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Title: Needing hel
Post by: Fenris on May 28, 2002, 08:06:54
Hi Angel, and welcome to the Astral Pulse!

I know my adopted dad is into witch craft and black magic and he is very mean to me he abused me as a child. I have not had contact with him in years. Is it possible hes sending me bad vibes?

To answer bluntly...Yes, it is possible that he is sending negativity your way.

This however would however require that he has the motivation to do it. Basicaly to psychicly attactk someone requires time, energy and effort. And if you have not seen him for years than you would have to have given him reason to have such a grudge at present.

How can you find out if its him?

Some people are sensitive to where energy comes from and can just tell who has sent it. I cant, and to be honest I dont know how to find out if it is him. If it is a person at all. But at the end of the day does it really matter who it is? You just want it to end.

So what do I do about it?

Well firstly before we jump to wild conculsions you should analyse yourself and make sure that the problem is not growing from within you. It is very easy to balme depression on psychic attack once you are made aware of the concept. See a doctor, it could even be your diet.

There is no harm in the mean time however with using some clensing rituals that appeal to you (search the web and look in spiritual and magical sites) and some basic protection rituals, for eg the lesser banishing ritual of the pentergram- LBRP (ditto with the web search)

It is possible to use magic to reflect energy back to its sender, there are just so many ways to do this. But if that is not your area than it is not much good to you.

My advice is to definately see a doctor.

 "My mom astrals to me alot " - not sure what you ment here

best regards and be sure to post with developments


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Title: Needing hel
Post by: Ides315 on May 28, 2002, 14:09:45
Hi, Bjays_angel

Some stuff I have learned

1 Read everything about defense on this site!

2 If the energy is sent, or created by your situation, it becomes a self feeding circle. Try to put yourself in a positive mind frame anytime you can. Look for what triggers it, and ask yourself why. You can attract negs by having bad vibes coming from you. And to feed themselves they will try to keep you negative.

3 Start doing NEW. I found when I did that, started shielding, and looking for the signs I was able to repel alot, working myself out of the circle.

4 Something a friend who is helping us strongly suggested was keep a candle (I prefer white) burning all the time. This should diffuse some to all of the energy sent by a person. It depends on the strength of the aggressor. But KNOW it will work.

5 I don't know your religous backround, but there is alot of help there. We use a mantra, that we recite (vibrate if you know how), and have on continuous play. "Kodeesh Kodeesh Kodeesh Adonai Saboth" It means roughly Holy, Holy, Holy, God is. It is Hebrew, and is phonetically correct. This has leant quite abit of energy to attachment removal. Also memorizing certain Psalms (Robert lists some), or I had strong reactions with the Lords Prayer. It may be hard to memorize anything from the Bible if you have attachments, but work at it. Once in memory it should have some good effects.

Read through other stuff in this forum, alot of advice was given, that should be helpful. There are many people more talented than myself here.

Best wishes


Title: Needing hel
Post by: kakkarot on May 29, 2002, 01:48:16
are you psionically active? can you differentiate between the forms of energy? cause i was thinking if you could, then maybe you can figure out if it was/is psionic, magick, chi, or another form of energy. if not (or even if so), could you please describe more accurately ALL the effects that you can see/sense/feel/etc of the attack? (ie does your stomach get nauseous, headache, does your mind become a jumble of useless thoughts and feelings, do you feel a wave of mental or energetic force?) anything that might help us understand is something that could help us help you.



p.s. if it is your father, would you like some help re-directing the attack at him?  :)

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Title: Needing hel
Post by: Tyrone on May 29, 2002, 04:40:35
If I may offer some advice,  I do not mean to go against anyone else's advice, just sift through and see what resonates truth to you.

I will tell you this, this type of attack is only what you make of it.  It is one of those things that can only scare you, and try to react within you.  You see, it is you that is the powerful force.  It is you that has the creative force within you.  This is what is trying to be stimulated, only in the opposite direction than it should.  If you indundate your life with this, and go through the symptoms, raging from depression to violence to plain madness, you will only manifest this with your own creative force, and, well, give it the strength that it needs to continue...

Try this, next time you feel this presence, laugh!  Point, and laugh, there is nothing it can do!  It can only scare you, that is all!  It is the most petty thing that only you can turn into a destructive thing.  If you do need a little extra, yes do light that candle, anything but red or black, and that will pierce through the darkness and call your white army.  Sometimes though, you must plain voice it.  There is so much around you to help you, trying to get through, but it sometimes doesn't know when you are attacked.  Just whisper something along the lines of, address your guardianship of the mind; "Oh geez, its too much, I can't take this, please I need help to rid me of this darkness, please cleanse me."

Simple as that, just believe in yourself.  I would caution you on trying to fight back with sending this back, as that is what it feeds off of, what would make you any better by attacking back?

bless your heart



Title: Needing hel
Post by: PeacefulWarrior on May 29, 2002, 14:42:25
I dont have much advice to offer you, but I did want to ask you aboutn your mom coming to you...can you see her with your "astral sight" or in other words can you see her when you are awake?  Please elaborate!

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Title: Needing hel
Post by: kakkarot on May 29, 2002, 15:12:16
(i am assuming for now that this is an attack of some sort. if it isn't then most of these methods should still work, and there are others that will work as well.)

i would like to take this opportunity to disagree with tyrone. any type of attack can be turned into something lethal if the person making the attack is powerful enough. fear it if you want, however, you must take a stand against it. do not just ignore it. try to disperse it and set up shields around your house. ask someone to help you if you can't do it on your own.

i know someone who has personally told me that he once accidentally killed someone (years ago) because the person had ticked him off so much that he let his energy attack the person without restraint. so you should realize that this may not be as harmless are tyrone says it is. from the sounds of it, it isn't potentially deadly right now, but if the person instagating it is powerful enough, they can make it so fairly easily.

first, try what tyrone says. try laughing at it and ignoring it. try playing happy music throughout your house all the time. try lighting some candles and maybe invoking some friendly spirits. try tai chi for a day or two and see if that does anything for you. get a friend to cheer you up, go to fun dances or a library. libraries are usually calm places and it may let you calm yourself enough to focus on diffusing the energy.

also, i think it was somewhere on this board, i read somewhere where someone was being attacked by some people that the person didn't know. so, the person attacking you might be some random jerk out for "fun". don't take it lightly. find some info about shielding and reflecting and USE it. try meditating and putting up personal shields and defenses.

as to "why attack back", well, from my stand point, if someone attacks me, they deserve to get hurt themselves.


knowledge is power.

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Title: Needing hel
Post by: Tyrone on May 30, 2002, 04:06:41
Oh geez karot,  Do you think that that is what you would want to hear at such a time of despair?!  Honestly, this is my whole thrust behind my posts.  It is this exact same attitude that either develops a curse or not.  If you feed it with your fear, and you add your creative force to it (if you build it, they will come) then you will be disturbed and bludgeoned until the cows come home.  That is why some people sell off every part of their personal belongings and give away tens of thousands of dollars to fake psychics in an attempt to rid themselves of this, while others don't have time in their life to deal with such nuances, and are therefore basically unaffected.  

Everything you ever need is within you or can be accessed through you.  You can find your way though this, but the fear will keep you in the darkness.


ps. yes the shields and mirrors are great in combination with a white light around yourself.


Title: Needing hel
Post by: Grenade01 on May 30, 2002, 05:11:28
I agree with Tyrone to some extent
But then I also think there is legitamately strong attacks that go beyond preying on our fears
I just dont think there are very many people in the world at this time that can accomplish this type of attack

so thats why I somewhat agree with Tyrone
It seems a lot of attacks are simply preying upon our fear and self fullfilling prophecy
(what you believe will come true does)

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Title: Needing hel
Post by: kakkarot on May 30, 2002, 15:16:58
fine tyrone, how 'bout i add to it.

trust your defenses. if you put up defenses, stop fearing for your safety. trust that what you have done is working. calm yourself. calmness will lay rest to great troubles. do as tyrone says and try to do away with the fearful aspects of the attack.

if the attack comes on more powerfully, do NOT start to fear it. not because fear fuels it more (whether it does or not i don't know), but because fear causes errors and misjudgements to be made. with a clear mind and a firm resolve your ability to use power increases greatly compared to when you are afraid. so, i am contradicting myself when i said earlier "fear it if you want". however i still maintain that you must take a stand against it.

and Bjays_Angel, if you want help performing an action rather than just asking for knowledge and advice, then please ask. (are you even still checking this board?)


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Title: Needing hel
Post by: Tyrone on May 30, 2002, 21:48:36
..karot; That was beautiful!  Once you get away from the fear, the rest will fall into place, there's hardly anything more powerful then righteous anger.  Aslong as you maintain anger for the dark, not anger against the attacker to the point of retaliating, since though that you would only be calling on the dark.  ie, judge the actions, but the entity, cuz you never know...

Fear, and guilt are the two worst emotions that keep your soul from evolving and from rising to the light.



Title: Needing hel
Post by: Nita on June 01, 2002, 16:22:59
Hi Tyrone
   Those were really good responses. I also like sprinkling herbs in the corners for protection and to bring in good influences. The prayers mentioned can be used with the herbs.
   That was really inspiring on anger against the dark and not against the attacker. Any attacker has problems or they wouldn't be doing it in the first place. They have the very things they fear the most end up attacking them.


Title: Needing hel
Post by: distant bell on June 01, 2002, 17:11:02
Pleas peopel!
I don´t want to come of as an  a-hole here, but I have to
say on thing. In most cases it is not a psychic/magical assult!!
Before you start go around beliving that you are under an attac-
try to look WERY closely if the reason behinde the negative feelings
you have might have some other source. If it isn´t an attac ( which
it usually isn´t..) then defending yourselfe against it will only have the
opposit effect and make you even more paranoid.

