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I can think of a few books that talk of the hooded/cloaked figure and speculate a bit on their true nature. Robert Monroe's first two books Journeys...and Far Journeys. He sometimes could make out a face but not recognize it, other times the identity is hidden from him. One that escorted him many times, he referred to as an INSPEC, short for Intelligent Species. Kurt Leland, in his books Otherwhere and Multidimensional Human, received assistance from similar beings. Look for Leland's website and in his AstralProjection Log you might find a reference.

They seem to show up for special occasions such as Lumaza's Gatekeeper when we are introduced to a new dimension or new aspect of our higher learning; or to deliver important messages; or to bail our butts out of trouble, lol.

Often, it seems to me that they hide their identity for what I imagine could be a few reasons. The hood and cloak can also be to tone down their energy which can overwhelm our NP senses and distract from the purpose of their visit. Both Monroe and Leland reported this realization. I personally think it can also be a function of how ready and able we are to understand and interpret their energy and purpose and if it is unclear then our default perception could be that we actually 'paint them' in the cloak, hood and other words, if we can't understand it correctly, then we camouflage it with something we can understand even if it's just throwing a mysterious cloak and hood on it.
Just some ideas.
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EV, interesting. I read Monroe's first (I think??) book, Journeys Out Of The Body, right when I was starting to project. I don't remember anything offhand about cloaked/hooded figures so I'll have to re-read it!! Maybe he talked more about them in the other of his books you mentioned, which I don't have yet. Will be interesting to re-read and see if anything jumps out at me, since it's been almost a year since I read it and started this journey.


Quote from: GrumpyRabbit on March 26, 2021, 19:15:32
Will be interesting to re-read and see if anything jumps out at me, since it's been almost a year since I read it and started this journey.
There likely will be!  :-) Re-hashing is always a good thing. Especially in this practice where a "evolution"/progression of sorts is experienced!  8-)
"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."  Nicolai Tesla


10 April 2021


I'm really not sure what all this was. Some degree/combo of lucid dreaming and projection, I think.

First experience:

Strange dreams, I think. I was dreaming that I was asleep in a bed, and some others were making some annoying noise. A man approached my bed, and while I was awake they thought I was asleep. I decided to pretend I was just waking up, hoping that they'd realize they were too loud. But instead of opening my eyes in my dream, I *actually* opened my eyes - my physical body. And...THERE WAS SOMETHING STANDING NEXT TO MY BED in the exact same spot as the man in my dream - like, literally. It was like a shadowy form, and I jolted and gasped, thinking it was an actual human in my room, maybe a burglar (it was still dark out, so there wasn't much light available). Upon my wide-eyed, scared stare and gasp, the shadowy figure took one slow step backwards, and slowly dissipated.

::stares::  :? :-o

Second experience:

There was a woman who was doing something surgical to my brain. My skull was open and my brain was being directly worked with. I felt a LOT of uncomfortable pressure in my brain! It did hurt, but at least not as bad as some of my other pain OBE experiences.

Strangely, the wall opposite of me where this was happening was a mirror. I looked at the reflection of myself in the mirror and I didn't see my head's top-of-skull surgically removed, instead I had no head at all! Well, at least in the reflection, of course, as I could still feel everything that was going on.

I asked, as you can imagine, what the point of this procedure was, and naturally could not remember the explanation. I think after this was over (timeline gets fuzzy) I said that what I really want is to be healed, for my illness to be taken away. The woman told me to take the #9 cupcake from the tray (which had other cupcakes with other numbers on top of their icing), and eat it when I get to the platform. Like, some sort of transportation platform, like a train.

Some dude with brown hair took me (and my cupcake I was holding) to the "platform" but instead of train platform it looked like we were outside an airport, like you know where the public transit/buses are. I was talking to him, asking if the cupcake would really heal me of my chronic illness. He said a lot but I don't remember.

Then, I saw the woman surgeon again. I talked to her, and asked her about whether the cupcake would cure me. Her answer surprised me as it seemed that the cupcake had zilch to do with any physical healing! She said, "It's enough to believe in the way men love you."

I mean, huh? OK. I was totally caught off guard but it seemed like a sweet sentiment so I paused, thought, and said, "That's beautiful."

Anyway, I ate the whole cupcake! I COULD taste it but it was kinda like mildly cupcake cardboard. I made a joke to the guy, saying that food in the NP tastes like the worst stale vegan gluten-free food you've ever had! There was some bits of cupcake and icing left on my fingers, and he licked it off.

Back to body, took notes.

