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I don't normally include my dreams before or after the actual projection experience. But this is the log in full... Only because before the projection I really feel like I was in a similar state of "roaming" and after projection- I was dreaming I was still in the astral body meeting a member here... In the spirit of keeping the journal alive,

dream log
2:45 AM, 10PM bedtime. 2nd time to wake up, used restroom each time. Almost forgot about dream. Sleeping on my side like I used to is no longer easy or comfortable. Too long on left side triggers heart irregularities and sleeping on my right side creates discomfort in my right arm. The burning in the back of the neck has returned.

What I remember...
A giant metal structure... Little details, it's like a metal wall with a hole in it and something like magnets preventing people or things from entering the hole. Not much recall here... Just the distinct impression of- large, rigid, cold steel. Very ominous. Something about a truck and an extremely large truck bed.

In the scene before waking I am watching a video of people being interviewed. We discover these people have been drugged, I can't tell but it seems like for some it's against their will. One guy looks like Brad Pit and is explaining something. I forget what he says, it was a type of drug PLUS DMT for the hallucination or "added visual effects." I'm quoting the Brad Pit look alike. I am watching different people interview themselves through a webcam to share their experiences. One filipino man is talking directly to the camera, he is able to blur out the background. His girlfriend or wife implores him not to capture her on video. She is laying in bed behind him. He says he was given an opportunity to discuss and had to share his story. The man has a close shaved haircut on the side of his head. Brown skin and black hair. He begins talking about his experience. It seems he was forced to take the drugs. As he opens up he starts talking with regret. It seems the experience has left him very upset and very empty. I start to feel what he is displaying. He is overcome with emotion and starts to cry pleading to Jesus Christ before having to stop his webcam. He feels like he was disconnected from Jesus Christ and is begging God to enter his life again. He cries out to his wife for comfort. She is heart broken, I am no longer watching on a screen but am there watching the couple. He is on his knees in the bedroom floor- his wife is wearing a shirt without a bra underneath and loose gym shorts. She has tattoos on the side of her arm and on her leg. She feels for her husband and gets out of bed as he calls to her and immediately pulls him into her stomach. He is crying out for God. She doesn't know what to do except to go to the kitchen and make him food. I follow her there and am intrigued by the organization of their fridge as well as the size of it. I remember some leafy green cabbage heads or something like bok choy resting on the shelf before waking up.

As I record the dream, even laying on my back there is subtle discomfort in heart movement. 3:01AM must go back to sleep. 3:08 before submitting my internet goes out...

I finally fall back asleep and have an out of body experience. I had the option not to go out of body. I could feel the weight of this in between state. It had been a while since I've projected. I lay there just feeling the weight for a little bit. I usually start with my arms, but it was too difficult. I was so tired. I have to make my intention clear, I want to astral project. So, I pull my "body" out(astral body away from physical body) starting with my chest, shoulders and head. I sit at the edge of my bed now in my astral shell for a while. Everything is so heavy- if I go too fast I will be dizzy. It's difficult to see my surroundings. Finally I stand up and glide towards my old bedroom- I tell my self I am going to go outside. I phase myself through the window and try to fly. I see the clear sky and the stars- but as soon as I phased through, additional weight started pulling me down to the street. I think I start to dream, I decide to meet Casey and talk to her about her recent dream. She is there with another man who is not as impressed by my being there. When I do see Casey my eyes are opened wide and my head starts to buzz. I feel a type of energetic download. I tell her I find it fascinating that even in her dreams she is able to help others- which I understood as ultimately assisting your *self*/assisting consciousness. After Casey leaves I tell her guy friend that we are having this conversation out of body. It surprises even me that I am holding on to this body for as long as I have... He doesn't say anything, only raises a brow.

Then I fall into another dream, our customer John is challenging me to Golf. It feels like there is another presence observing me and weighing my soul. I for unknown reasons accept Johns challenge despite my lack of skill in the game. We are in my backyard taking practice swings- Dad is off in the distance watching us. At one point we take a wiffle ball, half it and put popcorn in it. We then lob those balls over into the neighbors yard. I miss on the first swing. With my second swing I see a rock go into her(my neighbors) backyard. I was feeling a little concerned as my awareness went from my body to slow motion zoomed in on this rock flying into the neighbors yard- nearing the edge of her house. Dreams are kind of blending here... I am also remembering two giant dogs- I don't remember if they approached me while I was having the OBE or not... The dogs belonged to a man, he wanted them to be intimidating. They were still quite young and they were extremely friendly with me. I'm not sure if the man could see me, but the dogs were definitely aware of my presence.

Now I am remembering a dream in between these two experiences about a Woman and someone of authority... It was a mission to get to her.... Was there a rescue happening???

Wake up at 7AM.


