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Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences

Welcome to Out of Body Experiences!
Everything pertaining to Out of Body Experiences

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Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences!
To recount those memorable, unusual or mystical  Astral and Out of Body experiences.

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Welcome to Astral Consciousness!
All methods and experiences of achieving Astral Projection and expanded consciousness other than OBE, including but not limited to Phasing and Meditation

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Welcome to Astral Pulse Island!
Everything pertaining to information discussions on Astral Pulse Island, the Astral Pulse members Astral locale

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Welcome to Permanent Astral Topics!
For topics which have previously been made "sticky" in one of the Astral Projection forums, and subsequently designated as being of particular ongoing value. These topics are both for reference and also for ongoing discussions

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Welcome to the Astral FAQ!
This FAQ has been provided to answer questions that are frequently asked on the subjects of Astral Projection, OBE and related subjects. Please consult this FAQ before asking these questions in the main forums

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Dream and Projection Journals
A central place for journals.

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Astral Chat

Welcome to Astral Chat!
Astral Chat is for members to chat about things generally, and to get to know each other. Almost any subject is permissible, provided always that usual forum and Internet protocols, ethics and netiquette are strictly observed. enjoy!

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Welcome to Members Introductions!
This forum is the place to introduce yourself to other Astral Pulse members and generally get to know each other

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Welcome to News and Media!
Seen some interesting news or information recently that might be of interest to other members? This is the place to share it

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2012 and The Transition of the Ages

Welcome to 2012 and The Transition of the Ages
Discussions about everything related to the predicted 2012 and Transition of the Ages including the Mayan calendar, Earth changes and general associated events and phenomena such as Crop Circles, and other empirical evidence of 2012 related factors including Out of Body Experiences, Astral experiences and Dreams as we move closer to this eschaton

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Welcome to Metaphysics!
Everything pertaining to subjects including, but not necessarily limited to, Auric Vision, Clairvoyance, ESP, Psychokinesis, Remote Viewing, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Channeling and any other subject that justifiably fits into this category

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Welcome to Quantum Physics!
This forum is for the discussion of the "Quantum Sciences" including Quantum Physics and Quantum Metaphysics, a modern scientific approach to the true nature of the Universe

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Energy Body and The Chakras

Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras
Everything pertaining to the Energy Body including the chakras, Energy control, and all Energy based healing

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Psychic and Paranormal

Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal!
Everything pertaining Psychic, Paranormal and Supernatural phenomena

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Spiritual Evolution

Welcome to Spiritual Evolution!
Everything pertaining to Spiritual Evolution, Meditation, Reincarnation, Karma and related issues

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Welcome to Dreams!
Everything pertaining to Dreams, Dream Journals, Dream Analysis, Lucid Dreaming, Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming, and related issues

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Welcome to Magic!
For the discussion of everything Magical

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World Cultures, Traditions and Religions

Welcome to World Cultures, Traditions and Religions!
Everything pertaining to world religions including but not limited to Judaism and Mystic Judaism, Kabbalah, Christianity and Mystic Christianity, Rosicrucian, Essenes, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Confucianism, Islam, Paganism, Wicca, Druidism, and also Agnosticism and Atheism

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Integral Philosophy

Welcome to Integral Philosophy!
Everything pertaining to Integral Philosphical issues

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Welcome to the Healing place!
This is a special forum, where requests for healing can be placed, that prayers and healing energy may be sent. Please visit here regularly, and send whatever healing you possible can

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Welcome to Healing discussions!
Everything pertaining to Spiritual healing, including energy, elements, electro  magnetic fluids, herbal, homeopathic, and holistic

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The Astral Library

Welcome to Writers Corner!
This is the place where all authors and aspiring authors can get meet to discuss all matters related to the art of writing, including, but not limited to books, articles and newsletters, in any format.

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Welcome to Book Reviews!
If you have read any good books on the subjects encompassed by The Astral Pulse, please post your recommendation here. A book review would be even better.Please include any online book source link(s)

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Bug Reports and Questions

Forums Bugs Reports and Questions
This forum has been provided for the purpose of reporting any problems that you might be experiencing with the use of these forums, and also to ask any questions that you might have regarding their use or functionality

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