Third experience:

Surgery lady again. This time she wanted my DNA for some reason! Like, NO, surgery lady. No.

I didn't want to do that, so I got her to agree to explain everything to me first. Well, I was too trusting I guess, because she tricked me. Instead of explaining, she started coming at me with some sort of syringe. I thought "HOME!!" and of my physical body and basically got myself back lickety-split, right as she was approaching me with some sort of syringe device to suck up my DNA.

Took notes.

Fourth experience:

Some sort of situation I didn't like, might have been a lucid dream, so to get out of it I decided to ask to see my higher self. I felt myself begin to float, and I felt various hands on me - not really carrying me per se, but just touching me. It wasn't like the scary "clutching hands" I've heard about, tho. It felt benign.

This time, my higher self looked like a woman. She did explain the significance of the "touching hands" but I can't remember. There was her, and a table where others sat, both men and women. At least two of them I felt like I recognized and had seen them before. No idea how or where or when.

My "higher self" said to the others, that I came to them too late after I got the Death card (referring to tarot). As a consequence, when I pass them when I'm flying (and when they're flying, and I guess we fly by each other), some negative consequence could occur, but only when their own relationships with each other are collapsing.

None of that makes any sense to me, but OK.

She put me in some sort of trance-like state. It was a little uncomfortable, because there was something happening either physically or energetically. Tiny, glass-like beads/spheres came out of the tip of my tongue. She took the glass beads and one by one gave them to each of the others who had been sitting at the table. This was important for them to get, to I think rectify whatever the situation was (in terms of me arriving to them "too late").

One of the guys at the table was referred to as my "brother", and seemed to have a name like Colum (like Scottish, Colm). There was talk of his and my "mother". My higher self also then injected something into my arm, something for "durability" of my out of body experiences. I had asked for help so that I can stay out longer and don't fade away so quickly.

I asked if if we all have particular missions that were here to do, and she said yes (whereas, in one of this mornings earlier experiences that I can't even remember, I was told no, we don't have missions, we only have "jobs", and we choose the "jobs" ourselves and they can be long-term or very short-term jobs, either important or not). But now I was being told yes - so I was told two contradictory things by different beings/entities in the span of a single morning!

I feel like there was more, but I don't remember. I was back and took notes.


Not sure what sort of experience I was having, but I felt someone tap my right thigh and ask my name questioningly, and I immediately awoke with a start.


Hi Grumpy, I am a fan reading your projections. Thanks for sharing.  :-)



Wow, some very interesting experiences you have had.  Did you not get a heads up on those?  Haha!  I would be asking for a class outline of the topics covered during these experiences!  I too enjoy reading your posts.   :-)

The Adventure Continues...



Strange, fragmented experiences this morning that I can hardly even organize/write about.

I dreamt that I was sleeping somewhere, projected from there. I wonder whether I actually projected or if this was still "just a dream". There was someone that looked like a "fairy godmother" character. I asked her if she knows what my mission is and she said yes - I told her that no one will tell me what my mission is even tho I keep asking. She said, "Don't beg for food" and then something like, "You need to come in" or "You need to go thru the door" - something like that. I asked her to tell me more information about things, but she said I wouldn't remember. This is not the first time I've been told that I wouldn't remember something, so they didn't even try telling me.

At the time, I interpreted this to mean something like, stop begging us to give you the answer; step into it/take it/go there before you "know". Not sure, it was a vague impression.

I was in and out multiple times, and at one point I had an experience where someone, a woman (not the 'fairy godmother') told me that my "real name" is Remnis. I "wrote it down" multiple times in the NP to make sure I would remember, and googled it just now. Remnis is the name of a FICTIONAL CHARACTER from Dungeons and Dragons (lord of the eagles!). I've never even played Dungeons and Dragons! I have no idea how I would know this name, but also, I am obviously not a fictional character lol

The extra annoying thing is that I've been told my "real name/soul's name" from three different sources and they're all different. This does make me question the validity of some NP stuff, because the information all conflicts. In one of my first out of body experiences almost a year ago, I was told that the name of my soul is "Amorphis". A shaman/channeler/energy worker (in real life) told me my name involved Hebrew letters that would transliterate to something like "Anella" (messenger of god; light). Conflicting information doesn't inspire confidence =(


an interesting effect I noticed as my NP awareness increased over time was that my recall of dreams/experiences that occur deep in sleep also increased significantly, although as you describe, the recall is often fragmentary and confusing.