Quote from: tides2dust on May 20, 2022, 08:51:25
It feels like there is another presence observing me and weighing my soul.

It's interesting because I've had this feeling many times in many dreams like someone is watching me and judging my actions, sometimes I'll even see the person in the background observing me. Most of the time I don't think anything of it as I'm too involved in what I'm doing. I just catch it after the fact.

That was a great read. This reminded me of a very strange but fun dream I had last night as well having to do with this bacteria or fungus that you ingest orally, sort of like drugs, but they give you special powers, but these powers also come with severe side effects. I was a woman in this dream, and for some of the dream I was observing it like a movie and for some of it I was the main character, the woman.

I'll go into the dream here if anyone wants to read it:
This dream was based in the future as everything was very futuristic. The world was in some type of dilemma where there were negative people controlling the population and I, the woman main character, wanted to do something about it. There was a powerful man from another planet, some type of alien, but looked completely human. He was very powerful, but demanding and harsh. (Ill just call this guy Bob for ease of communication) He had a similar interest in destroying these powers and wanted to work with me to guide me, and a few others, to defeat the negative powers.

He proposed that he would work with me as long as we do it his way. I agreed that I would do whatever it takes and immediately we went to a scientist that was developing these fungi. They were colourful fuzzy balls that looked like mold growing on some type of substance (sort of like what you would see on moldy sour cream or something). Bob talked to the scientist and asked him if he had a particular mold/fungus/bacteria/fuzzy ball. He did and gave him a few of them. They were little black fuzzy balls.

He assembled the new team on his massive spaceship that was hovering over the earth (there was about 5 of us all from Earth, women and men). He told us that we would need to train with the new powers we would acquire and asked us to ingest the mold substance. He also warned us that the substance has negative side effects that could be detrimental, but it was the only way to have a chance at defeating the negative overlords. The effects would stay with us until we completed our mission. We all took them and Bob started implementing the training. He gave us black super modern looking swords that we used to attack these black super robots as training. We sucked at fighting as we were obviously new at this, but the drug that he gave us gave us super strength, agility and stamina.

Bob then turned to me, as I was the leader in the group and apparently the most developed spiritually/mentally, and gave me a special black sword. He said that it had extreme power if I used my focus properly. I had to be completely focussed on the task and if I was, it had amazing power. I used it in the training and focussed as much as possible and when I hit the robot, an explosion emerged destroying the robot completely. Really cool! Bob then took the sword away and gave it to the next person to use. Then someone came from somewhere screaming saying, "No, don't use that sword!!". She said that if you use the sword and lose focus for even a second it will kill the user. So I got a bit ticked because Bob didn't tell me that, but he didn't care.

Later, one of the crew members was sleeping and ended up killing her friend unknowingly which was one of the side effects of this drug so she was completely distressed. Again, Bob didn't seem to care. He seemed pretty ruthless. I felt like I still needed more power to get this situation over with and prevent anymore deaths and destruction so I went back to the scientist and asked him what the most powerful fungus was that he created. He told me the name of it was Lectin I believe. I asked him if he could make it and he agreed. It took him many attempts but he finally made it and gave it to me. It was weird when he made these as I would watch him and at the end there was a flash (like a psychic flash or something) that would show the entity within the mold. This mold was bigger and it was pure white. I put it in my mouth, but didn't swallow. I exclaimed, "Wow, this one is bigger than the other ones." It was like a mouthful of fuzz.

I then approached Bob and told him I had an opinion with this whole mission we were on. He got extremely furious and told me my opinion was worthless, reminded me of the agreement that we made, and told me to keep my opinion to myself. I told him anyways regardless of the result. I told him I got the scientist to make me Lectin and would be extremely powerful in order to complete our mission sooner. (This Lectin would have even worse side effects of course). Knowing that this substance would probably end up destroying me in the end, he ended up not caring and said yeah okay. So I showed him that I had it in my mouth and then swallowed it.

Unfortunately, that was the end of the dream. I wish it kept going as it was very entertaining, futuristic/sci-fi, and I was looking forwards to what would happen. Would be a good movie honestly. The drugs that were mentioned in your dream Tides with severe repercussions and being forced to take them reminded me of this dream. It's interesting when some dreams have some similarities.
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Hi PerspectiveShift  :-) Thank you for your comments and sharing your experience with me. There was someone with my Dad watching me when I felt like my soul was being weighed.

I am learning those similarities are very real, that there is a message for you(and others) within the similarities that grab our attention. It is not for me to say what that message is, only that I believe you are working closely with Spirit in this regard.

We are more connected than I'm aware. Personally, I would not want to take drugs that are detrimental. At times I am okay with going at a snails pace. After having somewhat mysterious health impairments, I am just trying to find comfort in this body again. I do think it's possible that we can serve others, even if we ourselves are going at a speed another might find intolerable. Love is understanding.

