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Well, I had just written everything out and before submitting tried taking down my ad-blocker which completely erased my post. I will try again...

Hello(again). I hope it's okay to share a journal here. I am so excited and eager to share I don't know where to start! From alien experiences, divine assistance, mysterious ghost and pet interactions- so many wild entries and painstaking observations... But to keep it focused and simple I will start with tonight's experience.

12/8/2020 12:20AM.
I had just used the restroom and tried to fall asleep on my back. I was quickly met with a zeroing in effect and a flash of light. I heard and felt someone talk to me. I could not make out the words, it was muffled gibberish. Still, I tried to reply to this voice. "I hear you." Nothing... This zeroing in effect, and the presence that accompanied it left me feeling vulnerable and struck with fear. Irregardless, I attempted to proceed in pushing my self out of body. It was a success! Starting with my head, I was able to detach from my body. I could not see, my room was darker than usual with the exception of a thin streak of light in the upper right hand corner of my vision. Other than that my room was... faint vibrating outlines. I was a little dizzy and to try and counter this tilting sensation I tried to push my self out further, it was a quick movement up and out followed by a twirl around. I was so intrigued by these movements that I woke up. It took writing this out to calm my nerves from the fear that had struck me earlier.

Points of interest...
I read some of the FAQ's earlier tonight and remember coming across not being able to see once projected- I found it interesting that tonight would relay a similar experience. I have seen clearly before and other times not clearly. Sometimes it is like a drunkard walking around in a hazy or black and white static environment. Other times I can see my room clearly. I remember making a distinction recently that I do not have to walk in this environment and have found my self gliding and phasing through doors.  
For out of body experiences- if I do ever make it out of my bedroom, I can never seem to get past the stars(with the exception of my initiation dream from 2008). Most always I am stuck whenever I try to rise too high and slip into a dream.

If I wake up, like to use the restroom, and fall back asleep- an opportunity to project is there. It is almost always there if I fall back asleep laying on my back. There is always a honing in/rising up sensation. I don't hear the metal noise so much anymore, now I hear voices. One time the chatter was as if I had tuned into a mess hall. Another, two people having a conversation with myself being the one to interrupt it. And in another, like tonight's, something/someone is talking directly to me. This is the more adrenaline spiked moment for how close the presence feels and how vulnerable I feel. Whenever I try to respond, I find it challenging. I am a slow poke in this sense and respond back exhaustively whereas the voices talking to me are able to go at a normal speed. I remember an entity calling me an Idiot once(rather humorous to say the least).

With tonight's experience, countering the dizzy sensation by focusing on my disconnect/projection- I wonder if my mind has become accustomed to creating a challenging expectation when it isn't necessary.

I do wish to abandon the fear and vulnerability. Had it not been for this, I would have jumped right back in another attempt to project. It being so early in the night I think I will be met with another opportunity either way.


Small update, I was feeling too vulnerable to proceed.  :oops: I am determined to try again.


Hello Tides!

Thank you for sharing some of your experiences. I enjoyed reading this. What did you mean by 'zeroing in effect'? I also find that lying on my back makes it more likely that I'll have an experience. One thing I will mention is that when you describe trying to talk with these entities, it's easier/faster to not try to communicate "verbally/vocally/with voice or sound" but rather telepathically. You can think your message to them, and they'll get it. It takes much less effort. I can definitely relate to that feeling of being drunk, where you can't see straight, move straight, or talk straight! Sometimes I find myself "voicing" my messages and then remembering, Oh, I don't have to do it this way, I can just think it and that'll be easier and faster. It's funny how we often default to "embodied human" means of doing things even tho we're definitely not "embodied" Out There!


Hi GrumpyRabbit!

You know, I never tried it- but had a dream of sharing telepathically. Thank you for the tip and the welcome! I hope to try it next opportunity. I will have to remind myself each night I fall asleep, to make the effort to speak telepathically. It makes sense, because they(the entities speaking to me) feel a lot closer than what someone would when talking here, the 3D time-space/immediate incarnation. If I could make the realization that I don't have to walk or open doors, why not make the realization to speak telepathically?

The zeroing in effect I can best define as the threshold for crossing over. With sleep paralysis, I recognize my mind is observing the body enter rest or "standby" mode. The creeping sensation, usually starts at the feet, it is deep rest and climbs its way up the body. At the same time, there is a conscious rising effect that is sometimes accompanied by a toning or metal whirring(usually my left ear). These sounds were experienced in my earlier years. This zeroing in effect allows me to attempt an O.B.E. It's a simultaneous feeling of withdrawing and rising/pushing out. When the two forces meet, I am able to attempt a projection.