My suggestion is not to doubt the messages gained through your NP experiences, but recognize and re-organize and expand your acceptance of your increasing range of experiences. And of course, certainly question them as to their authenticity and meaning. But this 'incorporation of the message' can take days, weeks, months or sometimes years. And sometimes it requires a secondary event to occur, to complete the message.

My own and what I think I see in your experiences, is likely involvement of independent sentient beings, but also involve messages from your subconscious, and your higher personal consciousness which may even involve several or more possible 'alternate' lives. These are highly personal experiences and ultimately only you can interpret them.

Inquiring with the NP about our personal 'mission' appears to be a tricky proposition. It has been for me. I haven't been directly told by anyone, seems it is up to me to infer it from my life. Maybe that was a condition that I agreed to upon entering this life.

I really notice symbolism and metaphor in these experiences; that doesn't mean I'm right, but that is just part of the method I use to interpret these things. In your exp GR, I think your interpretation is right on 'don't beg for food' and 'you need to go through the door'. Communication, sentences and words often get somewhat garbled in these deep states but maybe there's a purpose to that, as well. Maybe it's supposed to really make us think hard and dig deeper. The 'name' Amorphis reads more like amorphous which means vague and undefined, and fits with the unclear responses you are getting. Remnis in this context makes me think of the word 'reminisce', so maybe that is an idea to consider. Anella...I got no idea on that one except 'messenger of God' makes good metaphorical sense.

Finally, going back to your post about hooded, cloaked, mysterious figures; I think you would really enjoy reading Monroe's two later books, Far Journeys and Ultimate Journey. These would shed further light on that earlier question. FJ takes you far off the common track with experiences that honestly I haven't had myself or read in others accounts, but it's still excellent and UJ gets back into more familiar territory and ties up his 'mission'.

And as to the idea of 'mission', I have come to the same general conclusion as Lumaza has written: Many of us may just be Observers to the Human and Earth experience at this time. I 'feel' that there is more to my purpose and Observer is somewhat frustratingly a too limited answer, but there it is...for me at least at this moment.

Hope that gives some further ideas

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
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Thanks, EV! Those books are on my must-read list, and I admit I'm a little chomping at the bit to read them, but I've been restraining myself. I feel like I need a better foundation or experiential "lay of the land" first; I'm soooo itching to get them, but if I have a certain experience *after* I read them, then I'll always have to wonder whether it was just my own subconscious "noise".

Odd, how the idea of a "mission", which is so fundamental for each one of us, seems to be something They are reluctant to just tell us!


I also enjoy reading of your experiences GR. I hesitate to respond at times to give you yourself the chance to analyze what you have written. That is also how most of us here tend to be, responding as we see fit in the moment, to ask the occasional question and provide encouragement. We too search and don't always get those clear sensible answers we seek, it takes patience for sure.

Like Lumaza and EV have both stated I too feel like I am in observer mode and it is highly frustrating as it feels like I should be doing more doing. I will add that I have come to realize that perhaps we are not meant to fully understand HOW we operate on an energetic level. At least not until we are ready for that knowledge. All we get are bits and pieces. But I believe on that more 'hidden' level we do indeed have plenty we do.



Quote from: GrumpyRabbit on May 01, 2021, 00:51:34
Thanks, EV! Those books are on my must-read list, and I admit I'm a little chomping at the bit to read them, but I've been restraining myself. I feel like I need a better foundation or experiential "lay of the land" first; I'm soooo itching to get them, but if I have a certain experience *after* I read them, then I'll always have to wonder whether it was just my own subconscious "noise".
I just had a great walk down memory lane. A member of ours here named PhaPriSpa just shared a bunch of links in his last post here. I never know what to say to him. He seems to think things in the Astral are always out to get him. But he posts some good links and is very thorough in them too. This link will bring you to a Seminar that Robert Monroe did. In it, he describes the "Human experiment" and more about the history of the Institute and "brain entrainment" in general. Like I said, it was a great walk down memory lane. Even if you have already heard it in the past, it still can give you those "ah ha" moments.  :-)

QuoteOdd, how the idea of a "mission", which is so fundamental for each one of us, seems to be something They are reluctant to just tell us!
It wouldn't be a "challenge" if we were told everything. We came to this "school" here for a reason. Part of the "lessons" involve seeking out and finding our true purpose. Not just finding it. It's more like "embracing" it.  :-)
"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."  Nicolai Tesla



(fascinating, towards the very end he casually mentions soul-part retrieval!)


