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Title: Free Energy
Post by: Fenris on May 27, 2002, 04:33:27
This is like those debates I started... but intelectual

Ok Ashfo, Im all for science, I like to think an analyse in a scientific way. And I dont mind a good conspiracy theory either. So here is my mind asking you- where is the proof.

While I acknowledge the existance of subtle energies (which we all love to manipulate), I do not see how they can be converted into electrical energy.

Please elaborate, or attach a link to someone who can.


Veni Vidi Vici

Title: Free Energy
Post by: cainam_nazier on May 27, 2002, 10:41:45
The reason Free Energy is not more common than it is.

But first to start a fight.

Governments -  Governments are not preventing the use of free energy because of the reasons you may think.  And I will explain later.  But in general the governments that be see free energy as a problem more than a solution.  

Corporations - They aren't as big of a problem as you may think either.  Most of them have the money to switch or put into free energy very easily.  Oil companies would most likely make the switch into FE with out too much hesitation while taking only a small hit in profits durring the conversion only and after much money is to be made in the way of new tools, gadets, and devices that the normal populas does not have because of the cost of production which would be driven down with FE.

The Wealthy and Banks.  I do not see where they play a big role in this.  Banks and such would prosper more from FE because it would give the average person more money to play/invest with.

  Now the real reasons I see FE not becoming more prevalent are as follows.  

The first major problem with a lot of the various ways for FE is cost.  The up front cost of a full conversion is a hefty some.   Granted the money would be made back very quickly but on average people do not look at the long term only the bottom line cost.

second.  I know every ones biggest misconception about FE would be the availablilty of car and other vehicles afterwards.  Well yes cars and such would become very cheep and every one would be able to own one with out polution, the need for gasoline, and several other reasons.  But the problem with this is the fact that everyone would have one.  You may think that traffic is bad now, but try giving a car to every person you say walking down the street.  A solution has to made for this first.  Mass transite needs to become more available and used before a switch would be made.

The last being that the switch can not occure slowly.  It will need to be done on an over night deal.  This would be the only real way you would get people and companies to make the switch.  Naturally I do not mean over night over night but rather with in five years.  and slow intigration say a ten to twenty year plan would cause major problems.  Much like now.  Those being things like electric cars.  People don't use them mostly because there are few places besides a persons home that you can charge them.  That kind of slow intigration makes things impossible.  People want easy!  Plain and simple.  Why wait when you can use something else now.

In time when other things become more available and possible we will see FE.  And I do believe that for most of us Gen-X'ers we will see it in our life time.  But not with in the next 15-20 yesrs.

David Rogalski

Title: Free Energy
Post by: Qui-Gon Jinn on May 27, 2002, 16:14:55
Free energy is a fact, and has been for at least...  I wonīt go into numbers nor pretend to know the exact numbers, but for a significant part of the later 20th Century.

    I could go on and on with the reasons why I think FE hasnīt been brought to daylight, but that would take up most part of this evening so... wonīt go there.

One source you may wanna do some research from if you have an interrest in FE,  is - very suitable name by the way, the president of this company, being "space energy access systems" (seas) is btw Steven M Greer, the founder of Disclosure Project...

Seek, and you will find....   applies to all in life.

   Be well //Qui-Gon

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Title: Free Energy
Post by: Rob on May 27, 2002, 18:00:33

Actually free energy devices should be quietly trickling onto the open markets in under a years time, half a year from now hopefully.
For more info my favourite site always has been:
They have just recieved their first patent:
...and have 2 more pending. The above .pdf link even has a diagram and explanations! I am told there are other devices coming out at around the same time, but don't know much about them.
I have seem so many pictures, designs, etc on the web for free energy devices. I have also heard stories about inventors being assasinated, inventions being stolen by terrorist groups like the Japanese Yakuza, and much more. These things do exists, and have been around since Tesla discovered them about 100 years ago now. The US government has known about them since at least the 60-70's, and the Russian government even earlier (excet they weaponised the technology). The technology has also been heavily proven by quantum physicists for tens of years, there have even been Nobel prizes awarded for peoples work in this area. Also using zero-point energy theories, f=ma has been proven - there is actually an article on the astral pulse all about this. Which is quite a hell of a big thing.