Why should there always be black magickans involved in avery bad
thing that happens? The percentage of the population that have the power
to do an magical assult is wery low. And magickal attacs take loads of work
and time as Fenris said- so people don´t just do it for fun.
The kind of people who would do such a thing for fun probably would never have the ability to gain such powers anyway. Learning magick is lots of hard work...

-- Love is the Law - Love under Will --

Title: Needing hel
Post by: Tyrone on June 02, 2002, 22:36:22
distant bell;  I just want to mention a couple of things.  Psychic attacks happen as simply as someone being jellous of you at work..  bang, your in negative attention.  This isn't a demonic evil attack, it is a psychic attack.  Most people who project and find themselves here, are sensitive enough to pick that up.  However these people are also so sensitive that if they do not really understand the weapons and the type of strength that something or someone can use against them, then they will actually ascimilate a true attack from little provocation.  Its true there are very few 'black magicians' but most people hurt other people and they do not even know it.  To have ways of protecting yourself doesn't denote you paranoid, actually I would tend to think it would ease you.  There is a certain euphoria that accompanies some defenses that you put up, and that initself is a reason to do it and stick with it.  Its like going up north, and wearing extra clothes.

lets not forget where we are.. "hell on earth.."



Title: Needing hel
Post by: Nita on June 03, 2002, 04:32:11
Hi Tyrone
   I have found that whether you are being attacked or not using some of the herbal and other defenses increase the flow of positive energy. It is the reason Feng Shui and some of the other things for freeing energy works. It is to make the person feel better and feel that good things will happen in their space. It mentally brightens a person up.
   You are correct in saying that you get a big mental boost from these things.I also want to mention that if anyone ever does send negative thoughts at you then it will be cleared out and you still have the nice energy in your space.


Title: Needing hel
Post by: kakkarot on June 03, 2002, 15:01:33
tyrone: "Psychic attacks happen as simply as someone being jellous of you at work.. bang, your in negative attention". that isn't an attack. it is just that, as you said later, you are feeling negative thoughts that are about you. its something that happens because the other person can't control their energy or their mind enough to stop themself from throwing out "negativity" towards you. it isn't intentional. however, when someone chooses to attack you, and then does so, that is a different story.

distant bell:learning magick isn't that hard for everyone. my first, and only, attempt at a magick spell was when there was a horrible snow storm going on where i live. the storm was being caused by a bunch of pranksters in a neighboring city, and another bunch of pranksters were trying to stop the storm (like a joking war). my spell got the weather to clear up for about an hour before it reverted to the storm. i haven't done much research or practice for magick. i just kinda got together some things that i thought would help me, and i did some stupid ritual that i thought might work. for some people it is natural, and unfortunately, power DOES lead to corruption.

as to people not doing it for fun, i know one person, who has told quite explicitly that when he used to be in an evil wicca coven (that wasn't exactly following the rules of the wicca) it was almost a nightly occurence for them to attack people. and it was sometimes random targets. he has since become a hard-core christian though and does what he can for good causes.

tyrone: putting up defenses are "euphoric"? :P  (are you sure you meant euphoric?) when i put up defenses i usually feel more tranquil or peaceful than euphoric  :)  .


Secret of Secrets

Title: Needing hel
Post by: distant bell on June 03, 2002, 17:43:48
I have to doubt...


Magick i´s hard to learn!
If you say that magickans playing around caused a snow
storm then I have to say it sounds a bit suspicious to me.
Perhaps the peole who told you where lying, - or so mad that they
belived that they had made it happen..
But NO WAY they had made it happen..
And when you did your ritual to stop the storm- it might
have been a coincidence that it stoped snowing.

I live in a pretty usual city in sweden, and I know most of the
people involved in magic and occultism here.. and I know that
even the most advanced could not cause a snow storm.. and
they are good at magick! One of them has hige grades in both the
OTO and the AA.

Magick isn´t about that kind of stuff at al, it´s about inner workings.
It´s not possible to do the kind of things you see in the movies..
or at least not without GREAT effort and usage of energy.

And for negative thoughts beeing psychic attacs... They are not!

-- Love is the Law - Love under Will --

Title: Needing hel
Post by: kakkarot on June 03, 2002, 18:01:54
can't even cause a small snow storm and they are considered GOOD at magick?!

i find that kinda funny, since even i have twice caused snow to fall when the weatherman predicted a sunny day for one and a mostly cloudy day for the other. well, actually both were accidents; i was trying to get the area to heat up by moving mass amounts of chi out of the ground (and it did warm up by about 5-10 degrees), and the next day, both times, it snowed somewhere around a foot (approx 30cm). and i don't consider myself very powerful at all. but then again, i might be powerful since i have never been able to test my power to its fullest. oh well.

then again, the city that my friends live in has, from what they said, lots of people who practice a variety of forms of energy usage, but usually just different forms of magick. and i know myself that their city has really weird energy patterns in it, which could be a cause of, or caused by, the excess of mages in such a localized area. maybe that city has more magickal energy flowing through it than the city you live in?

but anyway, sorry but i think that i have been deviating from the original point of this thread. Gomen.


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Title: Needing hel
Post by: Tyrone on June 03, 2002, 22:35:10
lol,  karot; I'll do anything for you to make it snow in ontario.  We had a small snow squall about two weeks ago, that wasn't you was it??  ;-)  also.. when you feel peaceful and tranquil, does euphoria not follow??

Physiological life earthbout life resides in a fairly lower vibrational level.  Throughout the universe we are known as the insane asylum, and the as the marshes.  This is where the darkness resides and moves about quite freely.  Now when someone has negative thoughts about about someone, weather at work, or via internet this travells ALOT more quickly and 'freely' then a burts of 'goodness' would.  That's just one of those things here.  That is also why it is hard for most people to get reciprocation from the other side, as they have a hard time getting through.  

My point was that when someone projects hate at you, you (pending on your sensitivity) are much more apt to recieve this then the opposite.  This is many times enough to have adverse effects on your mood and general mental tranquility.

Nita; I find you to be very much aware of this, and you are doing a great job of filltering through some of the nonsence!   I very much do agree with you on using the herbs and scents to call on for protection.  There are many many avenues one can use to call attention to our spirit guides and spirit friends and protectorates, the use of scents is quite powerfull, as many of them like to enter our murky atmosphere with a scent of their own.  I don't really use this, but I really really do like it!

-he who walks with the light is free of darkness-



Title: Needing hel
Post by: kakkarot on June 04, 2002, 02:51:11
that snow squall you had two weeks ago was the one i was talking about when i said i was able to get it to stop for about an hour (at least i think that was the one, maybe it was a month ago (?)) as to whether euphoria follows tranquility and peace, i don't know. i always thought that euphoria was kinda like a feeling of pleasure. i guess i will have to look that one up :) . also, sorry but i can't work energy that far away. yet ;)

"Now when someone has negative thoughts about about someone, weather at work, or via internet this travells ALOT more quickly and 'freely' then a burts of 'goodness' would". i disagree. i think that since people are, in north american society, usually more negative about their whole lives, it is easier for them to send bad feelings and to recieve bad feelings. but i certainly don't live like that and i find it about the same to send both good and bad energy.

"This is many times enough to have adverse effects on your mood and general mental tranquility". then develop deeper tranquility. easy, no? :)

so have happy thoughts, tons of them. this will disperse negativity (or at least you can ignore it). if, however, this is an attack, then it should be delt with differently (as many described above).  i would still like to know if bjays_angel is even still here. HEY BJAYS_ANGEL: YOU STILL HERE?!?!?!? :)  hope so.


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Title: Needing hel
Post by: astralc on June 04, 2002, 03:29:07

I know a few occultists in Australia, have had a few work with me, and I must say that most of them are MAD. Some are not, but many end up broken alcoholics or drugs heads. Is it there before they started out on that path or did the path break them?

On the snow bit, can smoeone send some down here in Aussie?

"The marriage of the ancient arts of astrology, taoism, tantra and the modern science of psychology."

Title: Needing hel
Post by: Bjays_Angel on June 05, 2002, 03:57:33
Thank you ((((((((((EVERYONE)))))))))))))))))) for all your help and replys. Im so very sorry it took me this long to reply. First of all I would like to comment on how I know im being attacked by someone sending me bad energy is because im psychic empath and clarivoyant and can feel energys and this energy was not coming from me it was from someone elese. Also even though I have not heard from him for 10 yrs I have on the phone he has been harrassing me on the phone etc. I put a stop to it but still thats how he was able to link his energy to me is through the phone lines. But I got most of it taken care of. Things are going better for me im not so down and doubtful about things. I been lighting candles and playing music and that has helped. I also realised I had been lighting a red candle and I think thats a reason I had some problems feeling the energy stronger. But I bought me some new candles white ones and I light them every day and night. They been helping alot!  Also the answer to some of your questions about my Mother Astral travel is where she leaves her body to be with me in spirit. She is a proffesional teacher at spiritual issues and is very good at healing and travel spiritualy. She has been astral projecting to me for years. And yes I am able to see her sometimes. My family has even seen her with me a few times. You see im adopted and my true spirit - soul mom is with me in spirit and travels to me. Shes still alive but visits me in astral form. I hope i have made since here Thank you again (((((EVERYONE)))))))


Title: Needing hel
Post by: kakkarot on June 05, 2002, 15:54:59
btw: tyrone i must apologize; i always thought euphoria was like bliss. but i just looked it up and it turns out euphoria is "A feeling of great happiness or well-being." acording to . so yeah, i guess putting up defenses are euphoric


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Title: Needing hel
Post by: Rob on June 05, 2002, 16:31:36
I actually agree with Tyrone here, that peoples thoughts do send energy around the place and that people hating you can make you feel down and depressed, same as a low level psychic attack. Last term I was feeling down a lot of the time, for no particular reason, so I did some pendulum divination and found out that a big cause of it was two blokes I live with sending me bad thoughts (I don't really know why they don't like me, well it is periodic anyway and extremely random, possibly something to do with pot lol). So I set up a shield and quickly felt a strong wave of yep, euphoria. I was very suprised, and am still not entirely sure what caused it.
Soooo, shielding yourself is always a good idea, for filtering out all the mucky energies. But for it to last requires regular maintainance, unfortunately.