Personal side note... As for the fear, I believe I will have to place faith in God that I will be okay and continue on. Easier said than done.
Interesting to think of... Who are these voices? Observation: With last nights experience a flash of light was as if the voice speaking to me was entering whatever field we were in to do so. The light was the indication of someone arriving.

...Further observation... When I was first writing this journal entry, as if to acknowledge my thoughts- there were chills running up and down my spine. Intuitively, this felt like the presence who wished to engage in conversation. It happened right as I began thinking of this entity. Perhaps this is a telepathic link you are mentioning Grumpy.


Quote from: tides2dust on December 08, 2020, 21:24:46
If I could make the realization that I don't have to walk or open doors, why not make the realization to speak telepathically?
In the NP, thought = action almost immediately. We don't have to use a physical appendage to achieve a desired action. Just a thought will do!  :-)

QuoteThe zeroing in effect I can best define as the threshold for crossing over. With sleep paralysis, I recognize my mind is observing the body enter rest or "standby" mode. The creeping sensation, usually starts at the feet, it is deep rest and climbs its way up the body. At the same time, there is a conscious rising effect that is sometimes accompanied by a toning or metal whirring(usually my left ear). These sounds were experienced in my earlier years. This zeroing in effect allows me to attempt an O.B.E. It's a simultaneous feeling of withdrawing and rising/pushing out. When the two forces meet, I am able to attempt a projection.
This is exactly what I do. First I realize, become aware of what is occurring. Then I passively observe as the vibrations start in my feet. They soon are joined by a vibration around my head. Now a gentle "whirring", the Astral Winds are approaching. The vibrations are now moving towards each until they become a consonant, meaning in complete harmony, merged with each other. Then everything stops for a few minutes and I feel my legs raising. The strangest part with me is I find myself then being dragged down my hallway and out my patio window. I have questioned why this route occurs so much, since we have large windows in our bedroom as well. But still it occurs. I have experienced the "Dweller of the Threshold", lights, tunnels, tunnel vision, voices, screaming, doorbells, all kinds of things.

QuotePersonal side note... As for the fear, I believe I will have to place faith in God that I will be okay and continue on. Easier said than done.
Interesting to think of... Who are these voices? Observation: With last nights experience a flash of light was as if the voice speaking to me was entering whatever field we were in to do so. The light was the indication of someone arriving.
Way easier said than done, but you have to learn to control those fears and you will be tested to the max. That seems to be some kind of "rite" there. Allow your curiosity to help you overcome your fear. Just know, you are always safe!  :-)

"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."  Nicolai Tesla


Welcome to the Pulse, tides!

You already show a good basic understanding of the energetic activity that is encountered during our early OBEs and I will second the advice given by both Lumaza and GR.

I would like to reinforce a couple of their points and offer an opinion on one other topic you mention-

GR commented about the use of telepathy and she is right about that being the common form of communication in the NP.  It is quite normal for our early OBEs where we attempt communication by 'physically' speaking and it invariably comes out garbled and confused and ineffective. It takes several experiences and attempts in this old-fashion method where we eventually give up and reconsider our method of communication. It actually may be that during this re-considering, it occurs to us that our thought process is actually beginning to somehow get our message across to our target audience. Learning this new method of communication is learning to combine our mental message along with an emotional component that expresses the 'feel' of the mental picture we are sending, and these are wrapped in a binding element of 'Intent' that packages the whole 'feel/think' message into a kind of thought balloon like you see in a comic strip. And once you form this 'package", you send it. And when it happens properly, it can be instantaneous; both the sending and the receiving. So that's one way to conceptualize it.

Lumaza spoke about the necessity to drop the fear and he is right. Always know that you have Guides and Protectors and of course, the Divine watching over you in whatever fashion you prefer. When you describe that 'zeroing in effect and the presence that leaves you feeling vulnerable'...many of us have experienced this fear and know just how palpable and extreme and 'real' it can feel. This is all part of the hypnogogic sensations we feel at this point and we simply have to trust and push through it. It may be simply a safety check, an instinctive safety valve that tries to point us back to Physical Reality. And we know how powerful it can be; it has scared me off many times. Like the voices and metallic screeching, freight train is simply noise that describes the process and serves to scare and distract us. This Hypnogogia typically lessens considerably over time and with experience, but does not seem to ever completely disappear for most of us.