So the physics of free energy can be proven using quantum mechanics, its just that the electrical engineers are so damn slow and stupid they refuse to give up their classical, massively flawed, 100 year old theories. What is actually going on is that, in a similar way to how mass and enegy are interchangeable, so time can be converted to energy. A strange concept I know but thats how it seems to work. This is not to say the people who think it is converting energy from either are wrong, just looking at it from a different angle. I think it is also explained as converting energy from the imaginary 4th dimension (time domain) in spacial 3 dimension So like a windmill is powered by "invisible" energy, same with zero point energy devices, you just can't "see" where the energy is coming from.

Well, I am certainly looking forward to buying one anyway - I have a nice idea that I want to be the first to fit one into a car! - btw the size of cars would dramatically decrease too, for obvious reasons. I do not believe that traffic would be too much of a problem, I mean, you could easily fit the technology into say bikes, and the next logical step if you have practicaly infinite energy is flying cars. Can't wait!!! Anti-gravity devices are also being researched in America, Japan and to a lesser extent England. They have managed to decrease gravitational forces by 12% last I heard, so we are getting there.
Again I do not believe cost is too much of a problem (the technology for the most party already exists), one of the main obstacles as I see it is that research scientists are on the whole in the pockets of the corporations, who generally have no interest in researching said technology. Be kinda like shooting themselves in the foot, once you have sold someone one, they won't need another for maaaany years. Government is another big suppressor, I am not entirely sure why, but likely comes down to power and conspiracies. Oh yeah and general arrogance/ignorance of the entire scientific community, thats quite a big one too....

All IMO but....we are heading for interesting times however you look at it!


Title: Free Energy
Post by: Ashfo on May 28, 2002, 04:46:32

Governments have to promote FE at least in a small way incase somehow an uncontrolled news agency got wind of it and suddenly the thing became major, at least the government could say "oh we're doing something" and let it all blow over.

Corporations are a problem. I suggest reading the link I added at the bottom of my post. And when I say oil companies... well, they would be bust. Entirely. Why create mass FE in a plant and then build expensive wires to send it everywhere when you can just have a personal FE machine at your home?

As for wealthy families and banks, look at the website again. I cant be bothered typing it all out :)

Where do you get your figures that make you think the conversion would be a hefty sum? I am certain that for the amount it costs to build an oil rig, pull out the oil, process it and ship it off to wherever the dollar to Watt ratio would be much higher for creating FE machines - especially because the Wattage never actually runs out. FE isn't expensive in comparison to the money being spent on oil extraction these days.

Most Western people have cars anyway right? The price would most likely change very little, the difference would only be in maintenance cost.. ie no petrol for FE cars. And as Inguma pointed out, with FE processes being refined more and more electricity could be created at such a rate that flying cars or personal flying machines would be viable.

And as to your last point... Why shouldn't it happen overnight? From the prices I have heard on protoype FE machines, the machine would pay itself off in less than 6months. And thats on a protoype - not a mass produced consumer-geared product. Like I pointed out above, if the cost of extracting, say, 10million barrels of oil is somewhere in the region of 5billion, much more energy would be produced in the same time as extracting the oil would take in a 2billion bollar FE plant. Not even taking into account the fact that the FE plant would continue working theoretically forever.

Thanks for all the links posted, very good sites :)

Oooh, and one more thing to think about...

If matter cannot be created or destroyed, and energy is matter, and energy can be created.... Then matter can be created, throwing the entire physics world into a mess because the first law of thermodynamics is infact not a law.

Inguma were you relating to the physics model which was thrown out the door in about the 1890s for the current one? I read a little on it but got completely confused.. However it seems like many have done the research and the old Physics theory created partially by Tesla, for memory, is about as close to a Grand Unified Theory as the world has seen... it explains many things that the current Physics model simply dismisses as phemonema or an exception.

To anyone interested.....

- Ashfo

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Title: Free Energy
Post by: WalkerInTheWoods on May 28, 2002, 11:08:52
This is a very interesting topic. I never heard of this before.