Kakkarot - this may sound odd but it is more likely that when you and your magick friends were playing with the weather, you weren't doing it directly - this does require a hell of a lot of skill. The weather over America has been manipulated for years now (see, so it is more likely that your magick was affecting the machine operators, and the spell you did coincided with a small group in America breaking up the weather patterns for a short time. When the forecasters say that it should be sunny and then it snows it is a pretty good indication that someone is messing with the weather!


Title: Needing hel
Post by: kakkarot on June 05, 2002, 17:57:08
actually inguma, i was "talking" to the "elements" directly when i was doing my spell. (i guess this may have been a huge reason for its success) i had been "in touch" with nature for many years in my child hood. i used to treat nature with far more respect than i ever did a human, and i used to try to be friends with nature as much as i could. i talked to animals, to plants, and the earth, the air and generally anything that was a part of nature.

with the discovery of chi some time later in my childhood, it gave me a new perspective on how to communicate to nature and i used this method while i was "casting" my spell. i don't like machines. in fact if i were to ever feel that a machine was changing the weather, i would try my absolute best to destroy it because i don't think that humans should be messing with the weather (which was the reason i was trying to set the weather back to what it was in the first place.)


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Title: Needing hel
Post by: Grenade01 on June 05, 2002, 19:23:54
changing the weather patterns eh? Heh...............

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Title: Needing hel
Post by: Nita on June 06, 2002, 04:00:48
Hi Everyone
   I have to comment that someone sending low-level emotional energy can really bum you out. It isn't always on purpose but if you ask yourself "Is this me, do I do this." You can see when something like this is going on in your life.
   I see it as colored energy but the best test is that you and everyone around you starts over-reacting. It can affect you. A real spell or curse that is done properly is a lot harder to spot when it comes to energy being present. You can really feel and see the results.
   I like the herbs because they are there to help no matter what type of attack or obsessive thoughts. I also like herbal soaps and shampoos because they can cleanse you of the mental attacks and change your energy for the better.
   I think everyone has favorites that work best for them. I have found that some people have a real capacity for constantly thinking hate and anger at someone. It is best to identify them and then not give them the chance to do it to you anymore.
   In a place of work I would suggest some type of herb plant upon the desk. It will smell good and if you pick the correct herbs protect you from all the nasty energy at the same time.


Title: Needing hel
Post by: Tyrone on June 06, 2002, 04:23:06
Honestly, I know if you petition and plead your case to the higher phylum of entities one can change all sorts of things that are thought impossible.  As this is not reality..  However I really do have my doubts in terms of weather, as that has its own order of things.  

The weather is quite unpredictable at this time, but that is no one elses fault but man's.  With our trucks and our rockets tearing holes in the ozone, how far can it go?  What will start happening once it has gone too far??  

*Did you know that the ozone is also responsible for keeping earths magnetic polarity in place and keeping the poles properly aligned, the same type of magnetics that holds the solar system together...

...think about it.  B-|


Title: Needing hel
Post by: kakkarot on June 06, 2002, 17:31:58
tyrone: actually it is a variety of different forces that hold the solar system together (gravitational being the one that does the most work when it comes to "heavenly bodies").

as to whether weather changing can happen: well, when it is snowing so badly outside that you can't even see for a single mile (1.6 KM), and then just ten minutes after you finish your spell the snow clears up so completely that you can see for 500 km (right from the east side of calgary to the rocky mountains), and then an hour later (since i wasn't able to put enough energy into the spell to dissipate the storm completely, and i felt someone actively opposing my spell while i was in the middle of casting it) it starts snowing so completely again that you can't see a single mile (1.6 KM :)  ), you kindof start to believe that maybe the weather isn't acting naturally.

and yes, i know that nature has its own order of things; i was once so much more a part of nature than mankind that it was extremely difficult for me to even talk to people without them thinking me a freak due to my weird thinking. and i never feel at ease with humans, but i always feel at peace when i am in the "wilds" (yeah like there's any wilds in calgary :)  ).


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Title: Needing hel
Post by: PeacefulWarrior on June 06, 2002, 18:08:58
No news from the original poster. Bjays Angel?????/

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Title: Needing hel
Post by: Tyrone on June 06, 2002, 23:21:52
karot; I understand where you are coming from and why you feel so alienated from people, and this place.  There is a great prevalent force within nature, and to indulge in that becomes reminiscent of where you come from, sort of like being 'home sick.'  

I guess the only problem I have with this weather idea is that there is/was no real reason for you to adjust anything.  I mean if you life depended on it, through being stranded, I whole heartedly believe that if you asked something could be aleviated, but there was no real reason for you to disrupt the snow fall for a radius of 500km (310.7 miles).  These types of phenomena do not happen just for the sake of happening, you see there is such a complex order of interworking relationships that to disrupt the minutest thing, would surely cause somewhat of ripple effect throughout the atmosphere.  If this was the case why do people not have the ability to help the agricultural production? ..why the droughts and famine?

Not trying to take anything away from you, just make me believe.  ;-)



Title: Needing hel
Post by: kakkarot on June 07, 2002, 16:52:19
tyrone: i was trying to stop the weather because it was unnatural in the first place; some mages from a neighboring city were screwing with the weather for fun. so i was trying to stop it. (at the time of my spell, though, i didn't know who was doing it or their reason. i just knew that the weather wasn't natural and that the reason for their changing it wasn't a good one). and yes, i know all about that ripples in the pond thing. don't worry i ain't stupid ;)

as for that "great prevalant force" and being reminiscent of home sick; the home is where the heart is. i don't like most "normal" people because they are stupid, weak, and evil. (i hate the stupid and weak thing only because they COULD become smart and strong, but they are too full of themselves to think they may not be perfect)
 (should we start a new topic for this thread?  :)  )

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Title: Needing hel
Post by: Nita on June 08, 2002, 03:44:38
Hi Kakkarot
   I went to the Hopi Reservation one year. My husband and I really enjoyed ourselves but the point of this was that we were there for a ceremony. We saw them dance a rain dance. The clouds blew over the mesas and it was really wild. I could see the kachinas riding the clouds.
   It looked like they were squeezing the moisture out of them and it did rain. We really needed the rain that year so I found it interesting that the ceremony had it rain when there was absolutely no chance of rain accord to the weather man.
   I have also heard of tibetian monks and others being able to do this when shamanistic methods were used. The weather has been unnatural lately but I really wonder if it isn't because of environmental issues more than magicians. It wouldn't surprise me to have magicians trying to change it because I have seen methods mentioned in books.


Title: Needing hel
Post by: alchimiste on June 08, 2002, 08:35:27
Hey Kakkarot,

I was wondering when someone would mention shamanism with regards to weather changing (thanks Nita). It reminds me of the last few lines in that very poignant book “Black Elk Speaks”….if you haven’t read it it’s a must (sorry but I can’t remember the exact quote).
Have you also heard about the Hawaiian Kahunas that collectively work to diminish tidal wave phenomena threatening the islands.
This type of ‘interference’  in weather patterns I can understand as the kahunas are protecting their people and the Native Americans were doing it to help the crops and for religious purposes etc. They also lived 100% with the elements so any interference on their behalf was in total harmony with the elements and also condoned by the elders…….if they tried to mess around just for fun (which of course the wouldn’t) then they knew what the consequences would be! but Kakkarot, to openly go into a weather dual with supposed magicians because of what you think is an unnatural  weather phenomena is in my opinion (and please note,  it’s only an opinion) not the wisest  course of action.
To have evil guys causing the odd snow shower is no big deal really but to respond and further affect the weather sets a type of energy ping pong precedent that nature may pick up on and follow and this could really mess things up as mother nature never does things by half!!
I you want my advice (you can always ignore it if you want to) Is to let these guys fool around if they want as nature will sort herself out and probably them as well. Also it’s a waste of your time and energy, these guys want attention and you have given it to them.
 Remember our magical/spiritual path is a search for harmony, not conflict but I don’t blame you for wanting to get involved. You seem very experienced for such a young man but sometimes the best course of action is non action and by openly challenging these guys you have shown yourself and believe me I’ve had my wings scorched so many times in the past that taking the line of least resistance and avoiding conflict is generally a lot more comfortable and conducive to spiritual work than magical fist fighting every Friday night!!!

I’ll give you one last piece of advice……only go into a fight if you KNOW you can win

Old fart Alchimiste with the scorched butt


Title: Needing hel
Post by: Salubri on June 08, 2002, 09:15:51
Hello Bjays_Angel and others,

I am not at all experienced in all this, but I would like to point to the article Robert wrote, or his new book.

Also I found a very interesting technique of Robert somewhere, I can not remember where, but I will mention it here:

Eneregy Conversion Technique:

Can allways be done in negative areas. Or to cleanse and clear a room.

1) Imagine a shiny jet-black ball (the size of a tennisball) before you
   in the center of the room. Make it turn anti-clockwise and keep it
   spinning the whole time. As it spins, see it attracting black negative
   energy from the surrounding area. See the Black ball ripping black
   flecks and sparks, strings and cloths of negative energy from the
   walls, the ceilling, the floor, the furniture, etc.
   See the ball slowly moving around the room, gathering up all the
   negative energy and growing steadily in size.
2) Once its size is big enough (size of a beach ball?), stop its spinning
   action and immediately turn the direction around. The ball should now
   be moving clockwise.  Strongly imagine it changing colour from black
   to brilliant white. Concentrate and keep the ball spinning clockwise.
   It's now positive.
3) Imagine the ball exploding into the room, flinging bits and pieces of
   white substance everywhere, charging and filling the whole room with
   positive energy.

