The Biggest Astral Projection Misconceptions List!

So, on the forums I asked everyone to post what they felt to big the biggest misconceptions related to Astral Projection.
I wanted to share the list here for everyone.

So remember, these statements are what the posters (and we all \’mostly\’ agree lol) believe to be as being the biggest misconceptions related to Astral Projection.
I\’ve posted the statement, then below it an explanation for why it\’s a misconception.

1. Projection isn\’t a natural thing
*We mostly believe that Projection is a natural occurrence and is a property of simply being a consciousness.

2. You can become proficient in a day or a week
*Just like it takes time to become good at playing the guitar or playing the piano, you\’ll also need lots of practice in order to be successful at Projection.

3. You need more than just yourself to succeed
*Some people seem to think that they need tools such as binaural beats, or light machines. While these things can be of great assistance, you\’re already equipped with everything you need in order to achieve success. You don\’t need anything else but yourself.

4. It is difficult
*This is a big misconception. People always try to make this stuff out to be more complicated than it actually is. While, \”turning your physical senses off\” isn\’t hard to do, it does take much practice and requires a base knowledge of meditation.

5. It is easy
*And on the flip side of things, this isn\’t exactly easy to do either. Sure, some people might be better at it and more \’natural\’ at it than others, but that goes for anything in life. It, usually, requires a lot of dedication and hard work in order to achieve. So, as per the last point, while it\’s not difficult, it\’s not exactly easy either.

6. You can understand and learn it simply by reading everything you can get your hands on
*I\’ve seen this in action a lot. Quite simply, you can read every book and watch every video on the subject that you want, but until you actually experience it personally, first-hand, you will never really KNOW. Also, don\’t believe something just because you read it in a book or watched it in a video clip. Find out first hand. Test the information you get from others… that goes for everything you find on this site as well.

7. There is a silver cord
*I personally have never seen a silver cord. Most people on the Unlimited Boundaries Forum haven\’t either. There are some people who have, so it\’s kind of open to interpretation. Just keep an open mind.

8. You can get possessed
*This just simply isn\’t going to happen and is something you really don\’t need to worry about.

9. You can\’t get back to your body
*This is also not an issue. Sadly, the problem you\’ll mostly encounter is the opposite: You\’ll return to your physical focus against your will.

10. The most important thing is to have a projection in this physical world
*For me personally, I feel that I live my physical life here experiencing this physical reality. I simply don\’t want to waste the precious limited amount of time I have while non-physical here as well. So this point is probably more personal to each person, but I want to experience the more \”out there\” realities, not more of what I already know. Exploring areas of this physical reality I don\’t physically have access to is cool though.

11. Projections aren\’t related to dreams or that dreams are \”just\” dreams
*This, again, is probably more of an opinion than a misconception. I\’ve come to the realization that dreams are projections. They\’re projections in which you simply don\’t realize you\’re projecting. So if you\’ve had a dream, you\’ve had a projection. The difference between a \”Dream\” and an \”Astral Projection\” is simply how aware you are during the experience. The more of a waking awareness you have, the less of a Dream it is an the more of an Astral Projection it is. A projection is a state of consciousness you are, not something you do.

12. Projecting is dangerous
*Again, you really have nothing to worry about when you\’re projecting. If you get afraid or scared, you\’ll come back to your physical focus.

13. In order for your experience to be \”valid\” it HAS TO be like someone else\’s
*This is probably one of the biggest problems I see people have. This is where reading about other people\’s experiences before you\’ve had your own will actually impede you. People read what others experience, then assume that what they read is \”normal\” and if they don\’t experience it exactly like that other person did, then they must be doing something wrong. I\’ve encountered people who have thrown out entire experiences because of this. Please, realize that your experiences are yours alone, nobody can have the experience of another person. You can think you\’re having a similar experience, but that\’s not KNOWING you\’re having the same experience. There\’s a huge difference between those concepts. What you need to do is have experiences, log them, but don\’t judge them. Wait until you have dozens under your belt, THEN begin the analyzing period if you so choose. Then, base your opinions on your direct experiences and not what others tell you.

14. It\’s a linear process, which you have to do step-by-step
*Each person is going to have a slightly different experience with this. It\’s important to realize that what I said above applies… don\’t expect to do any of this exactly as someone else has done. It\’s important to analyze your own approach and see if you can change anything with that.

15. Having a one off experience, and basing all your beliefs on that
*It\’s very important that you don\’t base all your beliefs and opinions on having a single experience. It\’s just not logical. Try to have and log as many experiences as you can first, THEN work from that. That\’s working from a position of direct experience.

16. Trying for a week and it does not work, and because of that projection obviously isn\’t real
*Seriously, you have to give this stuff a little more time than a day or a week. Try working on it for a few months, at the very least.

17. Some ways of interacting with the non physical are more \”real\” or more \”authentic\” than others. Dreams vs OBEs.
*In my opinion, anything you can experience is \”real\”. A dream is as real as this physical reality experience we\’re currently having. The only difference between those two realities is that this one is slightly more stable due to the nature of the mass number of consciousnesses creating it.

18. It\’s an \”occult\” practice only
*Occult simply means \”mystery\”. So yes, if you look at it from that perspective, Astral Projection is a mostly mysterious subject. We\’ll hopefully learn more about it as science becomes more open minded.

Please feel free to leave comments if you think we\’ve missed any… or if you just want to add to the list. I\’ll edit any additions into the list as we go!

Contributors from the UB Forum as: Szaxx, Zagadka, Bedeekin, mini stapler, CFTraveler, Majic, ChopstickFox, and Tobi! Thanks everyone!

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