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Nameless, that was shocking, it's good that you have experienced many of these situations in life. What we know as reality is just a concept and a social convention, no one has any idea what reality actually is (or maybe only a few on this planet). I am far from knowing what reality is... living in mystery is truly an adventure and every day I learn new aspects of it. We do not even fully know our own body, mind, and spiritual capacity to know what we are capable of achieving, we are barely knowing ourselves. So saying that I know reality, is still very far from being something palpable for me, I start with my own consciousness.

Have you come to any conclusion from this fact? Do you think it was someone who put that to help you? Could it be another aspect of yourself manifested on the physical plane in the need to get out of that situation? What do you think it was?

As always, thanks for sharing ♥
.~Exploring the Wonders of Consciousness~.