Sleep Paralysis – What do I do!?


One of the most asked questions I see is in regards to Sleep Paralysis (SP).  People tend to get stuck at this point.  

First, there’s the fear factor – this is a completely self-created aspect of it.  The first thing you need to do is to realize that any “scary” thing you’re currently experiencing while in SP is being completely driven by your own mind.  So the next thing to do is to ground and center yourself – gain control over your experience.  Stay calm and relaxed, perhaps also think about something positive.  

Next, realize that when you’re experiencing SP you’re ALREADY projecting.  If somebody was to look at your physical body while you’re in sleep paralysis, they would just see you sleeping peacefully – or, depending on what you’re experiencing, it might look like you’re having a nightmare.  

Before all this happens, before you even go to sleep (especially is SP is something you experience often), have a goal set in your mind for what you want to achieve during a projection.  Then, once you find yourself in SP, ground and center yourself and think of positive things, then shift your focus away from the paralysis part (because, honestly, that’s the most scary part of this) and focus ENTIRELY upon your goal for projecting.  It could be something like experiencing a new reality, or perhaps you want to speak with your spirit guides, or view your akashic records.  The idea of focusing on this goal is that you’re setting your mind to something BEYOND the paralysis part.  

Think about how you do things in this physical reality while you’re awake… say you’re sitting on the couch watching tv and you become thirsty.  You don’t think about every small action it takes for you to quench that thirst… you just get up, go to the kitchen and grab something to drink.  You’re thinking about the end goal more than anything, your body just makes it happen.

Well the same holds true in your projections too.  We can use this knowledge now to get past your sleep paralysis and back to exploring reality.  Enjoy!

Astral Academy is Open on Reddit!

It’s been a while!  2016 was my last post here – I’m really out of sorts!  If you’re new here, welcome!  If you’ve been here before welcome back!!  🙂

In an effort to double down on teaching as many people as I can about how to project and explore the wider reality for yourselves, I have created my own sub on reddit.

Please come join me there – I will continue to update this website though!  I find it’s a more direct route to helping people!

Come over and post a question!  I’m sure I can help!

What are Dreams?

I\’ve been answering questions lately regarding Dreams and I wanted to explain in slightly greater detail what I believe Dreams are. If you\’ve been reading my posts from the start you\’ll probably have a good idea of what I\’m about to say. So, let\’s get going!

First off, I\’ll say this… Dreams, as an objective experience, do not exist.  Dreams are NOT what we think they are.  They\’re not some random interplay of images and scenes that play out while we\’re asleep.  What we humans call a dream is one part of a much bigger \”non-physical whole\”.

So what is a Dream? A Dream is you being in the non-physical and being completely oblivious of that fact. You go about the environment as if you were wide awake and living your physical life. The environment is being fueled entirely by your own subconscious thoughts, desires, intentions, beliefs… everything.

Now, what\’s the difference between a remembered dream and a non-remembered dream? Well, obviously to remember a dream, you have to first experience it as it\’s happening. Or at least, this is the only way *I* can remember a dream (if anyone else has another method for how they experience and remember a dream, please do head over to my forums and share your insights). This requires a form of conscious awareness which I call \”Dream Awareness\”.

There is the thought that we dream every night of our lives, even if we don\’t remember it. I guess certain experiments using brainwave monitors have been used to figure this out. This means that we don\’t remember these dreams because we\’re simply not aware enough to remember them. We don\’t experience them as they\’re happening, so they don\’t get pushed into our memories. That begs the question are these memories lost or do we actually retain them after the fact?

I think that about covers it for a more in-depth look at my opinion on Dreams.

If you have any specific questions or a comment regarding this post, please do visit my forum and ask! I\’m always available there. 🙂