I place Faith in God, even when darkness enshrouds our vision. It has saved me from prolonged suffering.

Kind regards~ Thank you


I found an old journal entry which reminded me of Abigail... I wonder if this was her, before I ever received any impression to her name??
Abigail is referenced here:;msg375803#msg375803

And the old log...
Sometime late April of 2012

"2 weeks ago i had another sleep paralysis incident which involved some auditory hallucinations.
i heard a female voice, the noise zeroed in and rang through my ears, it was distorted- she said, 'can you hear me?' i said i can hear you.
it came back stronger, 'can you hear me?' this time it felt like something was entering my body. i started to hear a little girl laugh in the background like she'd been running and playing. i tried to respond but i was frightened. it felt like i was starting to levitate off my bed. i tried to wake up and when i did, realized i was still in my room dreaming- this happened twice. i woke up in a dream, still dreaming, to wake up into another dream, and finally to wake up in my real room.
the dreaming mind is an interesting thing is it not"


i had a really cool hypnagogic experience after trying to go back to sleep... i'm in the room i'm in now.... laying on my back and my head resting to the right. i dont yet make the distinction i am already out of my body, as i am preoccupied with the in-between sensations. i know i'm out of body because my vantage point is not on the mattress i'm sleeping on but on the floor beside it. my eyes are half-opened and i see a silver and black spider as large as my face resting along my mattress. i try not to disturb it, it's gently moving. i notice a little brown around the black. i begin to feel the weight associated with sleep paralysis. i breathe deep and hear my breath...the weight from this sends me further.... each breath is like the most rewarding therapeutic sensations running along my spine. at this point i still don't realize i'm out of body. i begin to hear chatter like over a radio. i hear the name putin. i return my awareness to my breath, feeling as if i'm going even deeper. i again look through eyes half opened and realize i am in my bedroom but it is all white. there are translucent cobwebs- conceptual framing and bright white light all over and white sheets and mattress for my bed. there's a skeleton in my bed. i believe i am in the past, and for some reason i tell my self... "not yet" like i'm in the wrong time era. it's as if the breath is shifting planes and time. i then hear a woman try to say my name, except she says "erin" and she says it very clearly to me. "close" is what i say knowing my name is actually eric. i immediately wonder who is calling me. all of this is happening in an instant and i break the spell by trying to go out of body from here, again not realizing i am already out of body. by the initial "push" (trying to push my astral body out mistaking it for the physical body) the awareness returns back to my physical body, the weight slowly disappears and i open my eyes realizing i am now correctly on my mattress above the ground.

darn, i wonder... because i was starting to realizing some things while in this state... had i not tried to project- how much further could i have taken it?


Those hypnogogic experiences are really cool and super trippy. I enjoy reading your experience and was surprised at how well you described the experience. I had the same thought after my last hypnogogic experience. I wish I kept it going!! Haha. All part of the journey.
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Thanks P.  :-)

Yes, I wasn't ready for it to end... And I have questions about it all... Seeing the white bed sheets with the skeleton, feeling the breath as literally transporting my awareness to different realities and time... And the spider, which was quite magnificent- I understand spiders have a negative connotation but I did not feel that to be the case. And really curious, who is the girl incorrectly calling my name? I know it was directed at me, but it wasn't my name.

I'd like to explore with the breath and go deeper...


i had an OBE. pushing out of my body was relatively easy. i walked out my bedroom. my dad was a little curious as to what he was witnessing from his bed. i went outside in the backyard. suddenly i was in a sitting position like in a chair and started propelling myself up to the sky. i felt no fear, i tried going to the stars. i was like a rocket. i saw a shooting star on my way up and out towards space. it was blue star-dust. things started to shake and vibrate intensely. the stars started to blur. i never get into space anymore. i tried and tried, determined. instead i woke up in another bedroom. i slithered out of body. i walked around the house and then woke up. as i lay in bed i realized the second OBE was a dream and felt fake. i realize i have to pee but i don't want to miss another opportunity. i lay there for a while before surrendering to the urge to pee and force myself out of bed.


You've probably already answered this but I might have missed it. Do you talk to your family and friends and question their experiences? Do any of them ever see you or remember anything (strange?) when you appear to them in obe form?