Finally, you mentioned the 'voices' and possibly communicating with them or understanding some message from them. I don't think you should spend much effort on this right now, maybe later...I've had these same experiences and wondered if there were not messages hidden within that I just couldn't understand at the time. But I soon realized this was still just a part of the Hypnogogia gibberish that plagues our early exit efforts. It's all just distracting noise right now. Give it several months, maybe a year or so and I think you will start encountering beings that you will have the opportunity to have legitimate communication with. It gets progressively better as you go along.

Nice work so far!


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Thanks so much for the welcome and the advice. Of course, when my confidence to explore the unknown is at an all time high the opportunity does not present itself. I wonder if anyone here can enter this state at will? That's where I'd like to end up with this.


I read somewhere here about simply observing. I drank a little alcohol yesterday evening which caused me to wake up in the middle of the night. I was awake from 1:15-4:00AM. At 4 I decided to go back to sleep laying on my back. I reminded myself I can talk telepathically in this state. I also decided that I would simply observe the images behind my eyelids, the sensations in my body and the thoughts that would enter my mind. Usually, to sleep, I notice a conversation in the mind takes a life of its own before falling into a dream and entering sleep. This time I tried to look at which thoughts my mind would entertain, let them go and see what would come back. Last nights efforts took longer than normal. I think if I am physically tired from the day, it is easier to enter the hypnagogic state. So last night was a lot of observing, I noticed the heavy sensation in my limbs- a few muscle twitches here and there. I played with this heavier state because it would seem I was dancing along some threshold like there was a particular pitch I could meet. It was meeting this sensation of surrender and, as best I can describe, burst of deep relaxation would send my body into a deeper state and send chills along my spine. I think this is where I would normally enter into a projection, and usually the ringing in the ear is heard here too. I think this time the alcohol interfered with my conscious state which is why my mind would not settle in the previous, familiar setting which would allow for a more elaborate astral experience.

After playing with this crossing over sensation I went back to observing the images behind my eyelids and listening for any sounds. Two things happened here. I began to notice the image of a man on the left hand viewing screen of this, "astral vision." I distinctly remember a priestly collar and the feeling was, he was leaned up against a wall. He might have been resting, he may have been distraught. The priest collar, black with the white square in the middle, really stood out to me and his emotional state seemed tired or maybe a little drained. He was resting. I tried saying hello to him but there was no response. I must have slipped into sleep as I have no recollection past this.

A little later I woke up to turn to my side and had a second attempt. The same creeping sensations were observed and this time, instead of waiting to hear something I tried to project telepathically. I still found myself using actual words but it was coupled with an acute impression which was more of a direction, visually speaking it was like pushing a cone of narrowing energy out from ones forehead with the word hello at the tip and behind the force. To my surprise, a raspy frog like voice responded "hello." I fell into a dream but remember recalling this experience even in the dream itself. Guess I was excited to share it here.  :-D

As a side note, I think I am ready to get back on a semi-disciplined routine. I may experiment and wake my self up at 3AM just to fall back asleep for the opportunity to project.


I haven't had much luck with the 3AM experiment. The idea was, if I wake myself up at 3AM and try to go back to sleep I can catch the opportunity for projection. What has ended up happening so far, is that my mind is to alert and I can't make the disconnect from body with mind. Looking back at my earlier projections, I actually have better luck with experiencing this shift in awareness from 4AM-5AM. I think I will try 4AM next but must give my self some rest. Between two jobs and waking up at 3AM to pursue personal interest well, I am more tired than anything.  :-D What is interesting to me, is that I could not just fall back asleep. Maybe my excitement was keeping me up. I tried to observe and sit still, but the mind was keeping the body awake too. Eventually I felt the need to turn to my side and quietly surrender back to slumber... In doing so, I've no memory of actually falling asleep. There were some interesting dreams, I would meet friends I know in this waking life and they would show me their thoughts or attitudes/feelings towards any particular matter. I tried to confirm one dream with a friend and she was surprised. The dream dealt with her, or someone, showing me a new office space and after sharing this with her she acknowledged her work place is expanding and they're moving into a new office. 


