Meditation Mindfulness – How to Live in the Here and Now

Another Astral Pulse Moderator, Lightbeam, made a really great post on practicing Mindfulness which I wish to share here.

How to Live in the Now

I decided to make a post about mindfulness, because I see so many people around me either running ahead of life, or being left behind in their past. I catch myself sometimes doing this as well, but when I become aware and shift my thoughts, come back to the present moment and fully submerge myself within, the whole perception of life changes instantly. A lot of people are not even aware of this occurrence. Now, stop and think about what moment of the day have you fully experienced, observed and enjoyed without having rolling thoughts in the back of your mind about yesterday, or what are the plans for tomorrow? Sometimes we are given opportunities to experience wonderful events, but we fog them with constant worries, fears, etc. 

Have you come back from a vacation and you wished you could do it all over again, but this time  enjoy certain moments in stillness, rather than worrying about flights, hotels, expenses, etc? 

How many of you have actually stopped and analyzed a present moment with full awareness and have gotten so excited over your observations? I am asking this because I have noticed in my OBEs I am constantly in such a state. Here, not so much and I am trying to change that. But since I consciously started observing present moments, I feel happier and happier. Thing make more sense, life lessons become very transparent and challenges easy to overcome. 

If you forget to stop and smell the roses, then write it down somewhere , so that you get reminded and with time it will become like a reflex. That will help those who are trying to AP to gain more lucidity during dreams. By spending time everyday to observe your surroundings, events, interactions (good or bad) your awareness will raise its frequency. And don’t forget that the power is in the NOW.

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