Even if they don't have full awareness, they may have partial awareness. I think you should explore this on a physical level.
Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.


thanks nameless. yes i've talked about it with people.

in 2008 when i had initiation at the dream level, i shared with mom- i was so blown away and shook up it was something i couldn't hide. she hadn't a clue what i was talking about. she really didn't care either.

this experience with my dad, i just don't have the opportunity- not now. it's not because i'm shy about it.

i have made friends and acquaintances and we've shared experiences together, separately and have discussed plenty. haha. there are times and places... my explorations have shown me the validity behind the saying 'don't throw your pearls to swine' Not that i'm calling God swine- just that i am acknowledging there are different stages of evolution and varying levels of interest in this cosmic array we call life.

i don't appear in front of my friends during OBE, not that i know of. well, there are a few instances where friends told me they'd seen me. in dreams and meditations. i used to hold a small meditation group in my 20's and the one i do remember is my friend saw me opening a doorway for him.  

i'm more interested in trying to make it past space during the actual experience. i keep trying to go into space for whatever reason. 2008 was the only time i can remember shooting past the stars until all that was left were tiny particles and geometric shapes moving with the breath. so if i went past the stars, where did i go? i wonder why i always want to go UP when i have an OBE. i never seem to explore much at the ground level. i do explore my bedroom a lot, then its outside and straight to the stars.

im also wondering what that blue star-dust was or what it might mean... hmm

anyways, thanks for the chat. hope you are having a grand old time and look forward to seeing you around!


I've found the same with people who just don't have a clue, seems most fall into that category.

Your blue dust is interesting to me, I have visited a blue planet and been in a blue void-like area. These blue places tend to really recharge my batteries. I also know blue represents communication and the mental plain as well.

I think going UP is a natural by-product of our 3D selves. We see up as space, so that's a mental thing. I try to go out and that can produce some really weird results.

Thanks for the feedback.
Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.


Thanks for blowing my mind! If mass and energy are intertwined we are just holograms. Going up is not a necessity. Maybe I can't get past the stars because I don't really know what's past them? And in 2008 when I did go past the stars, I was being assisted with the experience, and it was meant to allude to the universe within. Considering the geometric particles were moving in unison with the breath. For a while I used to think after we pass from the time we've spent bound to 3D we'd the opportunity to receive an entire universe. This understanding has changed considerably to a more "present" or "living" awareness.

Often I get these bouts of spiritual amnesia because my awareness is usually anchored to 3D... Rightfully so! I accept where I am with this... But yeah... You really just helped me... Just like, why do I always need to project out of body? Why not just go wherever I need to, instantaneously?

I suppose it's a process being loosened from the grip of 3D awareness.


I also think there is a strong instinct within us that once we achieve a certain ability with going out of body, the desire to launch skyward and fly into space and the stars is almost always present. Early in our learning, we often get this experience, sometimes with noticeable outside assistance. It seems to be straightforward enough that we figure we should be able to do it any time we want, but at some point, the experiences become limited or fail altogether. Various authors and experiencers have offered explanations.

One idea I read was that if I was losing consciousness as I flew into the outer atmosphere, then I was also leaving the Etheric plane and moving into the Astral. If my Astral body/awareness was not developed enough, then the loss of consciousness was the result. So, I paid special attention to this idea of developing the Astral body. Maybe it was a part of the Mental body development, as well.

A second idea was that at this point in my learning any time I went OOB I was now in a learning environment and by immediately applying my Intent to DO something or GO somewhere, I was very possibly ignoring and missing a learning opportunity that had been quietly presented to me. So, I tried to slow down and pay closer attention to my immediate environment each time that I projected and interact with the situation that developed on its own rather than force my Will upon it.  

Thinking back on it now, I think it was a combination of these two ideas that led to my experiences starting again and progressing from there. By allowing each NP environment to stabilize and develop, I found that I was within a learning environment with new and totally unexpected lessons to experience. What I had to do was maintain my awareness and be open to the signals that would lead me into and through the simulation, as Leland calls it. Learning when to apply and when to relax my Will was a fundamental part to the learning.  
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Thank you EV~ Wow. Yes, this gives me a lot to think on...

The desire to go UP is so strong and possibly, a silly misunderstood desire. And how many of those do we have in life?  : :roll: :-o :-D

Very happy to have your response here... Cheers !


You're welcome tides; I'm glad if that gives some ideas.

I don't think the desire to go UP is silly; misunderstood after some point, ok maybe. For me, the desire to launch into space and the stars was and still is quite exciting. The expression of the pure joy of flight, control and my sense of empowerment and freedom once I had this ability in the Non-Physical Reality was such a soul-expanding, consciousness-raising experience beyond most everything before. So, I think I fairly recognize the early value of the experience; what I missed was possibly that at some point our NP teachers use that experience, or the denial of it, to teach us to look elsewhere for our next lesson.

So maybe the desire to fly into space eventually is recast as another form of excitement, or a form of emotion to be understood and controlled. We learn the hard way, usually, of the earlier emotions to be brought under control-Fear is almost always the first, followed soon by sexual desire. Most of us spend a fair amount of time lost within fear and sex, until we learn balance and control. Then often follows various forms of confusion, distraction and excitement. Each of these needs repeated exposure in order to recognize them and maintain our composure. And we seem to all get tested and re-tested and quizzed on these older subjects even as new subjects are presented. So, maybe the excitement of flying skyward eventually becomes recast as just another form of excitement or distraction, but only in the temporary sense to teach us to look elsewhere for the next lesson. I would hate to think that in the future I will never be allowed the occasional spaceshot, lol!