Hey tides,
Some ideas-

Your 3am effort is a good idea but needs some adjustments. Plus, don't wear yourself out over this with two jobs and lack of sleep; progress will come at its own pace. Your 3am effort is largely described by WBTB if you haven't heard of it or Wake, Back To is a method that works for me as I have difficulty shutting the mind down without simply falling asleep. WBTB typically targets that 1-4am window. Your idea about moving to 5am is a good but different strategy also. The reason being is that we need to get the physical body its needed rest and recuperation of at least 1 or 2 or 3 sleep/REM cycles. Somewhere in there we can search for the proper ratio of physical relaxation versus mental alertness, not too much of either. You will have satisfied that requirement if you target a 5am wakeup and just lay there drifting in the hypnogogia, simply passively observing...that works for many people. WBTB targets just after that second or third sleep/REM cycle but the trick is finding the balance that keeps you just mentally aware enough to observe while your body falls back into sleep. You can just lay there, but you will likely just fall asleep again. So you have to get up and stay awake for awhile and there is no set standard except maybe 15 minutes to an hour. And you do something monotonous or for half an hour, fold clothes, listen to late night talk radio, wash don't go for a jog or lift weights. The idea is to wake up and get your mind moving just a bit, without signaling your body to wake up and power up for a new day. This way, in half an hour or an hour (my target window is 45 minutes) you sit in your recliner or slip back into bed, maybe prop yourself up with pillows and observe as your body falls back to sleep. The timing is always tricky and imperfect for obvious reasons. Have an Intention in mind and state it internally a few have set all the conditions for an OBE, but you still need a purpose for the trip- a piece of information, a destination, a person to visit, etcetera...this needs to be declared and stated as your Intention; it's like loading a computer command. Without it you likely go nowhere.
If you can't think of an Intent, there is always the default command- Take me to where I can learn the next thing I need to learn

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
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Thanks so much EV!

Two really good idea's that I am looking forward to trying first thing tomorrow!
-Wake up at 5AM(I think this will work best)
-Lay on back and prop head up with an extra pillow(I noticed it is easier to slip into rest and keep the mind alert a bit propped up like that. Otherwise I am tempted to turn to my side and surrender to slumber :-D)

When I would experience sleep paralysis in my youth, all it took was getting up to use the restroom and later- drinking some water.

Kind regards!


Small success. Small failure.  :-D

I woke up at 5:10 and the entire house decided to wake up too. Dogs, family...  :lol: Couldn't get back to sleep until after 6AM. I watched the colors behind my eyelids move about until I started losing patience and turned to my side to fall asleep. To my surprise, the opportunity still came! The honing in/pushing out, all from sleeping on my right side. My intention was similar to what you said, EV, that I wanted to learn something. With this in mind I heard what sounded like a woman walking in high heels and suddenly I felt transported to a classroom. I could hear her voice and my presence was noticed to the extent that she sighed in disappointment, like I was late to something, and then proceeded with her lecture. I can't remember much details past this, she gave me an acronym which somehow related to astral projection. I wonder if this is because I am reading a lot of acronyms around the forum  :-D Oh, And the name of a location, Jordan- was the last bit of information I retrieved before it was over. I made the mistake of not writing this down right away. I remember telling myself, "this is an easy thing to remember." I kept repeating it over and over. When I woke up, I thought, I don't want to miss another opportunity. The experience did not last long so rather than write down or research this acronym I tried experiencing another AP which ended up turning into a wild dream about my family.

I think I am going to try to set my alarm a little earlier tomorrow. Another thing is I had the hardest time setting an intention, I wonder if I can just have an experience without one.


Even small steps forward are success.

An experience like this one is much more in the success category than a failure one. You have noticed that much more subtlety and sophistication has just been introduced; but initially you subdivide it into success versus failure, and that is just too severe a criticism. So many of these experiences now happen on very subtle, instinctive levels.

This for me, was a huge moment of rethinking and understanding the depth and levels of complexity to these NP experiences and it took time to realize. Your comments indicate to me at least, that your intuitive feel is developing, such that you are now subdividing your short experience into aspects of success versus failure. I'm not saying that you shouldn't reflect on it this way, but rather I'm suggesting you additionally recognize the "feel" you sense about one aspect versus another. This is your intuition sense and a key sense that is needing development to navigate the Non-Physical Reality. Every time now that you sense some information, realize that it is likely still far deeper than you first thought. It may or may not be, but a twenty minute meditation might sometimes provide more insight.

An example might be to reflect on the insight that you were somehow in a classroom with a teacher imparting information. The details are unimportant right now, your insight was the "feel" that this was a classroom/teacher...another likelihood was the acronym and location...again, the detail of each is not necessary right now but may indicate a slightly complex form of information that was communicated. It's frustrating to not immediately understand the acronym or remember the location, but we have to trust that the information was received on a deeper non-conscious level and frankly that is how some information HAS to be received. This still happens even for very experienced explorers.

