swing around. In ‘reality’ (careful choice of wording) this was a different matter. For a start I am now an adult and I work with dangerous power tools. I have also travelled to the depths of the Alabama and Louisiana for a 3 week stay with the local SWAT teams and was dutifully introduced to the tools of trade they use to ‘stop’ people with. I remember holding a gun for the first time and being instantly terrified of it. This was the same emotion I felt upon activating my new Lightsaber. It was akin to what it may be like holding a chainsaw or a very sharp samurai sword in the presence of a group of children. Instant respect of power and danger with a shred of anxiety.

The heat of the blade was tremendous. How a Jedi swings these things around and not singe their towelling robe is beyond me. I could smell the ozone in the air.. the soft blue light was cast all around me kissing the stand of trees nearby.

I dared to peer more closely at the blade. It was bright within the centre, the glowing edge, I noticed, was seemingly present from the intense heat annihilating atmospheric dust and particles rather than part of the the body of the blade.

I carefully walked over to the nearest tree holding the awesome weapon well away from me, swished it about quite noncommittally and took a swing at its trunk. The blade just cut through it like butter. Not even butter. There was no resistance. If anything, it reminded me of a red hot-wire gliding through polystyrene. The tree dropped 2 inches in a shower of embers and then crashed sideways in a flurry of leaves, accompanied by the stench of burned wood. I felt rather destructive at this point and really only meant to scorch it. Embarrassed for some reason I flicked the switch off and the blade retreated leaving complete silence. I did slightly move my hand over the end and thumb the edge carefully… it was unexpectedly cool.

I walked into the centre of the clearing mulling over what just transpired. I glanced back at the tree and it had reset to its original upright splendour. I eventually gave into astonished excitement and phased back to full physicality. I instantly wrote it down and to this day remember it in minutiae.

The results upon reflection.

Now obviously this is anecdotal and entirely subjective yet it is a source of constant interesting data for me and those I tell it to.. or those who are willing to listen/read with open minded skepticism.

I have, as a Star Wars fan, always wondered what it would be like to have a real Lightsaber. Most Star wars fans have I’m sure, mainly what they could cut with it or battle with one, so there are many instances of expectation that are glaringly obvious yet curiously unexpected.

The pommel or ‘butt end’ for instance was considerably heavy. In hindsight and through remembering when the blade was ‘on’, this gave a fantastic feel of it having balance; like it was a blade of substance rather than of just energy.

I expected it to switch on like a torch or any flashlight. In actuality, although I made it look quite fumbled, it had a very nice and rather intuitive thumb sliding action that would of course benefit the use of it when grabbed and ignited quickly in the heat of battle.

I expected it in my hand and almost gave up, when it appeared to be where it should have been; hanging off my belt.

The particles of atmosphere being ignited creating the secondary glow of the blade are interesting. After the experience I looked online to find information about LASERs and found that the very powerful chemical LASER although devoid of light was evident as a beam because it ignited the particles in the air it penetrated. I didn’t know this prior to the experience.

Most of all was my reaction to it which I still laugh at today. I was ashamedly afraid of it. I had a very realistic reaction to something I desired since I was a child. I was exited but overall this was replaced with anxiety and the perception I could hurt myself.


I have held and operated a real Lightsaber. Period

As subjective as the experience is and entirely anecdotal to anyone else, it was as real as real can get to me. I had manifested a fully functional object, that either through my own subconscious creativity or the collective data within the NPMR, operated with true PMR physics; I impressed PMR constraints upon a fictitious device within the NPMR. It worked beyond my expectation and left a lasting impression on me.

Last year I finally got around to wasting my money on an expensive prop replica complete with a removable polycarbonate blade and a show stand to display it on. It has several pre recorded ‘Authentic sounds from the movies’ that are activated by motion sensors and it even makes a cool ‘short-out’ Bzzzzzzzzt noise if you try to turn it on without the blade attached. It’s blue.

Although nicely made it’s not beautifully machined. The ‘on’ button isn’t quite right and there’s no weight or balance to it. When I walk past it I turn it on but it just doesn’t cut the mustard. I can however swing it around without killing the dog.

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