How to Design your own Effective Astral Projection Technique

How can you design your own, more effective Projection method? I’ll explain and hopefully walk you through the process.

I had posted a while back a PDF which had something like 100 different methods for achieving a Projection in it. Well, yes, there were 100 different methods, however they were *ALL* a variation of one single method. Nice, eh?

When you understand that every single projection method out there is simply a variation on a theme, you can then begin to understand how to fashion your own method OR find one that has already been written which will work best for you.

What you need to find is your “Focus”. This is the thing that you’ll be focusing your attention on to the exclusion of everything else. You’re basically going to make this one thing the point of your focus so that everything else around you, everything physical drops away. This is when the Projection-reflex occurs.

First, let’s talk about a couple methods and I’ll explain what their “Focus” is and why they work.

I’ll start with the famous “Rope Method”. As you’re lying down, you imagine a rope hanging down above you around your chest level. The point of it is to take your imaginary hands (astral hands), reach up with them, grab the rope and pull. This act should eventually cause you to Project.

So what’s really going on here? Is the pulling on this imagination rope really “loosening your astral body” (as others would suggest)? Metaphorically, yes. Realistically, no. The act of using your imagination to create these hands which reach out, grab and pull on this imagination rope is the *FOCUS* of this particular method. You are essentially using this visualization as your focus, which when you do this to the exclusion of everything else going on around you causes the Projection-reflex to trigger.

Ok, the next one we’ll look at is my own Noticing Exercise which I provide in my free book “My Astral Projection Truth: What is Astral Projection and How To Do It”. In the Noticing Exercise you lie down, close your eye” and then just look out into the blackness caused by closing your eyes. At that point, you’re to draw your attention towards any “changes” you see happening in that blackness. Allow your attention to draw towards anything, however minute it may seem. When you begin to see changes occur, move your attention towards it more and more, investigate it as deeply as you can.

So what’s really going on with this exercise? The act of bringing your awareness towards the changes going on within the blackness is the *FOCUS* for this. When you do this exercise and you focus on those changes to the exclusion of everything physical around you, you will trigger the Projection-reflex.

Give me any AP/OBE/LD/etc method/techniques/exercise and I’ll let you know what the Focus of that technique is. The only exception is that this Focus stuff only relates to methods/techniques/exercises where the goal is a Projection from a fully conscious, awakened state.

If you can find a good Focus that will work for you, then it’ll keep your awareness engaged. The Focus can, literally, be anything you want. It can even be something on or about your physical body. Some people would say that’s an issue because it would keep your focus on your physical body. It’s not an issue as long as you can use that Focus in an effort to push everything else physical away from your awareness. The goal is to remove your awareness from this physical reality. Or another way to put it is that you’re looking to make it so that your five physical reality senses are no longer “processing” input from your environment.

So what should your Focus be? As I said, it can be anything you want as long as it’s engaging and it can hold your attention for extended periods of time. We’ve already discussed how the Rope Method and the Noticing Exercise work and what their Focus is. Try to pick something that’s of interest to you. For myself, I (used to) train in Yoshinkan Aikido, so I would visualize myself doing that martial art. I’d visualize myself doing the movements, feeling everything as I would if I was really practicing it. It worked great as it’s something I enjoyed doing, so it would hold my attention. What I would find is that as I was doing this visualization, I’d find myself in a dojo actually practicing it, like I was physically there standing on the mats in the middle of whatever technique I was performing at the time. That’s Projection.

You could use something Visual. I’ve seen people use a candle flame. You stare into a real, physically lit candle until the point when you close your eyes you can see an afterimage of the flame. Then you focus on that afterimage. You could also use something making sound. If you have a fan going, you can focus on the sound of the fan makes. You can even do an open eyed Focus where you focus on something across the room, say a teddy bear on a shelf. As you focus on it to the exclusion of all else going on, allow your eyes to fall shut. Eventually, if you’re focused enough on it, you’ll trigger the Projection-reflex.

You can use full visualizations like I suggest in the Mental Rundown exercises from my book. If you can engage all of your senses within a scene you create, then that too is a great Focus with which to trigger the Projection-reflex. For that, I like to take walks down at the local beach front. Very relaxing to me. Although, you could also do anything you want. Do you enjoy canoe trips? Do a visualization where you ride in a canoe down a river. This kind of visualization works best when you use a memory of something you’ve already done. This allows your Focus to be created very strongly, because you don’t have to guess what something feels like.