The debate about Intent is an ongoing discussion. I think you need an Intent most of the time as it is closely linked to just how the NPR operates with "thought=action" if there isn't something specific you want, again I recommend the default. Sometimes you may find yourself in the Void, or at the tail end of a dream, kind of 'in between worlds' can just sort of idle there and see what shows...learning when and how to go with nothing or a small bit of something is also part of the process and the adventure.

Hope that gives further thoughts,


Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
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Hi Tides, I just want to jump in here and add my 2 cents and back up the great advice and direction you've been getting.

While intent isn't everything necessarily it certainly is very important part of this exploration. May even be the cornerstone. You are doing very well with what appears to me to be a natural instinct on your part. Follow that and trust yourself. Intent provides direction and there are all kinds of ways you can state your intent. Like through meditation, silent thoughts or even verbal self-talk. You can do this at the time of your attempt or at any time.

One of my favorite techniques is to state (out loud when it is appropriate to do so) a few times through out the day what I want to do.. I feel when I do this I am speaking to both my inner and outer consciousness as well to any 'other' who may have their ears on, so to speak. I also consciously let it be known that I will only accept guidance from those who have my or humanities best interest at heart.

This does not mean all my experiences will be rosey. They certainly are not for we travel through both good and bad and must learn to understand and deal with both.

Ev is correct, thought = action and you will hear that over and over again. I've no doubt once you grasp that you will do well, dang you are already doing well.



I'd like to 2nd the part where Nameless suggests intentional verbal self-talk! Affirmations are surprisingly powerful. I think this is what helped get the whole ball rolling for me when I made the decision this was something I wanted to experience. From what I've read, affirmations need to be positive and in the present tense. E.g., instead of saying something like "I won't have any trouble leaving my body," which uses the (negative) word "won't" and is in the future tense, you would say, "I easily leave my body" = present tense and positive (no negatives like won't, can't, don't, blah blah). Speak out loud in a deep resonant voice, every day, with the feeling of gratitude like what you're saying *is already happening* and you're just grateful and *affirming* this thing that is *already happening*. You could pick a certain amount of time, like 10 minutes, 15 minutes, half hour, etc., and speak the affirmation out loud for that time period every single day until you feel like it's "kicked in", as it were. When I started my affirmations, I had a big flash-bang AP probably in only about 6 or 7 days after starting the affirmations. Full on vibrations, energy limbs floating loose, the works. I wasn't even "trying" to get out in that particular moment - I had fallen asleep, and woke up with a start by the crazy vibrations! Like, huh? whaa--OMG it's happening! I was honestly surprised that affirmations were so effective! Give it a whirl =) It may be really helpful for you, too!


Well, thank you all for the wonderful suggestions. Yes, I think we are our harshest critics- growing up has always been a 110%/extreme in any direction, even if it meant regression or self inflicted harm. I have felt the wonder of a gentle and open attitude, and I have felt the Beloved we call Spirit- and in being absorbed in this idea of my self, this immediate"personality/incarnation" do I create a distance from what is otherwise an always open and loving attitude with all of life. I do need to slow down and be grateful for everything. So thank you for the reminder, all. And for the positive affirmation. I have always been drawn towards mystics and alchemist and the insights you share with me are in line with this way of life.

Grumpy, you mentioned not "trying" to get out. Yes, I am almost always exerting force/will in the in-between, pushing or pulling in an attempt to see the energetic limbs detach from the denser form. With the holidays and the increased hours in work, I have opted to give this week a rest. Who knows, I may still be visited by an opportunity. I can tell you I still try to go to sleep now and just observe, which is a fond experience in its own. I am so grateful to have this community, being here among each of you has alleviated a good portion of my fear. And seeing as this is a space I am allowed to share my NP experiences I am going share two from my recent past. My reason for it is, if anyone is interested, that I might get further idea's as to what I am experiencing- and if it is for my self well, I am using this journal as a way to contemplate and express...