Quote from: GrumpyRabbit on May 01, 2021, 22:39:05
Thank you for the link to the talks, Lumaza!
I thought you might enjoy those!  :-) Thank PhaPriSpa, he/she is the one that refreshed my memory on them in his/her new thread here.  :-)
"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."  Nicolai Tesla


I'm a little behind, so here are three different recent days!

5 May 2021


Jumble experiences this morning, possibly just weird lucid dreams, or some kind of combination, I'm not sure. What I do know is that I was at the very least lucid and *trying* to project. These are the only things I can remember:

Having some experience and then asking, "What was the place I was?"

I heard the reply, from somewhere (didn't actually see anyone, it was just a response): "$hitty sleep."

Like, OK, is that your cute way of telling me that I wasn't actually projecting? This voice literally said "$hitty" sleep!

At some other point, I once again was asking about my mission, and was told: "Who are you to peek? To know the good you have to do, without having good to do it with?"

As in, you don't get to know right now, you have to have a certain thing inside you to "earn" the knowledge of your mission; you can't know your mission until you have what it takes to actually do it; until then, you don't get to know.

And I'm like, yeah well maybe if I know what I have to do that might help me get to the point where I can do it. Kinda helps to have an endpoint in sight so you know what you have to work towards.

Then, another set of strange call and response from the disembodied voice in the dark:

"Take me to the memory of X" - I don't remember what it was. There had been some strange experience/information about the importance of memories, processing memories, remembering certain things, etc.

Reply: "You should go to the memory of Y"  - some other thing.

"Who is that?" I asked of this disembodied voice.

Reply: "Your highest self."

Well, that's helpful! "Then take me to my highest self!" I said excitedly.

Reply: "That's not going to work."

Srsly?!?! My highest self is a smart butt.

"Take me to my highest self anyway!!" I insisted. I don't think I actually got there, that's all I remember.

7 May 2021


Another spate of jumble experiences this morning. Something about my me being "really" a bobcat inside, my helper seemed to be named "Eric", and more about the importance of memories, and remembering certain things. Something about it being important for me to remember when one of my baby teeth was knocked out (false, this never actually happened); something that looked like a scene, as I was shown, on a plantation, where there were slaves being cruelly overworked (what does this have to do with anything??). Then at some point "Eric" seemed to tell me that I approach things/life with happiness. I talked to this helper about how I don't know how long I'm going to be able to "stay", because at some point I can't keep the focus and I wind up back in my body. Then, my vision started to go. So then he injected something into the right side of my head (probably around my right temple), and I felt it there as well as in my right ankle. That was it, I woke up.

8 May 2021

Was having a dream, became lucid. As soon as I did, I decided to try to project. Asked to be taken to my spirit guides.

Felt myself start to turn/move in space. Usually during the transit I keep my eyes closed. But this time I started to peek my eyes open. At first, in the tiny bit one of my "eyes" was opened, I saw a massive, unhuman eye looking right back at me, right in front of my face. I opened my eyes fully and saw a funny little head. Definitely not human. The eyes were massive, skin pale. Small little thing (there were possibly two of them, I held one's hand), like imagine something 18 inches tall. I was a bit startled by their appearance by told myself whatever they were, they were clearly helping me, and I said thank you to them (or it, if it was just one, not sure).

I was taken to a room in a house, it seemed. Furnished, homey. The room was empty. This was a room to wait in. I was asked, next time please make an appointment (if I want to see my spirit guides).

I have to...MAKE AN APPOINTMENT?! I thought. What's all this? I've never been asked to make an appointment before...

Anyway, they/it told me the way to make an appointment was to write the appointment request on a piece of cardboard. The little creature gave me a piece of paper with examples of requests written in a few different languages/alphabets. None were recognizable. The little creature left.

Eventually, the room began to fill up with people - other people who were waiting. Probably already had appointments, ha! I saw a couple, Asian, but who seemed to be American, husband and wife. I asked them if they could translate/explain the written request system, that this was my first time there.

They tried explaining but it was hard to hear/understand. Soon enough, multiple people waiting in the room tried explaining it to me, but I couldn't hear/understand.

Then, an employee of some sort, who also looked Asian, came in, and offered me something from a tray. I was clearly supposed to take one and do something with it. The things on the tray looked hot/warm and steaming. I couldn't tell if it was one of those rolled moist towelettes you're supposed to clean your hands with, or some sort of edible noodle!

Again, I explained that this was my first time, and told him I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. It seemed clear this was something I had to do before being admitted to see my spirit guides. He did explain but his voice was quiet and it was hard to hear him. Eventually, it seemed it was edible, I got the impression he wanted me to eat it, and that I was supposed to swallow the entire piece in one gulp. Like just open your throat and down it all at once (rather than chewing it up).