So, the next time you find yourself in a NP environment- Stop and observe and ask inwardly- What is the lesson I am supposed to learn here? Then go with the flow.

Your descriptions are excellent and I'm enjoying the journal.

Cheers to you!
Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
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Thanks EV, I have been asking questions more. Last night I woke up from a dream at 3AM. When I felt I had an opportunity to astral project it was 3:33AM. I was ready to let go of fear and ask questions in the NP. I must have been more tired than willing to engage because I ended up sleeping heavily and not recalling what happened after waking up.

Lately I've been asking God questions before I go to sleep, and ask that he may reveal them in my dreams.
I met Amma the hugging saint in person. She showed up in my dreams, this seemed pretty direct. It's not an OBE, but it seems relevant to the discussion. The dream DID feel like a sensation of being out of body.

In my dreams I play guitar- but not much skill at it in waking life. Yet it has a familiarity that becomes quite therapeutic.

I dreamt I met Amma the hugging Saint. She had a small group of people around her, we were at a poor hotel by the beach. I had walked off and around a corner, seeing all kinds of people coming out of their doors. It was spaced out. I remember pillars- grays and ambient light. The energy was "sparce" and then I stumbled upon Amma sitting down outside under some shade with just two other people behind her. I walked up to speak to her. She told me, she knew I was praying to God asking what I was doing wrong. She told me she's seen something like this before and there was something I needed to get out of my system. She gave me a time limit and told me to return to her as soon as possible. I can't remember if either by the end of the day- or the next. She said I needed to fulfill this experience- like Life had become routine or stale and it was turning me mad. I had been wandering. It was a desperate moment, even Amma looked concerned.

I then dreamt somehow I ended up in a room where I was playing electric guitar very loudly. There was a man there helping me play, we were jamming. We both seemed kind of out of it. Like we were having an out of body experience. And I kept playing, there was so much music and noise coming out of this room. And the lighting was dark, there was like a strobe effect of white and green light and light smoke swirling around the room. I just kept playing even while the man was talking to me. All the way up until I told the man the guitar was out of tune. He bent the tip of a guitar pick and started testing it with me- he pushed the guitar pick so hard into the neck of the guitar against one of the strings he snapped the string. He pulled out the string and told me he'd replace it.

I woke up having to pee.


I have the opportunity for an OBE. It happens twice. It was easier to get out of body. I could even stand in the environment and breathe. It was a beautiful sensation, just standing there breathing. I had no urge to push myself through the door or go outside. I just wanted to bathe in the sensations. I did get the thought to levitate. I tried, I raised my astral body up to my tippy toes. I thought I was going to- then suddenly I started to descend. I fell back into my body. It was the feeling of prolonged falling like I was further away from my physical body than understood- or like I was having to sink deeper into the physical shell than realized. It was a unique sensation but by the time it was over I thought, "that's not so bad" and even enjoyed it. I was a little sad it all came to an end. 


Just a couple days ago I had an OBE. I didn't do anything but practice exiting the body and stood there. Just breathing in the atmosphere was a pleasant sensation. I got to try it twice in one night. I wonder... Since I haven't mastered this by Will power... Was I being prepped for tonights experience??? Thanks for taking the time to read and provide any feedback... I have further questions at the end of this.

I had a really interesting dream before the actual OBE so I will share that as well...

The dream,

a little girl learns about a real "glitch in the matrix."

it's similar to the movie. it starts with dejavu, except this dejavu is the exact thing repeating itself(a glitch in the matrix) and a hologram collides into a wall like a wave. here the matrix waits to receive input from the person who observes the glitch and if it's acceptable is played out.

the girl observes this glitch on two "men in black" and is hiding behind a wall which seems to shield her from the mens view. she rewrites the script and tries to change the fate of these men, which would involve killing one of them. the man who taught this girl about the glitches arrives to the scene since she unintentionally pings her location by trying to change something so dramatically. he ends up killing the men himself and the bullet which was a product of the rewrite from the girl standing behind the wall is frozen and sent back towards the girl. the man rushes towards her in a brilliant burst of light and breaches this invisible wall. here, in slow motion, the girl is exposed unto the scene and her eyes flash violet once she is drawn out from hiding. the man warns her not to bonk around again or it means losing her own life. she is scared

the scene changes like i am pulled out from wherever i was and put back on a lower density. i am observing an aerial view of a city street at night. ironically the building in focus is a chrome art studio called, "digaf" (do i give a bonk) next to a mattress or "snooze" store. it is somehow highlighted that people work in the mattress store and they practice the art of sleeping or- sell sleep to people. . .?