This one was different from the usual OBE in that, instead of energetic limbs I witnessed an orb of light which I've since called a miracle orb. I was meditating and ended up laying on my back. I archived this because, well.. See for your self:
Quotei fell asleep at 7:00PM last night. I woke up at 9:00PM to use the restroom. upon falling back asleep something happened...
i was beginning to detach from my body. there were no more thoughts and from a different point of view, in a gray room, all that was visible was a very large and very bright, shining white light. there was no noise coming from this radiating orb. the only noise i heard was the breathing of my body. this giant mass was moving very slowly down towards my body. my breathing was increasing, becoming louder or more apparent. then the orb sank into my chest and upon contact my breath had immediately synchronized with this light. once it touched my body i was flooded with a sensation and chills ran along up and down my spine as my breath carried everything through out my entire body. the feeling here, words can not/should not satisfy... but it was a bliss beyond what i've experienced in a long time. today i intuited the word union. this all happened so quickly(at least, that's what i thought) and once the orb sank into my being i tried to astral project. well as soon as i pulled my ethereal form out of my body i was slammed down back into it by a very heavy weight. i'm not sure but i think, once i began to witness my ethereal form and think more of an, "astral body" noticing a second presence against the orb may have caused some form of doubt which brought a halt to my experience. it could have been because i was beginning to think again as well... who is to say... i woke up so energized though i was ready to stretch and meditate- not tired at all. all of this happened in what felt like a couple minutes or less... well i looked at the clock and it was 10:33PM.
This moment happened July 25th 2018.

Sorry for any poor grammar. Why am I sharing this? GrumpyRabbit mentioned not trying to project but having a wild experience either way. This is the same. I wonder, is this orb actually a raw version of my NP self? However, I had prayed earlier to God for healing and this was the experience that followed. Is this God? It is why I call it a miracle orb. Is anyone here familiar with the 1111 phenomenon? While I don't have specific answer, what I have come to understand is that Spirit is Alive. Life IS. I am one that has been fearful of death and through out my life have experienced, "other side" moments which may be Spirits way in providing answers. I can't say, but the 1111 phenomenon I see as an intelligent force able to manipulate reality in order to acknowledge your innermost thoughts. Or, better coined, consciousness. It goes beyond, "looking for" and "creating something out of nothing" while it may just be that- creation- there are moments that I could not possibly orchestrate without the assistance of a much larger force- larger than the recognition of ones immediate incarnation/shorter lifespan. My other thought is... In my confusion, I tried to project once union was made which ended my experience. I ask if this was a form of my self and maybe I was observing the tail end of the healing experience. In this particular example, trying to exert "my" Will ended up conflicting with the actual NP moment.

There's so much, why would we see our selves as an orb in one instance and as an energetic outline in another? Sometimes we don't see ourselves at all. The second experience I am interested in sharing and gathering additional insight is my most conscious shared astral body experience with a girl named Abigail- very similar to what Nameless shared in her journal. This took place in 2019. I will share it another time. It's a lot and I am just excited. This NP space, the levels of observation, the similarities and the uniqueness. The fine line between subconscious creation and something more. I am feeling the wonder.  :-D


 Tides, the "Orb" had something to show you. Yet, you still attempted to "control" the experience by forcing a "exit". The experience likely ended then and there because you didn't get it's "message"/purpose for the Orb being there in the first place. This is what I mean when I and others here say to "passively observe" and "allow" the experience at hand to evolve how "it" wishes, not how we wish it to. This is just one of the many lessons the NP will teach you if you are open to it. Allow your "curiosity" to take over!  :wink:

You can learn so much more from observing. Trust and just know that it is there to teach you. Communicate with it. Attempt to find out it's purpose. Seeing/witnessing this Orb is a powerful experience in itself!  8-)
"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."  Nicolai Tesla


Agreed with all prior comments. The "orb" was possibly a higher self healing mechanism or from completely outside, doesn't really matter, it was healing...the fact that it sank into your chest where the heart chakra resides...and yes, you probably disrupted it to some degree with your conflicted awareness, but don't worry about it too would you know and most of us have more than one experience like this in our repertoire...this was 2018 and think about how much more you know, sense or 'feel' about it all now...this will continue to increase...

So the trick in all this is a balance between 'observing' and 'participating'...when to watch and when to get is an awkward and imprecise process going forward, so don't immediately doubt your responses...often there are no perfect answers...part of the fun, it seems, lol.
Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
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 I apologize, I didn't catch the date there. You likely have already confronted and moved past that problem! It's part of the process.
Quote from: EscapeVelocity on December 22, 2020, 04:36:45
So the trick in all this is a balance between 'observing' and 'participating'...when to watch and when to get is an awkward and imprecise process going forward, so don't immediately doubt your responses...often there are no perfect answers...part of the fun, it seems, lol.
Back to the lyrics of that famous 38 Special song. "Hold on loosely, but don't let go. If you cling too tightly, you're gonna lose control". Those words basically hold truth in the NP balancing act that we all have had and likely still do experience still today.
"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."  Nicolai Tesla


Woah, very cool orb experience! Sounds very powerful!

