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David McCready banned - why?

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So why has all of Mr. McCready's posts been removed and the person banned from posting?

I think that all information about these topics should not be blocked and he was giving away 'his' method and views also for free. Despite a possible sales pitch linked to DVDs offering a deepening of his methods I assume that many would have had benefited from his posts and vids alone. This includes me.

This information (!) is missing now on the forum. Other authors and tutors are promoted here too with their work and info. He should have a right to do this and every reader should have a right to decide if it is sth for them or not.

I am a bit appalled by this dictatorial measure. Are we really into disallowing freedom of speech here? It seems so. Then this is not the place for me to be anymore, I'm afraid. This is not acceptable. I have to consider leaving. I'm deeply worried about the direction this forum seems to be taking.

Again: this is not about agreeing or disagreeing with his views or methods. I had some questions and criticisms myself (I still believe it was similar to what Bruce Moen does).

This is just my great concern about blocking free flow of information of any kind that should not be done, under no circumstances. It would be understandable had it been complete BS, but I do not have the impression it was. Some people might have discovered value in his suggestions, methods, views. I discovered that they help me indeed for better meditation (just my pov and experience) - this alone was worth reading his posts. I also clicked out during meditation which I had not done before. So there was / is sth to it.

I really would like to see an answer by the one(s) who decided to block and ban him and the exact reasons given. (Not by pm please, it should be an open discussion imv, at least that should be allowed still, true?  :| ).

Many thanks in advance.


I appreciate the concern Volgerle, and I definitely see where it is coming from. I generally speak out against censorship here.

Normally I don't care to discuss other member accounts openly, but I agree this is a somewhat public matter.

I don't have an issue with David the person, but what I will say is that we came to the consensus that David was using his presence here chiefly to advertise, and did so it a very robotic fashion. Everything he said came out as a sort of pre-scripted PR-message for his materials. He even had other members provide testimonials in a format identical to his posting style at one point. I don't have a problem with people who drop a mention of a book or product. David was apparently here to do only that. We asked him several times to dial back the advertisement, and he was told several times that he was free to stay here and interact with others if he dropped the world-authority and salesman combo and just related as a person. He was apparently unwilling to do so.

I will stress that we are not hostile to David's ideas, but due to the lack of tact and his propensity to ignore reasonable requests he showed here, it proved difficult to have him around.
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As a note, generally we don't discuss moderator actions publicly.
However, as Stillwater pointed out, this is kind of a public concern.

We discussed this to great lengths before action was taken.   The action wasn't taken lightly either.

This simply isn't the place if your looking to SELL your overpriced methods.


The discussion on light Astral Projection was interesting to follow and it seemed to consist of some worthy information.

it is quite understandable if he was asked to "dial back the advertisement, ... the world-authority and salesman combo" as he did come across like that but i was looking past that to extract any useful ideas.

It's unfortunate that he was unwilling to dial this back because some of his ideas and explanations were well worth contemplation and exploration. 

Thanks mods for explaining and Volgerle for asking the question.


It was obvious from the start that he was making a sales pitch. We (the mods) were even able to guess in advance the progression of his tactics (mostly thanks to Lion since he was a salesman in the past).

David proved our assumptions true at every step and it reached it's apex when he started adding members (that sounded suspiciously like David himself) that were given testimonials to how great his "system" worked, which we also correctly guessed would happen.

It had nothing to do with his techniques and everything to do with his sales pitch. He was even asked to allow one of our members to have a free (if not free, than at a reduced price) training seminar. Volgerle, I know you think he was giving away his techniques for free but he wasn't. He was relentless with his comments about how much easier his techniques would be if he personally guided you through them. He was only giving away enough info to peak our members curiosity on the off chance that it would be enough to entice one to pay for a one-on-one.

We understand that everyone should be compensated for their work but since David was claiming that he could help a beginner with no former knowledge or practice quickly project while consciously awake, we felt that since he was making an incredible claim, he should also be willing to prove it without a hefty price.

It's not my place to say this but I will anyway. In pm's between David and Xanth, David was trying to "show" Xanth how he can make this into a money making opportunity. Is that really what you want the Pulse to become?

I don't agree with removing his posts and I'm not sure how that came about but knowing David's money oriented mindset, the removals may have been made at his request. This was not censorship and was a hard decision to make. I hope that everyone who was enjoying his posts will understand this.
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Quote from: Astralzombie on May 20, 2014, 14:50:19
It's not my place to say this but I will anyway. In pm's between David and Xanth, David was trying to "show" Xanth how he can make this into a money making opportunity. Is that really what you want the Pulse to become?
100% true.
He suggested that I could expand my current FREE book to multi-hundred pages in length... keep the 60 page one free and sell the 300+ page one.

While I will say that I would love to be able to make a career out of this... a single book won't support and beyond that, I want what I teach to remain free. 

Everyone can learn to Project and it doesn't cost a dollar if you stick with us.  :)


If you read his free 72 page book, which I did and watched any of his many free youtube videos, which I also did, you would have found out that they were all based on theory. Technique had to be paid for.

I have nothing wrong with paid programs. I have used them as well. But, I do have a problem with a person preaching under the guise that they came here soley for the purpose of aiding others out of the kindness of his heart, as we do everyday here.

I actually agreed with many of his theories. As I have found them to be truths myself. But I didn't agree with his approach.

The straw that broke the camels back was when "new members" were showing up referencing David in exactly the same style of writing that David used. That's marketing 101 there. I also subscribed to his website and found that because of it, I received a Spam message EVERY DAY coaxing me on further. That's wayyyyyyyyy too aggressive for my personal liking.

Anyone that still wishes his help can find it via his website here.