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Something very strange is happening with my Journal, suddenly the number of visits per minute increases and no one is seeing it, could it be a problem in the configuration? I enter and I see that there is only one guest/member (me) but when I leave it seems that about 10 people have seen it, it goes up and up... :-o
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Well, maybe it's just some user having fun and clicking like maniac? since in less than half an hour it had three hundred visits and there aren't even that many people here, what crazy things. Although I don't think anyone has the patience to do that... I remember that in another forum there was that problem, where each visit was multiplied by 5. Well, if tomorrow it reaches a million, let's not be scared LOL. :-P My journal went crazy, how scary.
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Hi Tak,

A few glitches here and there make for interesting introspection!  :-D


And the ghost visits don't stop going up... :roll:  just in case, I'll go into my bank account to see if the money has also increased HAHA. Well, if this doesn't stop, Xanth can hide the views, If this is possible, I give permission!. It doesn't bother me at all not to see my visits, in fact I think I even prefer it that way! If it continues like this tomorrow will be more than ten thousand.

Oh Yes, Tides! A lot to think about, it happened to both of us.

I don't want to be popular :cry: (Puts a box on her head) LOL.
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Oh hmmmm... yes, that's kinda strange.

We get a lot of bots browsing for some reason - I ban entire IP ranges of them and then a few months later they switch to a new one, but I feel like that's not really the issue here.

Perhaps the SMF team will have a patch for it eventually. 

But yeah, other than hiding the view count, there isn't much I can do about it sadly. 


No worries, Xanth! I really don't know anything about programming or websites to understand what is happening. It makes me laugh that it only affects my Journal, or maybe others too but I haven't realized that. The numbers keep going up and up... If this at any point negatively affects the forum statistics, you can hide the visits! I leave it completely in your hands, for me any option that you consider the most appropriate is fine.

Thank you so much!  :-)
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" I'll go into my bank account to see if the money has also increased HAHA."

Yahoo !! Ghosts !!

laughter... the BEST .. no prescription needed :):

ty dear Tak