OK just a quick sec before I attempt to sleep, to clarify what I meant by "not trying" - Right now I'm sitting here at my desk, and if I "try" to project it's not going to happen. I'm not at the point where I can just decide I want to do it "now", and within short order get out. So, that first experience I described, I was not "actively trying" in that moment. I woke up to the process *already happening* and all I had to do was stay calm, go with it, and not get in the way. I woke up to the train already leaving the station, ya know? I just had to hang on and let it take me for a ride. But the reason that happened (and continued happening) was because I spent the whole week prior setting aside a good chunk of time in my day to do my verbal affirmations with as much conviction as I could muster. I clearly affirmed my intent, my desire, my will, my focus, etc, out loud to my higher self and any other guides or helpers who are out there that this is what I want, I'm ready for this. That's a different kind of "trying" I think - and it was critically important for this shift in my life to happen. And for full disclosure, yes sometimes it does indeed take a bit more "effort/trying" in the moment to have a successful exit. I certainly remember once I managed to get all my energy limbs free, and I'm basically floating completely above my body except darn left foot, which helpfully managed to get itself "stuck" in my physical body. Hurmph. I had to rotate around in the air in all sortsa weird ways to wriggle that sucker outta there LOL


That's awesome Grumpy.

Thank you guys, I will try to be more observant.


I'm a little embarrassed to share this but I haven't read the entirety of switching from physical to np thread and I think this entry has a lot to do with it. I also am finally beginning to realize a distinction between mental creation and forceful chest exertions as I remember most everyone's comment to observe more. I'm logging now because, while I may still have another opportunity to project- I also have to wake up soon for work.

I was having trouble sleeping which I saw as the perfect chance to project. Switched from trying to lay on either side to laying on my back with one arm positioned behind my head. The sensations came on quickly and I heard someone say my name one or two times as I was entering the NP state. Earlier in the day my meditation group had the intention of being visited by a teacher called Monjoronson. This didn't quite happen for me, instead I saw a dark blue light and thought of it as a tall blue crystal because one of our members in the group has experiences with crystals. I told my self he'd definitely contact one of our members and that I might still have an opportunity to meet him in my dreams.
So, without trying, when the opportunity to project presented itself I telegraphed telepathically for Monjoronson. Almost instantly a very tall and blue figure(like an energetic form of a person) appeared in my mental landscape. Broad and bold- much larger than myself. I thought this was him. I grabbed his hand and tried to pull my self out from my body. I couldn't get out. It was like I was stuck up against a wall rendering it impossible to be pulled beyond. I spent some time here trying to get past this energetic wall. I'm not sure what happened to Monjoronson... Then I heard my Mother walking up and whispering something from behind my door. In a paralyzed state I tried to respond to her. I remember feeling the raspiness in my voice as I struggled to speak. She was asking me to do something, but I was so obsessed with this in between state that I tried to tell her no thank you which took multiple attempts to force from out my lungs. Something happened here... Instantly I realized or... I was being shown, none of that was real. Where I had imagined the scene taking place was replaced by a static, fading green light. I wonder if Monjoronson was helping me understand, what everyone here has been trying to help me understand... That is the distinction between using my will to exert a disconnect from this idea of my physical self versus witnessing the mental creation which somehow felt more real because I thought I had no control of what was happening.

When I woke up I thought it was surely 6AM. I went to use the restroom, looked out the window and noticed it was still rather dark. I came back to look at the time and record this in a journal(hand written notation this time) and it was 3:57AM. For that reason I quickly jotted things down and tried to project again... This time, I said, I am going to simply observe. The intention of the meditation group was to ask Monjoronson for a clear example of how we could better serve in ushering an era of Light & Life. I've never made the attempt to speak with this guide before today. A part of me has a hard time connecting with him on a personal level. Considering all things I am ready to put any disbelief aside and try to establish contact/communication. Whatever happens, I need to let the mental landscape show me versus trying so hard to exert will. Still, I thought, I'd need to telegraph that I am asking for instruction/guidance.  

Well, I couldn't get back in it. My mind kept thinking about what just happened and comparing the prospect of having to go to work soon to a desire to write/work this out before the day starts. 4:22AM and I was too restless to slip back in it the NP. I did try forcing a quicker in between state by once again propping my arm behind my head, which seemed to help bring on the onset of a resting body. Slower, quieter and deeper breathing. A relaxed face and a welcoming of the surrender. So I have some idea's of how to slip in this in between state faster.