So... Before going to bed I asked God in prayer what I'm doing wrong. Presently I am pursuing a woman of interest who is showing me reciprocation but is in no rush with being intimate. My whole reason for pursuing is to be intimate as it is a part of how I express my interest and share my heart and joy. So this is a learning curve for me... Since I haven't had much experience with dating. I don't really date around- things have always just happened and I tend to focus my energy in the one invested interest. Anyways... So I pray and ask to be shown what I'm doing wrong... I pray for clarification and ask God what he thinks about my relationship with this girl. Are these answers to my prayers? I don't know. Maybe. Maybe not.

Now the OBE- with something that has never happened before... A golden statue appeared in my backyard. It was terrifying- it was amazing. It was a statue but it was alive. It changed shapes. Despite rain the sun was shining on it and it didn't get wet.

Here's the details to the best of my ability- they started fading even during the experience.


After falling back asleep I had an OBE. There are too many details to recount. I managed to catch the last few. It started with going downstairs towards my Dogs, they were happy to see me. I knew I was out of body and they saw me all the same. Many dream like concepts were playing out during the OBE, like I was having both an astral experience in my house while separately dreaming things and details about my family around me. I could dive in either experience. For example, I remember everyone in my house being awake- the lights on upstairs with April on the phone for a job interview- me drinking her water in the kitchen and being disgusted she had cheese inside the water bottle? I tried focusing on the OBE and not the dreams swirling around me. I went outside with the dogs to play in the backyard. Once in the backyard the dogs were playing with each other- it went from raining to a bright sun. In the center of the backyard was a golden statue. There is no golden statue in my backyard. It was as frightening as it was beautiful. Dreams and details were continuing to swirl around me. Like I could feel a part of me still in my bedroom and see a light in my peripheral from the perspective of my room(despite being in the backyard). I thought there was a nonexistent lamp on in my room. I am recalling in flashes now. Every time I glanced at the statue- it changed shape, but still a golden statue with the sun shining down on it. It became two things- and my dogs, tumbling and playing about- turned into the two entities portrayed by the statue. I look up and the statue changed again... From two siblings, to two friends... To one tall and one short... to Brothers and Soldiers... The dogs had become all these things. Lastly it became a Mother and Daughter- to focus on the child.
It was weird because off to the side was rain and dark clouds... But the statue was, surreal and without rain- without clouds. And the dogs became the last thing the statue showed me... I had to have met a being of some sort...
"This is Lei Fong" It said to me. We weren't speaking English- but telepathically?
Last of the dynasty...? A cabal has infiltrated their people... A great war has been relayed to me. They are desperate for help. I am being offered to accept this child in my lineage. Along accepting her I am promised certain- spiritual gifts... ? It's all starting to fade now... Somehow I start retracting back to my physical body... But before ending the experience- A larger aspect of my self pulled through the entire scene- like I was secretly watching in the background. And my voice in a way I never heard it before said,
"How do I know?"

I wake up...


So... I never met whoever was talking to me. I could not see what they looked like. I just know I was visited. The language was a type of telepathic communication. It was a lot of information to be spoken in english but I understood it in english. This great war was more like an infiltration. Like they were presently being destroyed- a cabal has infiltrated their ship? Entities physically dying around me. This was a desperate plea for help. And I am being shown this child. This child is the key to preserving their dynasty. I am being asked to accept this offer and it begins to feel like a trade- like I will be rewarded some kind of gift. My intuition or higher-self is stand-offish. What they're showing me feels real. But I am hesitant. And as a higher authority within myself stepped forward ending the OBE... "How do I know?" Was said in the most powerful way I can't express it. Like it either chased off deceit or it was meant to be a question to remember. I think Lei Fong was the name. I know they specifically used the word Cabal.

The statue had such an interesting feel I've never experienced that before. Am I being deceived? Are these answers to my prayers? Do I accept the offer? Do I help? Why would I be tempted with spiritual gifts? This dream feels important.


I haven't spent much time thinking about the dream and its meaning... But I have spent a little time thinking on the OBE.

If you've managed to make sense of my extremely long entry- god bless you.  :lol: Sorry for the confusion- it was a lot in one night, may have been better to post the two experiences separately.

What I am noticing is that, with the OBE- I had *three* selves. One was directly observing the OBE- the other was observing available dream data and looking back at my body on its bed. Both of these selves were existing simultaneously. And third, or maybe just back to ONE- some higher self which ended the entire experience. I say third because it stepped into the scene, as in, the I interacting with my astral visitor was separate from the I stepping into the scene at the end and asking a question with authority.

I also wonder why something so desperate for help would want to make a trade of things?