Extra use of this technique:
-I tried this technique to cleanse my house, I begin in my room. I make it
 go anywhere in the house(just by feeling/ imagining it), through the walls.
 And cleanse the whole house.

Angel noticed negativity around, maybe with this technique that negativity can be cleansed away..



Title: Needing hel
Post by: Ides315 on June 08, 2002, 16:17:29
Hi all.

Salubri, Thanks for the info, I will give it a try.

With regards to the weather. I believe it can be done, we have recieved some storms that were very localized, in reactions with the conflict I am involved in. The presence of the perpatrator was very strong, right before them. One was very powerful, and caused wide spread damage, with the worst areas being in my general area, and the area of someone who was helping. The whole storm was several magnitudes higher than the weather man had predicted. Both where within a few hours of specific "exchanges".

I have read in diferent sources, and different styles that it can be done, but generally recomended against because of the ripple effects in the whole climate.

Take care.


Title: Needing hel
Post by: alchimiste on June 09, 2002, 18:49:11
Here’s some food for thought.

What if the unusual weather phenomena were just a side effect of something else?

This type of disruption to the elements may be caused by the release of enormous amounts of latent energy from a large energy cell such as may be seen during the destruction of something as large as an egregore or other stocked energy source.
This type of destructive ritual is extremely complex and dangerous. They are usually (or not as the case may be) performed underwater where the sudden liberation of such a large amount of latent energy can be contained and of course hidden.

Ides315 mentions a conflict in that last post

“With regards to the weather. I believe it can be done, we have recieved some storms that were very localized, in reactions with the conflict I am involved in…………….One was very powerful, and caused wide spread damage…………………..The whole storm was several magnitudes higher than the weather man had predicted “

Here’s a possible scenario: the bad guys are  fighting amongst themselves and one side decides to destroy the others egregore  or they are not in-fighting but have decided to destroy any  do good egregore in the neighborhood and have been successful, they tried to cover-up the energy liberation within an existing storm which could explain the severe increase in magnitude of the storm.

Any similitudes with your conflict Ides315 ???

I must admit that this type of action is probably extremely rare as the ritual required is very complex, very dangerous and very few Mages are capable of performing it or surviving it. I know it can be done only because I know someone who has actually done it.

It’s an off the wall idea but then again what isn’t off the wall when it comes to energy manipulation??!!

Hang on Dorothy this is where Kansas goes bye bye!!!!!!



Title: Needing hel
Post by: Ides315 on June 09, 2002, 19:17:59
Hi, all.

Not quite sure. There is more invovled here than just myself. I do know that the person that was on the other end of the storm damage had the majority of it happen around there. They seemed to get a lot more timid at that time. I have never got much information back from that person.

The rest of that is generally over my head. I can see the theory, but I don't know enough to comment.


Title: Needing hel
Post by: kakkarot on June 09, 2002, 19:45:52
hey all.

cool story nita.

alchimiste: the mages weren't evil. they were just pranksters (i thought i posted that earlier, but i could be wrong. sorry). as to letting nature set them straight; when it comes to nature i don't like people screwing with things. if the pranks had to do with things in human's society, then i wouldn't care much, but to me, someone fooling around with nature is like someone fooling around with my home. but since they weren't causing damage so much as just making lousy weather for everyone.

as to a DUAL, no i didn't dual it out with them. i actually just cast one spell, and that one spell was just for the purpose of finding out what it was like to use magick. although, at one point during the spell i felt the presence of another human (not a spirit entity, but definately the spirit of a human) and they started actively opposing my spell. so i let them :) didn't want to get into a mage war my first time practicing magick, now do i? (i normally use chi to do things, but i keep an open mind and i like to experience new things.)

ides315: you don't happen to live near the canadian border do you? just under alberta? cause i am currently living in calgary, and what you are talking about sounds kinda like what is happening with the mages of Airdrie (except, my mage friend from airdrie told me they were just doing it for fun, which is why i have been saying they were just pranksters).


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Title: Needing hel
Post by: Ides315 on June 09, 2002, 23:07:05
Hi, kakkarot

No, I am farther south than that. And west. The people involved in this are playing for keeps, its not just for fun. Kinda scary to think people mess with mother nature just for fun.


Title: Needing hel
Post by: kakkarot on June 10, 2002, 01:44:17
i think it's more scary that people are using their power to harm each other because they have nothing better to do with it (like healing people or helping find kidnapped peoples).


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Title: Needing hel
Post by: Tyrone on June 10, 2002, 03:28:25
I do believe that the ancient civilizations, weather shammans or tibetans or the natives etc., did successfuly petition for rain and minor weather changes, but I will not accept that it was manipulated in any harmful way.  Absolutely not!  The weather is not controlled by the darkness, not way, the weather has its course and that it will follow.  It can be aleviated, and lessened some, but for someone to ask or 'cast a spell??' that the weather be changed in a way to harm someone..  C'mon.  Thats the same as holy wars, saying that there is one side that is better.  IT'S ALL ONE of the same thing!!  

I'm going to take a stand on this, and say nobody, nobody, nobody at all is even remotely close to being 'powerful' enough to manipulate Mother Nature against Her will.

Do you want to know a place you can travel to and find out more about our weather situation?  I suggest some of you try this, it is one of the most beautiful wondrous places you can go.  Go, or ask to be guided to the centre of the earth.



Title: Needing hel
Post by: alchimiste on June 10, 2002, 07:52:19
You wrote:
"I'm going to take a stand on this, and say nobody, nobody, nobody at all is even remotely close to being 'powerful' enough to manipulate Mother Nature against Her will"

If this helps you sleep better at night then believe what you want to believe but it is not manipulating mother nature (or mother earth or Isis or Mary or any other name you care to put to it) it is just the manipulation of the elements and these can be easily manipulated.
God gave man the freedom of choice to act as he sees fit for better or for worse and mother nature will not stand in his way. It is a question of choice, the destiny of mother nature and that of ourselves lies in our hands and no one elses.



Title: Needing hel
Post by: Ides315 on June 10, 2002, 14:38:42
Hi, all

kakkarot: Yes, it is very scary/sad that people would abuse their power that way. The person giving me the most flak could have been anything, and a boone for the side of good. Unfortunatly selfishness and ego got in the way.

Tyrone: I have to agree with alchemiste, like energy, weather is a unbiased. Well atleast on the small scale. I think on a grander scale there is repercussions.

Take care


Title: Needing hel
Post by: kakkarot on June 10, 2002, 16:35:26
you are almost correct tyrone: manipulating "Mother Nature" against her will is ALMOST impossible. but manipulating weather isn't that hard, and who is to say that manipulating the weather is against Mother Nature's will? i, for one, have found that nature is neutral when it comes to the good and evil scales, so to use the weather to harm someone isn't AGAINST the will of nature, but it also isn't the will of nature.

The rules of nature are nothing like the rules of mankind, tyrone. when you know what the law of nature is, and understand it, then you will understand what i mean.


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Title: Needing hel
Post by: astralc on June 10, 2002, 21:56:06

I admire a man who stands by his words, but you've got some stiff opposition.

The problem is that no-one can either prove or disprove their position, so we simply have opinions. Does anyone have proof? either side?

My head says yes, we can change the weather, but my heart says no, that is an ego issue... what is the answer...

"The marriage of the ancient arts of astrology, taoism, tantra and the modern science of psychology."

Title: Needing hel
Post by: Tyrone on June 10, 2002, 23:15:56
okey, points well taken.  Now if weather is so easily manipulated for good or bad, then why do we need weapons?  Why have there been weapons in the past, in ancient civilizations.. the same people who were closest to what it meant to be man.  How hard would it have been for them to 'cast a spell' and have a windstorm erupt when someone threatened their camp...  Slight precipitation can be called on, or certain extremes can be aleviated, but not through casting a spell.  I'm sorry, I do not accept any of the wiccan/warlock theories, but thats just me and who am I anyways.

Now, I want you to get all your spell casters together, call up all your army of psychic thugs, and I want you to change the weather in Ontario against what the forcast shows.  Its that simple.  You guys make it sound like its an everyday occurence, so show me.   Lets set something up!  If you are paranoid of posting such matter, then message me.  

But seriously, there are no hard feelings, I just need to see this happen, then I will bow.

now karot; You want to talk about knowing the rules of nature and mankind when you mention calling on weather to harm another?!  You cannot be serious!  You are saying that 'creation' can turn and maliciously attack another simply because someone willed it??  Honestly.

There really is more of an order to things than meets the eye.


-whatever thou lovest, lovest thou.-


Title: Needing hel
Post by: kakkarot on June 11, 2002, 01:29:04
creation? WTF? :)

when did i say that?

how about in about a month or so i will try something for you? right now i am too weak, but i think i will be able to gather some power when i go home in two weeks.


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Title: Needing hel
Post by: Ides315 on June 11, 2002, 03:16:50
Hi, Astralc

Proof. hmmm yeah, if you were there (err here) when the storms broke at my house, you would have known. In the first one, which was a part or inflation of an existing storm, the presence of the attacker was strongly felt. This was right after a battle I had over access to me. And right after we had tried to rescue someone else that is in deep. It was a very intense wind storm, but the cutoff line for wind damage was about 10' wide. No leaves, branches, nothing on one side, things shredded on the other side. Funny thing was, I was not home at the time. My wife was there, she hadn't really worked on her awarenesses at all, but 2-3 minutes before the storm, she had felt our attackers presence very strong, and told her off in no uncertain terms. We confirmed times when I got home, this all happened within a twenty minute period. My battle to the start of the storm.