I wonder who is it that says my name in the beginning of these experiences? Another thought is that I am already in the NP state when that happens, and my mistake is in trying to further project by creating the idea of my body and then creating the idea of separating from it. So there needs to be a shift in consciousness as I become aware of this state. The other thing, which has something to do with the thread I should be reading more of right now... Is in wondering how to remain conscious once the dream/unconscious mind starts to take over. Once I am in this state I seem to have a difficult time in creating something of my own fruition. Or is it that my subconscious mind is still my creation?

Still curious to me is the presence of Monjoronson, and how he somehow went from a distinct form to being an unseen guide illustrating the differences between my attempt to take his hand and exit the body versus creating a life like scenario of my Mother walking up to the bedroom door and trying to communicate from behind it. She was saying something like I need to get up and move about or do something I can't remember(it felt so very real). I believe seeing the fading green light and being woken up from this state had something to do with the guide and in helping me understand what just happened was in fact a mental simulation.


 "Considering all things I am ready to put any disbelief aside and try to establish contact/communication. Whatever happens, I need to let the mental landscape show me versus trying so hard to exert will. Still, I thought, I'd need to telegraph that I am asking for instruction/guidance. "

This is exactly what you need to do. An excellent insight. And the 'asking' is appropriate and works almost automatically, just as you described it.

Whether 'Monjoronson' actually was involved is another issue entirely, but it is likely that you did open communication to some beneficial just have to take some of these experiences on faith, so to speak...and figure them out later...sometimes

" I wonder who is it that says my name in the beginning of these experiences? Another thought is that I am already in the NP state when that happens, and my mistake is in trying to further project by creating the idea of my body and then creating the idea of separating from it. So there needs to be a shift in consciousness as I become aware of this state."

Hearing your name is a 'prompt' of some sort; you can guess from where it comes. The rest of your statement is an entirely accurate assessment of your situation and a very important understanding of how you move forward. You don't have to make a shift from already have! This IS the new state!

It is this realization that is often too simple and too obvious to will get it, and then smack yourself upside the head, lol.

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
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Sorry about the previous, I am still crap about quoting...grrr...

Okay, I put quotes in...
Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
                                                          -O. Wilde


Thanks! You aren't kidding! I've had dreams follow me from 2008 that still guide me today. 10 years later in fact I'd receive truer insights to them all.

Considering my beliefs about consciousness and a living Spirit I believe I did encounter Monjoronson. I believe consciousness is not limited to a physical body but may operate outside the organ we call a brain.

I believe the subconscious and other worldly experiences coexist- and the depth, breadth, width of this realm we experience in the non physical is mysterious. Being here has given me confidence to say we're all explorers of this unknown- pioneers of consciousness.

I think it human to solely identify consciousness with the immediate dense/material body and in this way confuse our own definitions and distinctions even our identity. I am starting to believe the subconscious mind is not limited to this personality/incarnation- in other words, the mind is not just your brain. Perhaps it is more appropriate to simply say subconscious... ?

We are our human bodies and we are so much more. It may be the human experience is far greater than the definitions we manage to create. I also understand relevance and a subjective nature.

The other night I had the discussion with my friend, thanks to having a community like this, and I am in love with the phrase NP experience. This last entry and what others here share highlights my struggle with trying to project- imagining a separate physical body in the minds eye- it is not that this is wrong, but it may be an extra effort not always necessary. Because I've had beautiful experiences imagining my energetic limbs and have successfully had projections in this way. It has also been my entry point into this entire explorative process.

It would seem our experiences match our temperament but that the nature of reality is even more astounding than that. All beautiful miracles... I believe in a living Spirit and that its guidance can communicate to us at almost any dynamic.

What I guess I am getting at is, I am feeling open to the wonder and the expansion... At this point in my personal reality, I have no desire in telling someone what is right or what is wrong and instead thoroughly enjoy the possibilities of it all.

Please know I am not saying you or anyone here has done this with me, no I am speaking in ways that help me understand the delicate and intrinsic nature of ones internal dialogue with the external world. While having this conversation with my friend, a streak of white light was made manifest. On rare occasion... in a completely awake state, I've witnessed manifestations from this astral plane here in front of me. A white feather to appear then disappear. Or to see misshapen translucent orbs playfully chase each other or streaks of light and splotches over people and things. I believe this all has something to do with that coexistent nature and what we've also called astral projection.

What is really fascinating is when the external world manipulates itself in order to acknowledge you. I am talking about things you have no control over speaking directly to you. It makes you question the nature of reality and for me, has become faith affirming.

My friend would sing this song to me in my adult years... Maybe you remember it?
Row, row, row your boat... :)