Strong Lucid Awareness Experience – May 21, 2013

So, last night was pretty fruitful in the spontaneous projection department for me… finally. LoL

I haven\’t been actively practicing projection, so I\’ve been relying upon my spontaneous projections to have experiences. I have them semi-often, but I don\’t usually remember enough to write down later in the morning… and I\’m usually too tired to do it upon waking. So thankfully I retained a bit more of this experience than usual.

I had one REALLY LONG experience that felt like it lasted at least an hour. Unfortunately, I don\’t write this stuff down, so I\’ve forgotten most of it… however, what I do remember is pretty neat. I don\’t believe I had a full astral awareness throughout the experience, but it was a very strong lucid awareness almost on the cuspe of an astral awareness. What I mean by this is that I obviously knew I was non-physical, but I didn\’t have a full waking awareness of knowing where I was and how I got there… I was with my parents, so I had that bit of knowledge. I remember walking my parents around explaining to them the non-physical and all the things you can do while experiencing it. For example, I picked up a glass and asked if anyone was thirsty and proceeded to fill the glass just by my willpower. I held the glass in the palm of my hand and it filled with whatever I wanted. First it was apple juice, then orange juice. I also remember grabbing a candy off the shelf of the particular store we were in and tasting it. It was soooooo good… best orange flavour ever. LoL

At one point near the end, I took my leave from my parents as I just wanted to fly around a bit. I did so, and came across some kinds playing football. The ball bounced over to me, which I then picked it up and threw it back.

Sadly, this is where everything ended… although usually I\’m able to \’sense\’ when an experience is starting to end, yet this time it just faded to black before I even had a chance to notice. I tried in vain to retain the experience and strengthen it, but by then I was already feeling myself in bed… bleh. LoL

Anyway, as I said, the whole thing felt like an hour, at least… I even remember commenting about the duration of it to my parents at the time. Funny.

One thought on “Strong Lucid Awareness Experience – May 21, 2013

  1. Pha Pri Spa (Phasing Primer Spanish) says:

    Mr. Ryan Tasker (Xanth).

    One Suggestion: You don’t need to write down the Experience once you wake up; you can record it with your IPod (or any similar MP3 Device that has Recording Option with Microphone, for Samsung is the Samsung Galaxy Player, Sony also has it’s own, and many other known brand names) immediately after you Wake Up from having it (if you have more than one experience your device will record them separately) and then, when you wake up in the morning you can Listen to the tape and transcript (write down) the details of the experience, that way you won’t ever lose any details, plus many aspects of the Experience can be registered on the Tape in a fast way that by writing them right after having them would take too much time and could be also lost, plus the Details about how you feel that are hard to write down but “easy” (less hard) to talk about right after having them.

    It’s just a Suggestion that perhaps you can try and share with others; it’s also valid to register your Non Lucid Dreams (normal dreams) as you can Record yourself after each Sleep Cycle (1.5 hours) and keep them to include them in your Dream Journal, (it’s much easy to just press Record on the IPod or any other Recording Device and then Talk for about a few minutes than having to wake up, stand up the bed, turn on the lights, and write them down, that’s slower but talking and recording your own voice it’s much much easier).

    I hope that Helps with your Lucid and Not Lucid Dreams, (and Astral Ones also of course).

    My Best Regards.

    With respect and appreciation.

    Pha Pri Spa (Phasing Primer Spanish/French)

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