Or is this simply just a really cool experience showing me where I'm at in life? Presently, my lease on life is more give/take. I admittedly dance between selfish desires and doing the right thing. I would like to lean towards doing the right thing. I am happy in feeling and believing that type of progress is being made. I am not going to beat myself up here. Or did I attract a real visitor of equal vibration? Could my attitude towards life attract similar beings in the astral?

A living statue, with such a bold presence- it was like no other. And this talk of Cabal and Lei Fong most certainly does not feel like my imagination. If it is- not a conscious doing.

I do desire a child at one point in life. Now is certainly not the time. And I am grateful with where I'm at where "spiritual powers" are concerned. I don't crave "powers" I don't want anything unearned either. I know I am also making progress, slowly- steadily, with regards to exploring the astral realms and sensing the in between moments and unspoken languages dancing around us... So I don't really feel tempted by whatever offering they or I am making to my self.

Eh, maybe just chalk it up to a cool experience and keep on' keepin' on.


After writing this my Sister came by for a surprise visit. I did not know she had a job interview yesterday. It turned out it was rescheduled but she came by the house to talk about it. She also found some stinky cheese in our fridge as being the culprit to a smell that was starting to disgust me. These parallels are outside of my (conscious) control- and they give some validity to the dream data swirling around me in the OBE mentioned above.

Well just today an employee said something very interesting- she was joking when she said it but she hasn't said this before and it was, "do i give a f**k"
It immediately made me think of the dream prior to the OBE. While I can't say I understand, I am intuiting that this experience felt important because it seems to relay a type of guidance at play. These events are happening days after the dream and OBE. I think it felt important because it's a turning point in my life and my families. There is a transformative energy and... Perhaps I am being asked to pay attention.

I hope I don't disappoint...


Wow, you are most certainly evolving on a spiritual level. The very interesting thing about these type events is the mix you experience. Seems we are often shown (at this stage) things that are typically way outside our understanding, but it is mixed with things (standard dreams, if you will) of things we do or can relate to which allows us that ever so elusive validation which helps move us along forward.

These validations (the cheese, etc.) are a way of letting you KNOW just how real your experience was/is despite your lack of understanding on a fully conscious level. My only advice here is to please not discount any single part. Instead of discounting try separating which you have already done admirably. This will help lead you to better understanding.

I won't do any interpreting of symbols and such as those are so personal to each individual. But you are doing a phenomenal job of analyzing this for yourself. One caution though is to not over-analyze. Your thoughts on this will deepen as time goes by and I will add one thing. I think you have already received the 'gift'.
Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.


Thank you Nameless. Very kind to engage and take an interest.

I appreciate your advice on the matter.


Just maintaining the journal.
Not much conscious OBE's as of late. Experiencing some unique things though. I had a dream not to long ago where I met a being with an entire sun in him. I don't know how I knew that- just did. I titled the experience, being of blinding light- because there was so much bright light it was hard to look. Immediately after I woke up, the being imparted a message... Don't rely on things outside yourself.

This message, solid advice, seems kind of obvious though- there wasn't much weight behind it... Until recently, I realize my reactions to disappointing views or opinions from others was saying a lot about this peculiar situation I had found myself struggling with. I got too involved when having to defend my opinion and views to people who asked for them- or on the flip side, I asked for someone's opinion on something and found myself getting upset for not hearing what I wanted. In the first instance a group of friends asked my opinion over political nonsense. It ended up being a longwinded debate, when I never cared to debate. It was like my opinion was just wrong for them and we had to go through these really draining hurdles. I was put-off by how exhaustive the entire ordeal was. And then later I shared a dream/fantasy of mine with Mom and she was quick to criticize/condemn the vision. All these things are good and well- but perhaps I was too dependent on the attitudes and expectations from people outside my self...

Suddenly the being with a, "sun inside of him"(It's 1111 right now) started making sense. And I realized or... remembered... An old teaching that we have everything we need inside ourselves. The wisdom offered was very helpful for pulling me out from a hole I dug my self. I realized that since being visited by this being that communication with the self has been much clearer... And perhaps I am needing to practice faith in this connection.

So today as I asked for help, why was I so bothered- why was I so drained, I just heard let it go. Even though the friends who were not receptive to my views say I am, "messing up." That doesn't feel like anywhere near the truth. I feel like I am aligned and growing in this deeper self long desired. And so I have to have faith that all is well, all happened accordingly... And that God cares for his children, even those we disagree with. So I am in the process of letting go- not realizing just how much I mentally dive in to things, to the point of being dizzy by picking up others energy.

On the ride home tonight I saw a bunch of repeating 999's. Haven't had that prompt in a while. I do believe there is an active communication happening... A signaling, something... And I am feeling just a little closer to understanding the messages relayed from this internal dialogue.

All of this a work in progress... Well... That's it for now.   


