How to Project using a Focused Breathing Technique

I want to focus upon a usual technique that people like to use to Project with. Focusing upon your breathing.
The main action here is, well obviously, focusing upon your breathing, so let\’s focus on that for a minute, because that\’s going to be your make or break action.

Try this:
Don\’t worry about vibrations, noises, heavy feelings, SP… NOTHING. Forget you even know all that stuff. Forget everything you\’ve learned up until this point about astral projection. It\’s useless knowledge. (This should be your first step with ANY projection technique, I\’ll explain later in another article). Now, focus all your attention completely and utterly upon your breathing. Breathe in… feel the air passing through your nostrils, passing up your nose, down into your lungs… don\’t just \”feel\” it though, completely ENGROSS YOURSELF in the sensations. Then when your lungs are comfortably full, begin to breathe out… completely engrossing yourself in every sensation associated with that biological movement. Each time you breathe in again, increase the depth of how completely engrossed in focus you are on those sensations…

The deeper you get, the more \”lost\” in the moment you\’ll become… keeping the focus on the sensations will keep your mind active, just keep at it.

Focus… deeper… focus… deeper… focus… deeper… etc… eventually the physical reality will completely melt away. At one point you\’ll notice it has melted away and you\’ll notice that you\’re not experiencing ANYTHING. It will be just YOU there, no physical anything. This alone will probably snap you back to reality, but then just keep doing what you\’re doing. Keep teetering between \”here\” and \”there\”… and eventually you\’ll notice yourself \”there\” and you\’ll remain \”there\”.

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