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No option to delete old posts

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The help files say to "click the Modify button" but there isn't one or it isn't working. It's to the right of Quote on new posts, but missing on old posts.;page=post#modify

I can't use the Report to moderator link because it gives an error that I cannot report myself.

And yes, I'm logged in.


We've had issues with people deleting EVERYTHING they've posted in the past... so we've disabled the ability of members to delete their posts.
You also get a set amount of time to "edit" your posts, I believe we have it set to 72 hours right now.

Yes, you can not report yourself.  That is working as intended.

If you have a specific question about a thread or anything else of the nature you're talking about, please PM myself or a moderator and we'll try to help.  :)