This one feels like something is communicating to me. I woke up to the song War Pigs playing in my mind... And I randomly selected a video on youtube to listen to the song. As it started up I got intense chills in my spine, it is a sign something is communicating... And Really strange my dream, before waking up- involved a girl communicating with unseen beings on the radio and she is walking away with something red in her hand- Just like the girl in the music video While watching I got really emotional and tears were rolling down my face... I think what's being communicated is there is a lot of rage... And desire for freedom. There's a lot of cruelty happening... And seeing the word freedom at the end of the video is what my Soul longs for.

I would also like to add... that I've visited Hawaii a few times where OBE's are concerned. One AP experience I remember is actually being in and sensing the environment through the eyes of another male body living in Hawaii- I wonder if this person really exist and he is like a type of portal or anchor for spiritual experiences/point consciousness.

With the dream below. I don't think it's a nefarious communication- but it feels like they are upset by our world affairs... I don't know... Well, it's not for me to share the dreams here but every so often. It's not my typical "OBE" but after posting with LightBeams visitor thread... I am noticing this theme of "communication" desire to communicate.. And really feel like this is an instance where something on the other side is coming through... Here are the dream details...

Rapid fire dream successions. Theme of communication happening over Radio.

First I remember my Sister acting so incredibly rude, hateful and manipulative. To the point we are fighting. I think she is begging for attention. She keeps trying to hurt me and frame me. I throw a foldable chair in her face and I think it breaks her nose. She is working heavily with Mom through something. I feel bad once I see the chair make contact with her.

Later I dream I am Miley Cyrus's assistant. I won some contest, or something. And she puts a song of ours on the radio. I don't know she does this and I don't like the song. If she allowed more singing... Instead she is focused on a kind of rage/punk screaming. It's a mixture of rap, singing and screaming with a male and female energy(I am the male and Miley the female). Britney my childhood friend hears this song with her girlfriends. My Sister hears it too. I think they are surprised I am even at this level of recognition. They just think it's cool I am on the radio. The radio... This feels important.

Shift to a room, possibly somewhere in Hawaii. I am loading a pile of gift cards with value of $20 for her fans.

Randomly  ... I can't tell if this is before or after the helicopter scene. I believe I'm still Miley Cyrus' assistant. Does she have a daughter? We're still in Hawaii, like we're on vacation. There's a little girl walking up to these speakers on the floor. They are emitting a strange sound. It's similar to the noise you used to hear when turning the knob sifting through radio stations... A low static noise. The girl is now speaking to someone in the speakers. They are on the other side and they are listening. I can't see anyone. It's a little freaky watching her communicate with unknown beings, except the static on the radio is actually responding to the child. Low distortions replying back.

Before my parents come up to the room the girl is forced to cut a rabbit, it's magic in that it doesn't bleed- and she cuts it to hide whatever has been going on in secret communication. The white rabbit fur transforms into a smooth piece of sofa furniture. A very odd detail of me zooming in on her manically cutting this talking rabbit, until there's nothing left except a red organ(something, 'inside out') which she walks off with in her hand before disappearing.

Another shift and I am again being observed by my peers. My Sister and her friends. I am jumping out of a helicopter into the water towards my friends Rob and Chase. They are already in the water. The helicopter gets a little lower and I dive in and off to the side. I motion them I want to race to the other side of the water where there are people cheering. The ocean becomes a pool with roped lanes and we are racing to the end. It's a close race, my friends had the advantage having started off straight- whereas I had to jump out of a helicopter and correct my positioning. But I use this momentum to catch up. Chase starts to drop off and it's between Rob and I. I just beat him by placing my hand on the end seconds before him.

Wake up to pee.

As I recall everything and try to go back to sleep,
War Pigs by Black Sabbath starts playing in my mind...


Last night I decided to go to bed early. As I layed upon my back, in the dark, I observed my thoughts. I noticed, as the body began to systematically wind down- thoughts started to branch into different directions. I believe, unfortunately, that holding on to the thoughts are what kept me anchored to my body even though I was hoping to induce an OBE. I also felt the need to control some of the thoughts because I could feel the mind propelling itself into a negative direction. Instead of allowing this thought to breathe, I would imagine a golden lotus in my chest and synchronize its radiance with my inhalation and exhalation.

When I did this, the mind would eventually drift- and I would willingly let the new thoughts emerge. It was like I was plunging, something inward revolving. Somewhere between dozing off and attempting to control the direction of thought- it was like a flat revolving plane with ever-changing sides in the ether and my, "point of awareness" was sliding onto another surface. The sensation of something being turned over, momentum, and drastic change in the mind was physical. So maybe the OBE was a success.

It made me think more on the power of thoughts and awareness. To understand we are not necessarily our thoughts, but an intimate link exists between observer and thought. It has me scratching my head, I wonder if we associate perspective with our physical bodies.