I was still a little flustered/nervous, because I didn't really hear the instructions, and I was afraid I'd mess up/do it wrong. I didn't want to make a mistake.

But, I opened my mouth to swallow it down, and as I started to do that I woke up.


Hi Grumpy, I wonder if you have been able to make heads or tails of these experiences since writing them. I have ideas but will hold off till your reply.


Hi Nameless, thanks for stopping by! The best of any thoughts I had I already put in there (i.e., not much). I don't try to "turn over" these experiences too much after I have them, because it'll just drive me crazy. Whatever sense I make at the time, I write it down, and then generally don't go back to read them again. I just let the new experiences come, on the hope that eventually, one day, things will start to make sense! I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Quote from: GrumpyRabbit on May 18, 2021, 16:57:14
I just let the new experiences come, on the hope that eventually, one day, things will start to make sense!
You are not alone in this. We need to always trust that we will "know" what it is we need to know, when we need to know it!  :-)
"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."  Nicolai Tesla


Totally agree with you GR and Lu, when the time is right we will know.

Regarding your last three episodes I only wanted to point out that there exists the possibility that you are being misled, confused or deliberately lied to. I do believe as per my own experiences that this can and does happen. As to the what and who may do such a thing that's up for grabs. Deliberate(?) Maybe but not necessarily. Always ask for guidance from only those helpful individuals with your best interest at heart. Accept no other.

If this does not resonate with you just ignore but something to think about.


I have to admit, this is something I think/worry about a lot. In fact, I've been thinking/worrying about it since the beginning! In part because I don't get clear answers, but also because of all the physical "pain" I've been caused. I'm not sure there's a way to know with 100% certainty if something is acting with my best interest at heart. I generally only ask to be taken to my spirit guides or my highest self - so if I *am* taken to them, presumably they're operating for my greater good. I don't know how I would be taken somewhere else, tho - some believe that it is in fact aspects of our highest self that does the "taking/transporting" of us! But I honestly don't know, I really don't. Sometimes I think maybe I've encountered something bad or at least meddling, other times I don't know. I just don't know there's a way to know this for sure. I don't know of any "fool proof" way to make sure we make contact with something that is only good/helpful.


I don't presume to know but I believe it was Delores Cannon who talked about 'permissions'. Seems that one way or the other many (maybe all) of us have given our permission or authority away to countless 'others'. Whether we are aware of this or not. The Bible also speaks of this, again I don't presume to understand it all. What I can tell you is that awareness of this situation and action on our part can resolve it.

When I first heard/read of this I decided to try removing permissions and/or retrieving my own authority. This is an exercise in faith, whatever faith you have. I set my intent, meditated/prayed and took back all permissions granted knowingly or unknowingly. The only thing I was afraid of was that I might be making a huge mistake and meddling in things far outside my own understanding.

The results: Dead silence. Nothing, nada and I figured it must have worked. After a couple of weeks I began granting permission but only to those I felt good about. I prayed to God as this is in my own belief tables. Since then while I still have 'things' going on that I have trouble processing what I don't have is a lot of noise going on in the background. I'm still not perfectly clear on who is speaking or that I am interacting with at all times BUT I am a lot more confident. I am much more confident trusting my own guides/helpers/angels/higher self/God.

I hope and think that this will not confuse you as you do seem to have quite a good handle on yourself. Much of what I have typed is for others who may read this thread who may not understand.

Once you have stated your intentions and desires it can take a lot of faith to trust the outcome. After making yourself known wrap yourself in the purest light you can imagine making it a barrier between yourself and others who may harm you but permeable so your helpers can enter unmolested on your behalf.

Hope that helps. We are all learning together so also appreciate your insights and interpretations.

Hugs, Nameless


27 May 2021

??? Parallel life/dimension? Simulation? ???

This morning, I was still so tired when I woke up, I stayed laying in bed and closed my eyes, hoping to fall back asleep. I felt like I was getting into a certain state. Thought of a song - not a real song, but it seemed real to me at the time - and thinking of it helped me generate the spinning/vertigo feeling. I capitalized on it to stretch up and out of my body multiple times.

First, I asked to be taken to see A., one of my oldest friends, who I haven't seen in years and thought would be an interesting test case for veridical OBE, because I could talk to him about it. There was a male voice, or male-presenting entity, who said he would need to do something to my mind/brain - nothing to do with my request to visit A., but it had some other purpose related to me alone. I said OK, as long as it's in my highest and best interest. Then, I was like, wait, is it going to hurt? Then I don't remember anything from that experience, I snapped back.