On the really major one, I can only say that when I had to climb up on the roof to weight down the shingles that where flying off, with the full feeling of knowing the culprit, I challenged them. (I was mad) For as long as I held it, I had a pocket around me you could have lit a match in. After proving my point, I went inside and built a bubble around us. All I can say is we didn't lose any more shingles.


Title: Needing hel
Post by: alchimiste on June 11, 2002, 10:59:38
Tyrone and Kakkarot, I think we should stop, or at least put on hold this polemique about weather manipulation (interesting as it is) as Ide seems to be on the receiving end of some heavy duty attacks and his house is getting ripped to pieces so proof if we need any is his direct experience.

“This was right after a battle I had over access to me. And right after we had tried to rescue someone else that is in deep”

Ide;    It sounds like you are an important part of a group that seems to be undergoing systematic destruction or at least premeditated attack by another group (were you once a member of this group?). For what reasons only you can say as we can just speculate.
By the info you have supplied, you and your associates are in trouble and it sounds like your aggressors will soon start directly attacking you if they have not done so already? Or do they want to recuperate you????

It is up to you if you want to tell us anything as you have not directly asked for any assistance but if you told us what this group is then we may be able to shine some light on the subject and you could perhaps better formulate your defence or your attack. You are in the middle of this **** storm and are thinking on the move so perhaps some outside brainstorming from people not directly involved might help.

I’m sure some others here will have plenty to say about this.

Take care out there.



Title: Needing hel
Post by: Ides315 on June 11, 2002, 14:09:27
Hey, Alchemiste

Some help would be appreciated. I am not quite sure where though. I am not part of a group. Never have been in this life. Actually, we are gaining ground, with us personnaly. My concern is there is a lot of other people affected, and I am not ready to take it to them yet. I do not want to do something I can't complete. This person operates with a lot of emotion, and is quick to anger. Anything that is against her is an outrage, even if it is something she would do to anybody else.

The storms were back a few months ago. Nothing since the last one. The direct physical attacks have been stopped also. My concern is(like I said) for other people. I want her and her coven shut down, if I had my choice. There is enough illegal stuff going on, that without magickal protection, I think it would all fall apart. It's just nobody can get close (physically) without being detected.

Yeah, she does want me and my wife back. (She had a lot of control over us until last spring/summer) And probably my son to pervert. Supposedly there is a deal involving the corruption of our souls. This is supposed to have been a 450 year conflict. Started in Scottland. I have felt the cone of power behind her. It is dark & ugly. She is borderline insane. Probably past, but keeping it together. Also, there is someone that is helping/pushing her. As we have been gaining more ground, his presence is felt more. It is kind of sad, really. I have also felt in her mind, the corner of her that is still good, and it does not like what is going on. Very much like a frightened little girl. This other person (the guy) overrides/incites her to keep her going.

OK, you guys, chew on that and tell me what you think. Just taking her out is not the answer, that I know. When I first realizedwhat was going on, I almost went and did it physically. Something told me that was the wrong answer, it would not break the karmic loop.


Title: Needing hel
Post by: kakkarot on June 11, 2002, 16:00:48
take out the guy pushing her.


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Title: Needing hel
Post by: Ides315 on June 11, 2002, 16:31:39
Hey, kakkarot.

Yeah, this is the plan. And castrate both of there abilities to cause harm. I should have done it a long time ago. Now if done physically, I would be classified as premeditated. I think that is part of the key, also. There have been attempts to incite me to the point of all out rage. If that is what they want me to do, it is the wrong answer.


Title: Needing hel
Post by: astralc on June 11, 2002, 22:03:53

So you were in a coven, huh, now we start to get the picture, maybe you are absolutely right about your storm experience being created by the force of the scorned mad lady and her coven.

Most people lack the determination or stamina to do anything for very long. For instance to astral travel requires a hell of a lot of determined effort for a very long time. Not many people can sustain that effort and so become 'would be's if they could be'.

But mad people, and I know a few, have the drive, the manic touch, to go and do stupid things like you just described. So, in defense of your argument weather control is a real possibility. In defense of my statement, proof still requires independant witnesses.

I wish you luck in your endeavour to dispatch these man-made dark forces, just don't do anything stupid yourself, they are not worth it. I would like to know why you got involved with them in the first place, you sound like quite a normal person.

"The marriage of the ancient arts of astrology, taoism, tantra and the modern science of psychology."

Title: Needing hel
Post by: Ides315 on June 11, 2002, 22:35:47
Hi, Astralc

I was not voluntarily involved with her coven. I have no interest in covens.
I also did not choose to be involved. We were forced. That alone is the topic of a major discussion. Maybe a book. I am just not sure about putting together a book that would allow bad people to string so much together.

My abilities did not really blossom until serious thoughts of revenge were dead. I THINK I know my place, with respect to what should and should not be done. Kind of frustrating, though. There are faster ways to bring this to the end. I don't want the karmic load, and indicaters show that it would not break the loop. One of the (continuing attempts) is to get me mad and rash. Use the "dark side" (sorry) to inflict my rage. I think that continues my fate.

Tip toe through the land mines.


Title: Needing hel
Post by: Tyrone on June 11, 2002, 23:25:19
karrot; by creation I did mean Mother Nature.  Let me know once you are ready, I'm really excited about this.

Ides, Your tale sounds credible, however it is also known as a curse.  This is really the same thing, an attack that one caries with him day to day.  I don't doubt that you have some eerie stuff going on, you just need to neutralize it, not defeat it, it will leave once it has no more power over you or your loved ones.  There is nothing wrong with wishing and daydreaming about inflicting harm on someone who has caused you so much 'stuff', however when one begins to act on this, this is the trap.  Fire will not put out fire, nor fire will not hurt fire.

I had a fellow team mate who had a serious curse which started in that same manor as someone trying to help someone rid themselves of this darkness.  They had some heavy stuff going on that I wont even mention, and I too became effected for a short time for my involvement in.  I mentioned this before, but it can only do what you let it.  It will manipulate minor things in an attempt for you to lash out or simply feed it by being scared (not saying you are).

 Be brave, and ask for help.  There are legions upon legions of white nights waiting to go into battle for you, a real army, you just need to blow the trumpet!  Its that easy, I promise you.  When things get so out of hand, there is a help that dose come when called.  

Ask for the Angels to attent to thee!



Title: Needing hel
Post by: Ides315 on June 12, 2002, 01:06:07
Hey, Tyrone.

Yes, it is a curse. Supposedly 450 years old. That is a large part of the reason that I am going at this the way I am. It is much larger than you suspect, I think. The same souls have been trying to resolve this for awhile. This is one of the first times the "good guys"  had a chance to do much about it in a long time. Parts that various people remember date back 40 years in this lifetime.

I know some of those posts sound a little on the edge. That was the past, I was there, I am not anymore. Have not been for awhile. Which says a lot, few males (or females) would be able to say that. A lot was done.

Maybe it is time to ask.

Take care


Title: Needing hel
Post by: kakkarot on June 12, 2002, 15:46:18
so, ides, does that mean you an all out war might start soon?

tyrone: ok, by creation you meant nature. and, yeah i think that a person's will, combined with enough power, can change many things in this world that are normally considered to be unchangeable. Ya see, i have started to have one way of thinking about the universe that likens it to a programming language; all the code is there, but only someone who knows how to code can change things. anyone who can find the code can look at it and try to guess what it is all about, and trying to change it without knowing what one is doing can cause extensive damage. hence the reason that people need to be careful.

tyrone: as for the thing i promised i would do for you; i hope you are thinking that i'll be trying to change the weather against the forecast, rather than turning "creation" against another. because i was vague in how i said that, i was fairly ambigous in that.

"The universe if programmed in COBOL; which is why it sucks so much." :)
~don't know who.

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Title: Needing hel
Post by: Ides315 on June 12, 2002, 16:22:39

Has been for awhile. Years. It is just that I am getting better weapons, and the abilitity to deflect, dismantle theirs. Which makes me the subject of more attention.

"Necesity is the mother of invention" forgot who. Edison maybe?


Title: Needing hel
Post by: alchimiste on June 12, 2002, 18:46:18
Tell us about this guy behind the psycho grump, whats his story? Is he a just acting under influence (possession?) or is he a nasty calculating b'stard in full control of his actions?
Why is he doing this and what's the story behind this 450 year old curse?

Think about what Tyrone said about the Holy Armies available to you as if you start using kabbalistic or any other invokable entities then you could end up in deep Doo Doo, these people sound like their egregore is 450 years strong which might also have been inherited from an older still egregore so we don't know what they have access to. Any ideas?

Also; Can you feel  or sense exactly when they attack you, as this could be used to your advantage for a few interesting guerilla countermeasures.

Look after your family, (I've got two kids so I understand your situation)



Title: Needing hel
Post by: Ides315 on June 12, 2002, 21:53:36
Hey, Alchimiste

Here is what I know and have peiced together. All of the old stuff came from a psychic. At first I thought it was a snow job, but some of the stuff that was relayed made sense, and part of it explained personality traits that I have to current experience for.

450 years ago in Scottland there was a pair of King & Queen Sorcerers. With the man who was my father this time around we overthrough them. She fell in love with the other guy, maybe had helped topple the king. She started working the other guy, going back to evil. I probably killed her at that point. She placed a curse on the family/people involved. The major part also involved two people who are already dead. Could have been the king that placed the curse.

This life, she became my stepmother (wicked stepmother?). The other guy at the core was my father. I first really started studying magick because of attacks and stuff I had figured out that she was doing in 1990. I made a reflective device. It worked.

