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help to understand this new system .

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Allo :-D :wink:
I am new here and still trying to figure out how to post photos. Everthing I try is getting me nowhere. very hard for me to understand the jargon of any forum or any social media places as a matter of fact , with many mistakes and pushing button I managed before on the EIC but here its not so simple . Is there anyone here willing to guide me on the how. I will be so grateful. don't forget I am still heart broken to have lost my platform for posting my fun adventures....just joking but then again not really....Jeez!!!!  :| What am I going to do.... HELP :oops: :cry:... :roll: ...I think I will like the emoji ... a bit small but still very effective :-D :-D :-D 
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You cannot just upload pics to this forum.  You have to post them elsewhere and than enter the link to them in the 'upload ' process.  For example, my internet service provider provides me a personal account where I can store pics.  I than enter the link to those pics when I am trying to 'upload ' a photo to this forum.  Hope that helps. 
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T-Man is correct, the "upload" feature has been shut down for a long time now.
You'll need to upload your photos elsewhere and then link to them here using the [ img ] [/ img ] tags (remove spaces, place link in between them).
That'll do it.  :)


One of the most popular image hosting sites I see used:


Thanks for the help , that sounds easy enough, ok I will try and come back to post and introduce myself soon. You all sound very knowledgeable about posting and all ,  :roll:it's reassuring to know this because I so much like to share here my tarot cards , maybe Runes and many other things that relates to this synchronized journey and probably more things that is definitely fitting here. I look forward to know you all and have great conversations on subjects that do relates to astral traveling , hard to draw the line were it ends when  becoming more aware is the goal .  I also will go look at some of your post to be more familiar everyone.
Thanks so much...