About traffic:
Unless you live in a small town then traffic is already a problem. Everyone I know has a car. Most kids get cars as soon as they turn 16, atleast in my area. I would say that atleast 90% of the population around me has a car. Traffic should be the least of our worries. Yes it is a problem but with more and more cars on the road pollution should be a major concern. I live close to the Smokie Mountains and pollution can get very bad there with all the tourists. They advise people with asthma (sp?) to stay away during the busy season. So this would work wonders for our environment.

This will most likely never happen. Why? Because as someone stated earlier, once they have sold you one you do not need to get another one for a long time. Unless they can fix it that it will only work for  a short amount of time. This is just like light bulbs, they can and have made light bulbs that will last forever. But this is bad business. Once you have sold someone one then they will not need to buy anymore unless they should have an accident and break it. So they make them so they will only last so many hours.

The government will not be able to regulate or tax this like they can gasoline. Do you know that about 1/3 of the price of gas is taxes, more or less depending on where you live. (This is in the US) Also the politicians get paid a lot of money from the oil companies. Do not tell me that Bush is not in the oil companies pockets. So the government is definately not going to push FE anytime soon, maybe after all the oil has dried up.

Again oil companies do not want this change. Sure they could get the technology and profit from it themselves, but they are making a killing off oil right now so there is no motivation to do so. It is easier to just pay off politicians to stop its progress.

As someone has stated this seems to go agains the laws of physics. Even though it is possible many people do not like change. So they will try to discredit it and keep it down and out of the public eye. All this just so they do not have to question their "natural laws" or change their ways of life.

Maybe after our ecology has collapsed and money does not talk as much then we will see this. But this does not seem to be something that is good for the greedy companies that run our world.


Title: Free Energy
Post by: Tom on May 28, 2002, 15:15:35
Even when we do not need to burn oil for energy, we will still be making plastics, drugs, dyes, explosives, and many other things from oil. Nanotechnology would be enough to free us from depending on oil for producing chemicals, and hundreds of millions of dollars have already been spent to develop it. What all of this seems to be getting closer to (in my opinion) is shaping both matter and energy directly through thought.


Title: Free Energy
Post by: Frank on May 28, 2002, 15:52:06

Err... it's energy that cannot be created or destroyed... not matter.



Title: Free Energy
Post by: Tom on May 28, 2002, 17:32:42
Matter and energy are able to change from one to the other. Energy has been converted to matter, if you count experiments where pairs of particles have appeared in a vacuum. The odd thing is that particles and their antiparticles seem to be produced in equal quantites and then they go in opposite directions.


Title: Free Energy
Post by: Ryno on May 28, 2002, 20:12:45
I don't know how many of you know who Nikola Tesla is but he was an absolute genius mind. He is the inventor of the AC current which all of us use in modern homes today for our electricity. He made many inventions that drew electricity from the air around us. If you check the United States Patent office records, he applied for many patents on motors that ran off of unseen forces. When Tesla approached Westinghouse and some of the other electric companies of the time with these wonderful free electricity inventions, They shot his ideas down saying " thats great but how do we charge people for something that is free". Free Power is A reality!


Title: Free Energy
Post by: Ashfo on May 27, 2002, 04:16:40
Free Energy exists, of that I have no doubt.

I have seen it myself working in one of Dr Adams (NZ scientist) machines - this particular one required 10W to keep it going and created 210W - obviously creating "Free Energy" equal to 200W.

Some questioned as to why if FE truly exists it hasnt been exposed, and the answer is quite simple. There are four huge obstacles in the way of FE:
* Governments
* Corporations
* Wealthy Families & Central Banking Ins.
* Every single one of us

Expanding slightly; Governments want oil. They get huge revenue off it and in NZ something like 7% of all tax is collected off petrol. Corporations, obviously oil (but generally all) make money off oil. Wealthy Families and Central Banking Ins., cant really be bothered explaining.. it's on the link below. And every single one of us, because as citizens we dont push for the exposure of the FE devices and its implementation in general.

I agree that the terminology "Free Energy" is most probably incorrect as the energy must (probably) come from somewhere, however I am not saying it really must. We simply dont know enough about the universe to guess such things.

As a sidenote, some FE experimenters think that it taps into the "Aether" field or some such.. though I haven't really gone that far into it :)

- Ashfo

oops, forgot to add the URL... here it is:

"You are First Cause. You are a portion of the great energy. And you, yourselves are thought manifestations of what you think you are."