Around 1993-94 she found the current version of the "king". She had basicaly left me alone for awhile. That was when she got hooked up with the coven, took pro courses on hypnosis, started molesting children (w/kingy), and learned to send attachments. Even her own son said he felt she was evil. Serious abuse of my wife, self, and family started around this time, and continued to escalate until last year. That was when we started to figure out the hypno, and with that (more or less) removed, a lot of other stuff started coming out. From 94 until around January this year, my magick studies just stopped. Like I had lost the connection. Binding I guess.

Yeah, kingy knows what is going on. His mind feels very calm, and calculating. He also knows hypnosis, and has her tied up. This became evident once some of the key words were learned. She had the same one as several other people. She has an attachment on her, I am pretty sure. That is how it felt. There was one on my father, myself, and my wife.

Most all I have on him is his mental signature in my head. And a couple of half visions from remembered abuse sessions. She is at the point to make herself feel better, she needs to hurt others. He likes to watch and take pictures.

No, I am not at a point for invocations. I ask in prayer/meditation. I fight with the sword when they are around. I can sense pretty close, helps if I am mildly tranced out. Then I know exactly. Also, as I have learned to send energy to help people, and send my awareness out, they have started tracking me. I can get immediate reactions by helping specific people. probably spell rebound, but it feels like intelligence behind it. If I shatter the hold on someone, something follows me back/locks on my pattern. I can reach to her if I choose, part of what she did left a good link. Before I threw off (atleast part of) the attachment I could recieve strong emotions/thoughts of hers.

Let me know if anything else can help. You know, it is a funny thing. Even when I was mad enough to do something physically, it has occured to me that she could be saved. I just do not know how to do it. I do not know if that is correct, just "gut" insight. Wich is very weird, she did things to me and mine that would make you puke.


Title: Needing hel
Post by: Tyrone on June 12, 2002, 22:37:55
ides; I just really want to make sure you understand that I am coming from an experienced point of view.  I have been through this stuff for the better part of my life, and tried everything imaginable.  I can't stress the fact that the curse is only what you make it, sort of synergistacaly speaking through a negative affirmation.  I have helped several people around me, and I have learned a few things from it.  The first thing is is that people like to cary it around like a pet, almost an addiction.  (Its almost like those people who introduce them selves as "hi, I'm the guy with the bad leg..")  People have a tendency to hang on to these things, thus feeding what it needs to burn.  This is however near impossible to explain to the person suffering from this 'chronic metaphysical pain'.  The second thing I learned, even tougher to explain to people, is there are no curses.  There is no satan that has you in his black book.  There are tons of attacks, which are most horrific at best, but there is nothing that centers you out or gives you a greater disposition for this attention from an ordinary person, no karmic dept.  You may have chosen prior to this life to rid your fears of it, but you are not locked in by another entities doing.

I am again not negating anything you've experienced, this is just what I have learned, and trust me I had lots of attacks on myself from helping people with these.  I won't mention the worse ones, but for example one time I awoke fully concious, fully me, in some redish cave laying on a stone table surounded by these 'things'.  There was such a murky dank atmoshere that is so characteristic of the dark side, when I looked down at my body, I had these enormeous metal 'pins' sticking out of me, probably near a hundred, that these 'things' were putting in.  There was obviously no pain associated with this, as it wasn't really real, but it was awaiting my reaction..  Now had I panicked and screamed and awoke, and whatever, I would be blugeoned until I'd realize better (been there a few times too!).  At first I became enraged as I knew instantly who was doing this voodoo crap to me, then I called on the white light and I light up that room so bright that everything disappeared.  I had a few more attempts at me after that, but affter 'white lighting' everytime, it was the end of it, for good.

You have to realize that this white light is that absolute most powerful tool that we have while incarnate here, the White Light of The Holy Spirit.  What do you think those halo drawings were on the ancient saints??  The kamakazie way is a trap, ty alchimiste, when you call on the Angels and the hierarchy of divinities such as Archtypes your problems are soon over.  They are there to help, however so many times they can't see the attacks as of this whole lower vibration, that is why you need to call them.  Tell them what is happening, and what you want done.

karot; you are wrong, everyone knows or has the ability to know and tap every channel of knowledge that there is (all the code is within you).  Its not a select few, thats where organized religion failled.  Everyone can find this truth out, and of how things work, now if after that you chose to change things from the way they work, then you separate from what it is to be man.


"I will go against a tank with a shank for my beliefs, and thats my...word" DP


Title: Needing hel
Post by: Ides315 on June 12, 2002, 23:34:14
Hey, Tyrone

I will agree and disagree with you. For better or worse. I whole lot can be avoided if you do not buy into it. This has helped with part. Why do you think I would laugh at someone like this? Are you tied in? No, probably not. Is the path set? Yes, it is laid out. The problem is finding the right jump off point.
This started long before (in this life) anyone suspected anything. The man who had originally molested, abused, and taught hypno to the "queen" as a child (this time around) told my father he was going to marry her when she was a very small girl, and he was a teenager. No family relations/friends/anything. Everybody in the previous generation came from the same neighborhood.

Had I not created a reflective device, I probably wouldn't have attracted so much attention. On the otherhand I would not be here. What had been done was causing a lot of interference with my life. This was before I really new about magick, or put much belief in curses.

I am not ready to call down the angels in the invocation sense. I do not have enough control over my OBE to go there. I have to do it with prayer/meditation. Part of that is what helped me get the ground I have. The psychic who had told us so much was trying to help in that sense also. She new enough to know my prayers on a fairly regular basis. And the prayers of my wife.

Yes, I know about the white light and Holy spirit. It was meditation on the holy spirit that got the first part of the attachment to expel. I use white light in my energy body to burn at what is still left almost daily, for an hour+ at a time. I protect my house and family with it. And cleanse it.

I guess I do not have the link that you do. But from what I have seen, you appear to vibrate higher than most. Maybe that is part of the reason some people have problems where you do not. If you want to make the call for me, I would VERY much appreciate it. I am still looking for correct change.

I am not so interested in retaliating, as I am blocking there energy to cause harm. They do enough illegal to have the house of cards fall apart without help.


Title: Needing hel
Post by: Tyrone on June 13, 2002, 02:39:05
ides; Man carries within himself Heaven or Hell; sometimes both.  I think that entities should be taught at a very early age that they do have the power to create a very happy life or a very disastrous life.  That is the reason why some poeple can go through a traumatic situations and come out whole.  Another can have the slightest thing happen, and they crumble.  They have never found within themselves the control factor or the supremacy of their own God center to know that no matter what is sent to them, that they will survive it.  Also being in control of the aspect that they will not be given anything that they cannot handle by themselves.  

The world can be quite a humorous place to be if you can observe it from behind the eyes of your soul that cannot be harmed..Just remember, you are not a target, because you are spiritually evolved.  You are more aware of it, because you are spiritually evolved.  Spiritual evolvement should make you understand, that you are perfecting.  If someone wants to put you on a cross you do not have to hang there...

To me, you seem like someone who has found a fair bit of truth within the metaphysical universe.  However I also feel that there is still some blockage somewhere along the line, something is not flowing, almost as if you are trying to swin ahead of the curent, in doing this you may just complicate things.  I belive that you are crediting and discrediting the wrong things.  I have also been told that this is your perfection and part of your trial and tribulation, my involvement would only postpone this test.  Its one of those rules of thumb, you have to deal with things, or they do not go away.  Just know that this is happening to you only because you can handle it!

One more thing, the most powerful form of communication or for recieving reciprocation is simply a light relaxed state where you are fully concious. Simple as that.  No real time oobe.  Just even if you voice it aloud.


~The flow of life is a cardinal rule in the Universe, "If you do not buck the way, the way will carry you."~


Title: Needing hel
Post by: Ides315 on June 13, 2002, 03:18:32
Good response, Tyrone.

I know most of that, but it is easy to forget. I am pushing the envelope. And most of the time I know I can handle it.

"God will never give me more than I can handle, but sometimes I wish he did not have so much faith in me" Unknown

Seems suiting at times.

Take care.

Everyone else: Note that I am not and do not want an offensive (atleast at this point).  There is good wisdom in tyrone's last post. But support is much appreciated.


Title: Needing hel
Post by: Nita on June 13, 2002, 17:29:21
Hi Ides and Tyrone
   I can agree with most of what you say Tyrone. I differ on a few points but that is because of the things I have seen. I have seen demons and devils in physical reality where they actually have circumstances that they exist in this space. I have had 5 witness's seeing the same thing I went through and seeing the demon also.
   Now on curses. People do have a tendancy to hold the curse around them. I feel that this is from the thought patterns induced in the person by how the curse works. Helping the other person by making sure they have better wards and ways to work upon the blockages in their life will help them. It will not prevent them from learning lessons.
   They will still learn the same lessons and what needs to learned in this life. No one can prevent that or karms. You are giving them the gift of being able to think better because of the removal of the forces. They can then move forward in their lives.


Title: Needing hel
Post by: kakkarot on June 13, 2002, 20:00:11
well, philospohy is all well and good, but it is nothing compared to the experience of life.

tyrone: you are wrong. not everyone has the ability to tap all the channels of knowledge. everyone (or at least most people) have the POTENTIAL to learn these abilities, but they do not have them right now. if you don't believe me, then ask your neighbor to make it rain tommorrow. he'll probably tell you you are crazy. and don't try to counter with the idea that 'everyone does have the ability, it's just latent' because that is like saying that everybody can already do everything, it's just that most skills are latent. and that isn't true; there are some people in this world who can genuinly NOT do something, or pick up on some skill, no matter how hard they try or how good of a teacher they have or how long they try or etc. and no, that isn't where organized religions failed; after all, isn't buddism based upon a truth that all can learn, and isn't christianity also based upon the bible (which anyone can pick up and read), and isn't ...? yes, everyone (or at least most) can find out what the truth is, but changing the way things are PERMANENTLY cannot be done by mere weakling like us. and even if it could, why would that change what it is to be a man? it just changed your perception of what a human is.

ides315: thanks for the info.

tyrone: further more, your philosophies are correct only insofar, unfortunately, that both persons (person cursing and person being cursed) are on even power levels, or that the cursee is stronger. after all, if a strong man nailed you to a cross physically, how could you not hang there? it's like a human scientist torturing a lab mouse (sorry ides  :)  ) for his own pleasure, or because the scientist wants revenge from when the mouse bit him.

ides: "God will never give me more... so much faith in me". did that quote come from this forum, cause i think i have said that once or twice, verbally (i know i have thought something like it a few times). no offensive? darn. how about a small one? just kidding. recon isn't offense, though, right? and sabotage isn't offense, is it? ;)  i am really good at confusing people and causing dissidence among "teams", if that may help.