Not satisfied, I did the same weird "song" trick to go back down, spinning/movement, and up and out. I found myself in my house where I grew up. Suddenly, my cousin was in the kitchen. I wasn't sure what she had to tell me or why she was there - she wasn't sure, either, what the point of all this was. We were both confused. There seemed to be three "bodies" that looked like my dad in the den area. She told me they weren't really him. Weird.

That experience ended, I was back, and went out again using the same method as above. I asked again, insisting, that I wanted to see my friend. The male entity, which I took to be the same from before, said yes OK, ok. I heard his voice make a request, like as if announced over an intercom system, for someone to facilitate transporting me - as if you hear something like "CLEAN UP ON AISLE 3" but a different request for the kind of helper needed to shuttle me LOL. Immediately, a female-presenting helper arrived and stood behind me and held me. I felt her hands around the front of my arms, thrilled to feel the helping hands again. We seemed to hover in front of a large door, like the bay door of a spaceship or space station. It started to open and I got scared for a minute about going out into space, but my helper told me not to be scared, just close my eyes. Then I was like, Oh yeah, there's nothing to worry about, I can breathe out there! So we floated out the bay door and right there on the right hand side of the opening, was a wormhole. There was some snafu getting up into it, like somehow the door itself had opened such that it was in the way, and someone else had to come out to get the door back so we could position ourselves directly under it to be sucked up. While hovering around waiting, I could see others going up into the wormhole. I could see, far up in the distance, what appeared to be the faint glimmer of others transiting in another wormhole route. It seemed like a complex transportation system.

I was excited but also confused. I had started off on earth, in my bedroom. I leave my body and ask to see my friend - also on earth - but somehow I wind up in space, and have to take a wormhole back to earth? Not exactly direct.

So we finally get up in the wormhole and start moving. This entire time this morning, I was on and off having trouble seeing. I don't really remember noticing much of anything during the trip, and then suddenly....I'm landing over the back of a couch onto someone's lap and throwing up.

I was throwing up!!! It felt so real. The acrid taste, the wetness, the gagging. I was I actually throwing up? Is my BODY throwing up? How is throwing up happening? WTF?

[sidenote: I feel like maybe a month ago I remember someone else on the Pulse saying they threw up in the Astral, and I can't remember who it was. If you're reading this, fellow vomiter, remind me of your experience because this was SO weird and had never happened to me before!!]

I was in a living room, seemed like a house party. The couch on which I fell, well, my friend A. was sitting on the couch, I fell party over the back of the couch and onto his lap. He was like, awww she's throwing up! Like he wasn't even mad at me. Like as if I had been there the whole time, and maybe I had too much to drink and threw up and this was normal. I was sitting on his lap with what felt like vomit around my mouth and trying to explain to him that...didn't I just get there? Like I hadn't been there a second ago, right? I'm out of my body? I just got here because I wanted to see him. I tried asking him questions to learn where we were, what year this was, etc - no luck.

I don't think I was actually brought to see the real A. on earth. I was either given a vision/simulation of 'what might have been' or this was some weird parallel life in a parallel dimension - did I "enter" the "body" of a parallel ME in another dimension, living out a different life? It felt very 'sliding doors" - there were what presented as NP helper entities that were explaining to me that what I was currently experiencing represented the "quiet possibility" (those are two exact words I do remember) that they wanted to show me - the "quiet possibility" of what would have been our life if he and I had really gone for a romantic relationship. The entity seemed to try to tell me that it was a good thing that we didn't go down that path, because "you'd have to teach him how to live life" and apparently that would have been not the best option for me in my own life.

Yet, to whatever the "A." was that was there, I felt nothing but love, and got nothing but love from him. He and I kissed. The NP lesson seemed to be that a life with him in the romantic sense was not the life for me, but what they SHOWED me wasn't a "bad" life at all. How bad is it to be enduringly loved by someone who isn't mad at you for throwing up on them? LOL!!

Just goes to show you gotta be specific with what you ask. I asked to see my friend by name, and instead of taking me to see the "real" A...they were like suuuuuuure yeah we'll take you to see him and I get a weird simulation sliding doors vision or who knows what!?


Very interesting Grumpy. Sometimes the np I think shows us the deeper answer to why we are even asking a certain question in the first place. Can't recall a post where someone threw up in np.