Astral Police? What Is This?

This will be a short and right to the point post about what a lot of people fear to be what is commonly referred to as the “Astral Police”.

In short, there is no “law enforcement” in the non-physical. At least not as you would expect.
The only rules you break are the ones you place there for yourself.

With that said, if you’re breaking your own rules (whether they consciously or unconsciously set by you), then you’re going to run into “blocks”, but any of those blocks are going to be self-created. How you perceive those blocks is entirely up to the individual, it could manifest as a wall stopping you from moving forward; you might just become unable to move at all; you might run into “police”, which is how this whole “astral police” stuff began in the first place, one person experienced it and told someone else…

What you experience in the non-physical is objective, but HOW you experience it is subjective. Not many new people realize this and interpret experiences literally! You can’t do this.

For example, the scenario above of someone being “stopped” by some “police” while projecting, this individual definitely was “stopped” or “blocked” from an action they wanted to take or stopped while doing an action, that’s the objective part… the subjective part was that they were stopped by “police”.

So as you see, there is no “Astral Police”. There is only your own consciousness looking out for itself. Keep doing things that you know are wrong and you’ll quickly find yourself unable to do those things anymore.

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