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Title: Needing hel
Post by: Tyrone on June 13, 2002, 21:21:17
karot; You are seemingly becoming frustrated, just keep in mind that we are not sparring, we are mearly exchanging ideas and hopefully those around that are watching take something from this.  

Everyone came here with everything they need, it is inside of them, it can be stimulated by certain catalystic events or even people.  It can come on all of the sudden or it can cumulitavely add up through knowledge.  

Nonetheless, you are forgetting one major thing.  We are in the now.

Everything that is going to happen, already has.  

Everything that you are learning, you already know. etc.


live and learn,
die and know.


Title: Needing hel
Post by: Nita on June 14, 2002, 02:31:10
Hi Tyrone and Kakkarot
   Not everyone can access the information. The moment may be the same but the lesson to be learned might be the exact thing that they need when they are under attack. Helping someone is showing compassion and kindness to them. It is saying "I know how this feels." It isn't preventing them from learning what they need to know. The experience may catalyze them towards what they need to do.
   No one is stronger than the forces of Good. Most curses have the main purpose of not letting the person access the forces that will help them. They feel that God hates them or wants them to suffer. Unstopping these blockages can be done by someone else but the person has to keep them open to access them. You have to break the pattern for them.
   Who is to say that God doesn't want people to aide another in difficulty. It might be part of the lesson for them to learn that others do care or that God does care.
   I have seen familial curses in a number of traditions including a particulary nasty mexican one that haunted a family. They tried to destroy the clay doll they were given and it couldn't be destroyed. I have seen a lot of strange things and the only way I've survived it is because the forces of good wanted me to survive it.
   I think the main thing that needs to be understood is the dynamics of cursing. It is a great deal more varied than most people understand.


Title: Needing hel
Post by: Ides315 on June 14, 2002, 15:19:17
Hey everyone.

From personnal experience, I would have to agree with Nita. I had begun my spiritual devolpment a long time back. It was blocked from me several years ago, when this had started seriously manifesting. Had interference not come along, I would have been better able to take action for me and mine. It could be argued, that I was not ready then. On the other hand, the path I was on would have kept me closer to God, and probably having the ability to call down what extra help was needed.

Tyrone, What about the people that never learn enough to confront things on this level? I know several people like that. I did not become aware of a curse until the last 6-8 months. And I have been improvong since then.

kakkarot No, it didn't come from this board. Atleast to me. I have no problem with "recon". Other people have offered to help, sooner. They are in progress now. I do not want to upset the apple cart. But I don't know where this will end. I may very much want the help. There are more people than myself in this. I would like to give them a fighting chance. Lets wait a little while on the "booby traps". I want to make sure my position is fully understood.

Thanks all.


Title: Needing hel
Post by: kakkarot on June 14, 2002, 16:03:02
okey dokey.


Secret of Secrets

Title: Needing hel
Post by: Tyrone on June 14, 2002, 19:31:36
ides; What I moreso tried to explain was that each and everyone of us is just as special, and has just as good of a connection to the beyond.  Some people negate it, some people use and practice it, and some people simply through striving for power turn towards the dark.  If you sift down to the lowest denominator of evil, you will always find greed at its heart.  In other words, there is no pope or no holyman that has a greater or stronger potential for enlightenment.  That is what all of the great prophets tried to teach, to drop everything and follow their way to enlightenment.  Not to drop physical belongings, no, to drop their everyday mundaedness and clutter.  Once anyone quiets their mind, infusion will begin.  That I promis you.

Nita;  I like your objective view, however I still disagree with some parts.   However in what you mentioned you do support my view.  The so called curses are very very very much tradition and culture bound.  Your view may be coming from one of those backgrounds, and I am not challenging that at all.  I'm just trying to point out that if enough people believe in it, then they really will manifest it amongst themselves.  Particulairly in the latin american cultures they hold those closer to their heart then most things..  Think about it, if someone left that dead chicken (or whatever they symbolize the curse with) at someones door here in Canada, they would anger them at most.  However if that was done to someone who's friend of a friend had that done and... well they would abviously now be experiencing a whole aray of things.. right?  

There is nothing that can hurt you as much as you.  Only you can truelly hurt or scar your essence.  Darkness can only manipulate you and scare you to this point, that is all the power it has.  


-to thine own self be true-  Shakespeare


Title: Needing hel
Post by: Ides315 on June 15, 2002, 16:42:56
Hey, all.

Nita: Thanks much!

Tyrone: Maybe your view is including subconcious belief. I did not conciously know about this (like I said) until about 6-7 months ago. By that time, most of the damage had been done. I am also aware that "stressing" on what someone may or may not be doing to you will empower that.  
I also know that the links are in all of us. I have been cultivating these for awile now. They had been blocked (or hidden) for quite a while. I realize that this was infact "me", but was unaware that I had been influenced to do so.

If anybody has some good recipies for more complex energy structures that will booby trap/ defend people I would be courious. I would only want to cause "damage" in the ability to cause negative effects to someone, or hinder their abilities to reach to specific people. Thanks, all.


Title: Needing hel
Post by: Triss on June 17, 2002, 15:34:13
This has been a most interesting discussion. I have some questions for Kakkarot if he or she is interested?

Quoting Kakkarot:

- i used to treat nature with far more respect than i ever did a human...

-i was once so much more a part of nature than mankind that it was  extremely difficult for me to even talk to people without them thinking me a freak due to my weird thinking. and i never feel at ease with humans

-The rules of nature are nothing like the rules of mankind, tyrone. when you know what the law of nature is, and understand it, then you will understand what i mean.


What is the law of nature?

How can mankind be outside of nature?

Have you considered that your attitude towards your fellow man was or could be responsible for your feelings of alienation from him?

Without prejudice



Title: Needing hel
Post by: kakkarot on June 17, 2002, 21:53:30
Triss: What is the law of nature? it is difficult to explain the small idiosynchracies (spelling?) of it, but it mostly boils down to do what you must to survive. of course, there are (plenty of) times when this isn't the case (ie. some animals, like dolphins, kill for "fun"), but that is the most general rule that i can think of right now.

How can mankind be outside of nature? mankind is not a part of nature. whether we were created outside of it, or evolved out of it doesn't matter to me. we just aren't a part of it. a human being can forsake their life in the human world and become a part of nature, but most humans wouldn't survive very long if they did this.

Have you considered that your attitude towards your fellow man was or could be responsible for your feelings of alienation from him? my alienation from mankind is because i am different. others on this board feel the same way, though to a lesser extent than what i do. however, i have been forced to learn how to live within the bounds of society. whether i like it or not, i am a human being, plus i have to learn certain things for the future.


Secret of Secrets

Title: Needing hel
Post by: Triss on June 18, 2002, 01:11:35
Kakkarot:  Thanks for your response.  

People on this forum may very well be 'different' if I get your meaning.   But then, that gives us (may as well include myself since I'm here, heh)  the same general sort of difference... which means we might not be as alien as we think.

 I don't understand though, how mankind (or anything else) could be "just not part" of nature...? How can anything exist outside of nature?  

 Nature includes, or is comprised of, or IS,  everything... no?  



Title: Needing hel
Post by: Tyrone on June 18, 2002, 01:39:23
triss; if I may, I think what karot is trying to explain is that on the physical level we are the same as a tree, yes, we are one of the universe and the universe is one of us.  We have the same molecular forces holding our cells together.  However on the higher levels, where one goes after this lifetime, we have a different essence than an animal.  All animals are already fully evolved species, it is us humans that are still evolving and learning and experiencing.  Everything else is here to aid, color, and bring some joy to our everyday life.

'did I get that right?

Every wonder why most (if not) only humans cry so hard when they are first born?



Title: Needing hel
Post by: kakkarot on June 18, 2002, 16:03:17
triss: "Nature includes, or is comprised of, or IS, everything... no" that is not what i define nature as. ok. i define nature as the existance of creatures which coincide with one another and only do what they must to survive, or only somewhat more than that, in, or close to, a state of equalibrium where neither chaos nor order reign and where good and evil are non-existant; where what happens happens, not because someone or something willed it to happen, but because the events and decisions of creatures, in their individual lives, caused a coincidence to occur that was neither intended to occur nor intended to not occur, but that just "happened".

does that help?  probably not  :)  oh well. ideas are far more complex than text-based communication tools will allow to be conveyed.

and humans aren't a part of that because we do not coinincide with one another very well, we live for pleasure rather than survival, we disrupt the equilibrium, we choose order and chaos, we choose good and evil, and we cause change willfully.

nature is neutral, humans choose not to be.

and uh, sorry tyrone, but you didn't get that right.  :)  thanks for trying though. as to everything being here to "aid, bring colour, joy" and whatever else you said; my experiences show that this is not the case. many things in this life hinder. many things bring depression and hopelessness. this is unfortunate, and i would much prefer it weren't so, but it is true.


"A sword is a deadly weapon. Sword techniques are used to kill. This will always be the way it is. But I much prefer what Kaoru said over that truth."
~Kenshin Himura  - Rurouni Kenshin: Episode 01.

