Meditation – Quieting Mind?

Everyone hears about meditation and hears that “quieting your mind” is a must or else you’re not doing it right!

Meditation isn’t about quieting the mind. It’s never been about that.

Yes, you can ATTEMPT to quiet the mind… but then you’re using a manipulative force in order to do so… and when is manipulating anything into doing what it doesn’t want to do ever been a good thing?

Simply realize the truth… you are the awareness being aware of the thoughts being passed by it. Then simply let that event take place, non-judgmentally.

That is meditation.

Eventually you’ll also realize another truth about meditation… that meditation isn’t an act you do, it’s not something you put 10, 20, or 60 minutes aside per day to do. That’s the very act of blasphemy.

Meditation isn’t something you do, it’s a state of consciousness you exist in, at all times.

So by all means, don’t ever quiet your mind… instead, quiet yourself and listen to your mind.

4 thoughts on “Meditation – Quieting Mind?

  1. Zagadka says:

    I agree with you… but in order to meditate, I think we need to watch out for at least one danger: and it is to avoid getting lost in thoughts loops and forgetting about what is here and now (the breath for example)… there is also so many ways to meditate, just like they are many ways to keep in good physical shape… one needs to find something he is comfortable with and allow himself to try new things sometimes.

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  3. Cross says:

    Can someone share information (sites, books, etc) on meditation?
    I am very interested in it but there is so much information every where that it’s very confusing.
    I would like to get some recommendations from someone here please.
    Thank you.

    • xanth18 says:

      I don’t have much on meditation, but if you hit up the drop down box on the right side of this page and select one of the meditation selections… you might find something which interests you. 🙂

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