A more basic example of this is visualizing yourself in an elevator going up and down. If you use a Mental Rundown like this as your Focus, then try to make sure there’s some sort of incorporation of “movement” in it. I find that helps greatly in triggering the Projection-Reflex.

Anyway, that’s about it for now! Feel free to PM me on the forums, email me, or drop a comment here if you wish to discuss what Focus works best for you. I’m more than happy to help you come up with something!

12 thoughts on “How to Design your own Effective Astral Projection Technique

  1. Rakkso says:

    Hello Xanth, a enriching post, when you say that the act of bringing your awareness towards the changes going on within the blackness is the *FOCUS* for this. (Would you say it is from this point on where we can chooce to have a full blown astral experience??) When you do this exercise and you focus on those changes to the exclusion of everything physical around you, you will trigger the Projection-reflex. (Would you say that after progressive relaxation of whole body this same trance state of mind or reflex would then be passively adquired, or also a previous sleep of the body would work the same wonders?) Thank you

    • xanth18 says:

      The “focus” your choose could be defined as the transportation for your awareness to project.
      You could use whatever Progressive Relaxation technique you’re doing AS your focus. I hope that answers your question. πŸ™‚

        • xanth18 says:

          Well, honestly, you’re already a master… you just don’t realize it yet, because you’re stuck in old paradigms of thinking. What you need to do is get your intellect out of the equation and realize that you’re not a consciousness IN a body… you and everything you know and experience ARE consciousness. Realize that you ARE already projecting, even right this very second… once your perspective changes, reality starts unfolding in a myriad of different ways.
          It’s all about connecting the dots and allowing the line to find the next dot. It kind of snowballs eventually. πŸ™‚

  2. Tomek says:

    I’ve been meditating for almost 5 years now. I really see the effects of it and believe I made a right choice to start. At the same time I am the harshest judge of myself and if you add to that my impatience, there you have a recipe for disaster! Now i realise that one of my biggest issues is lack of focus. I changed my meditation techniques often looking for a quick fix. Now, when I try to project I can’t focus if my life depends on it. As you can imagine the harder I try, the less results I get. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • xanth18 says:

      Well, I’ll tell you… your patience isn’t quite as bad as you think it is! Look at the simple fact that you’ve been meditating for almost 5 years now! That’s quite the accomplishment in itself and shows just how much patience you do have! πŸ™‚

      One thing I would suggest in regards to your meditations is don’t try a “technique”. Try being the river… allow your meditations to flow where ever they take you, just go with the current. Give that a shot.
      It should start to flow into your projections as well. Don’t force anything ever. Just let the experience be however it wants to be. πŸ™‚

  3. simon says:

    i cant fall into sleep paralysis,i tried all β€œtechnique”.please can someone give me an detailed way how to do it.thanks

  4. Richard Thomas says:

    Hi Xanth18, I’m just starting out with AP but one thing that is concerning me is whether my daily medication of 100mg Amitryptaline could impede my efforts. I know you of course can’t give medical advice but I was just wondering if you have ever come across this issue before? Amitryptaline is a tricylic antidepressant when given in doses of 150mg+ per day but I don’t take it for any form of mental illness it is used on me to surpress nerve pain from an injury I suffered in 2012.

    Now I must say that when I first started the Amitryptaline I suffered some pretty bizarre dreams and one of them as an example was me waking up and seeing lots of tiny translucent spiders falling onto me. I put it down as a side effect and didn’t think any more of it until I have started researching OBEs. (could the amitryptaline help with AP maybe)

    I have been trying a few tequniques on and off over the past 2 months most success I had was with binaural beats where I heard the very clear and distinct sound of scraping metal right next to my head when there was nothing there. And also I think but cannot be sure that I may have had the start of vibrations twice but unfortunately I fell asleep and so lost focus completely.

    Any advice appreciated and I am going to grab your ebook now to go read your advice and knowledge and hopefully progress a little further with things.

    Kind regards

    • xanth18 says:

      Hi Richard!

      Yeah, I don’t know too much (if anything) about medications. What I do know is that it’s always best to project with as clear a head as possible in order to keep things under control.

      As for advice… the above article you’re posting on is one of my favourites which I’ve written over the last little while and goes into some depth on why techniques work and how you can use that knowledge to custom make your own techniques.

      Give my book a read and if you have any questions, feel free to email me or even hit me up over on the Astral Pulse or my own forums here on Unlimited Boundaries.

      Good luck!

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