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Title: Needing hel
Post by: Nita on June 19, 2002, 16:48:22
Hi Tyrone
   I have been gone for a few days. I know that there is certain cultural aspects to cursing. It isn't what makes them work. Lets go back to the chicken. I go out one morning and find a red circle on the door and my dogs eating a chicken.(it would never last on the door).
   I think who would go in my yard and nail a chicken in a circle and look to see if my dogs had bitten him. I then think wow what a weird thing to happen and tell all my canadian friends. "Has anyone been nailing dead chickens to your doors?"
   I would still notice that my choices started changing. The dog who won the chicken getting ill. My credit card was maxed out paying the vet bills. I have my payments lost in the mail. My boss decides that only a weirdo would have a dead chicken nailed to the door and fires me.
   I have my car hit by the minister of my local church who is livid and uses me as a example for the Sunday sermon. My life has gone into a bad luck cycle in which I don't have any good choices.
   I try to find a job but no luck, my friends think I have turned weird and are acting differently, my dogs don't even like me,  and every computer with any company that I have a account with has lost my payment.
   The reason these things happen is the divine connection gets blocked or cut off. The person then can't access the good choices because he doesn't see the good choices anymore with the inner self. It puts them into different thought patterns which reinforce the things that are happening. They know something is wrong with life but don't know what.
   It doesn't matter whether they believe in the curse or not because it is attached to them. It doesn't matter how religious that they are because they keep disconnecting themselves. Removing the blockages so the divine forces can get back through is the only things that work. These blockages can be called any name that you want but changing the way the energy goes to the person is what removes the curses no matter what methods that you use.
   Methodologies is to get your innerself to accept that it needs tto do what you would like it to do. In this case removing curses or blockages. Methods and different schools of thought are there for that reason. God is there for everyone. I also know that there is more forces and energies than anyone would ever believe existed.


Title: Needing hel
Post by: alchimiste on June 19, 2002, 20:58:50
Are you talking from factual experience or was your last post just a metaphore???

"The reason these things happen is the divine connection gets blocked or cut off"
Does this mean that realiation is a possible solution (as kakkarot would sugest?)
"It doesn't matter whether they believe in the curse or not because it is attached to them" So this gives you free reign to do what you wish?  or does the Tyrone ( be spiritual and cool/ rise above it kind of thing) rule the day?
To be honest Kakkarots point of view is the logic conclusion given your reasoning nita as does it really matter how we remove the blockages as long as they are removed!!!?
God doesn't give a sh*t as long as equilibrium is reached?

comments please as I'mthinking whilst I'm typing



Title: Needing hel
Post by: Ides315 on June 19, 2002, 21:16:45
Hey, all.

First, thanks for the support, all.

I would like Nita's comments, in my frame of thinking, it should be the last option. Retaliation probably would not remove the negative influence that was set. Diffusion would be the best option. Also, if you are going to attack someone back, better make darn sure they are the cause of the problem. Or the root of it.

Would not reversing the negative energy (without adding to it) make the most since? You are not "going to war", and most intelligent people would drop it after awhile. Wars seem to go on a long time, injure innocents, and eventually nobody remembers why it started, just that it is, and everything that came from it.

I would also like to hear the different opinions on this.

Take care, all


Title: Needing hel
Post by: Tyrone on June 19, 2002, 22:55:27
Nita; That has to be the most beautiful thing that I have read on this board yet!  That is exactly it.  To further your scenerio where you left off is where the cultural thing comes into effect.  That happening to an average 35 year old male, would simply mean a midlife crisis type of thing, perhaps some antidepresants.  Not the solution, just the analysis of.  Now for someone to furthur that, whos friend had a similar experience, well, they would probably have paint coming off of the walls in a couple of weeks, and darkness comes into full bloom.  That is very well put Nita, however that is not a curse that is just a heavy negative attack, wich if you ignore, pierce through with spiritual awareness, or simply 'give it to God', will surely subside.  Maybe not within a day, but sooner than you may think. .... Nita, you are one of the true lights on this board, I really wish you would post more!

I really have been through that cycle so many times!  I have had friends who had to repaint their rooms each week, sell all of their posessions, go to church 5 days a week, and still live in absolute terror.  My personal involvement led me through some of the most horific experiences that are virtually unheard of.  I have been literarly thrown around like a rag doll, but not just me.  I have some hair that turned white at the tender age of 21...  I can only say that I do know how these things exponantiate, and what you can do to effectively stop it.  Further more I really have learned that it really is you that feeds this through your fear!  Its a disgusting cycle that needs to be stopped asap.  If you cannot handle it, you may need an elevated entity to pierce through this shroud.  That is when say, "God, I cannot handle it anymore, please take it, please take it now!".

ides; Retalitation if its through righteous anger is fine, and a must.  However to refer to dark ways is only a trap that will further and deepen and darken what you are experiencing now.  Trust in poetic justice, because sometimes, not only what goes around comes around, but sometimes it gaines a little momentum!  I wish you the best of luck in your journey, you really are not far off from real awareness!

karrot; Your last post is the worst thing I heard you say yet! :-)  I get dizzy just re-reading it..  I hope your recreational activities aren't clouding your posts.  ;-)  Your explanation sounds more of a caveman ranting.  They too would say "oh well. ideas are far more complex than text-based communication tools will allow to be conveyed."  <--  Afraid not, this is the age of education, learning and knowledge.  If you cannot write with eloquence, you should read Plato and study a little more.  Only knowledge expands the soul, knowledge through learning... isn't that why we are hear? should guard more against spiritual ostentatiousness


This will be my last post.  Several days ago I've had quite the eye openning experience, I should say more of a meeting with some of my friends.. who are always watching, of course.  End result is that there is no real point in overdoing what I inteded to do...  This board is simply infected with darkness.  I have been told that there were a few people that I could have reached, but the dark overcoat of all these posts sent them running, so most of the information I have posted has fallen on deaf ears..  No big deal, my intent and motive was pure so I will move on.  Its like Robert Bruce said in one of his projection 'things'.  If you take a picture and paste some stuff onto it as you would like, then when you project enter that picture, and it will be a reality for that brief time.  Now all these posts about demons only causes your mind to create these empty shells, now the darkness that does move amongst, will simply enter and robot those shells... and then you are in big trouble, and it snowballs from there.  

Robert Bruce goes out and experiences these things and writes about it, thats what he does, that is not what you have to do.  He provides real solutions for such instances for people in the pits of despair, the only problem is that most people who read about it become emotionally overwhelmed and begin creating, on any level.  Robert Bruce has done much in research, and his beautiful writing style has inspired and helped many, but, then of course there is that balance thing.  Robert, I fear that you may have spent too much time with this and are in need of some higher level 'refreshment'.  Its like the old adage, "If you lay with the dogs, you get fleas.".

At the very most I just hope that I may have introduced the idea of a 'lighter' place that all can enter.  The only way though, is through yourself!

bless all your hearts.


-if you don't listen, you will have to learn-


Title: Needing hel
Post by: Robert Bruce on June 20, 2002, 02:49:57
G'day Forum Folks!

Just thought I'd drop in and throw a few pennies for thought...

I have had this debate with many people, and it is circular.  I am still waiting for anyone to present solid evidence based on experience and not belief and wishful thinking.

First, I would like to preface this post by suggesting that all who take offense to these PPSD related pages, and who accuse others of wallowing in darkness, catching fleas from dogs, and of creating evil beings because they dare to consider and discuss such matters, to avoid this section of the forums. These pages are for discussion of PPSD related matters, including evil spirits and etc.  They are also a place where people troubled by Negative spirit type problems can find help and advice. Open debate on these matters is always welcome, or course, but please ease up on the heresy charges and finger pointing, just because the subject matter herein does not fit in with personal beliefs on how the spiritual universe works.

If one follows the newage love and light approach too far, by refusing to acknowledge Negative entities and their activities, because you are afraid of creating and or attracting same into your life, you end up like a spiritual ostrich with its head firmly in the sand. This is both illogical and dogmatic, where open and progressive thought is required.  In time, if enough people followed the love and light approach to the exclusion of hard life experience and other viewpoints, all knowledge of the forces of darkness and their Neg minions would disappear, as would the few methods we have of avoiding and or defending against same.  But this would not stop the spread of darkness.  Nothing is ever learned about a subject if it is ignored and avoided.

Should we have the bible and other holy texts and spiritual books revised to remove all mention of hell and demons and darkness? Do you really think this would remove all evil spiritual beings from involvement with human life?  We know so little about these things, and even less about what can be done to help those afflicted with dark spiritual problems.  And our knowlege on these matters will not increase by avoiding the subject or burying it under an unworkable paradigm.  Sure, love and light do play a big part in spiritual existence, but this is not the be all and end all of everything.

This relates to the saying ' that the greatest thing the devil ever did was to convince humankind that he did not exist'.  Denying the existence of darkness simply gives it the freedom to do whatever it likes, and removes all hindrance to the spread of darkness.  

It might seem like one could remove all evil spirits from this world, if one followed the love and light paradigm closely, and by ridding the world of everything that reminds us of evil, or that teaches us about same, so no one could ever think about it. But have you considered what this would do to the world if this paradigm were faulty? Note that I strongly believe this to be a faulty and unrealistic paradigm. Out of sight and out of mind does not necessarily make something disappear.  This just makes it easier to live with something one finds difficult to accept.

The belief that all Negative entities and evil spirits are insubstantial thought forms, created by some people having bad thoughts and unspiritual lives, is a totally unworkable paradigm.  However, this neatly fits in with the love and light paradigm, and seems to have been invented to cover up serious flaws in same. This is because the evidence of the existence and activities of Negative spirit entities cannot be denied without generous doses of wishful thinking and irrational denial.

As to the 'getting fleas by sleeping with dogs' thing, well, this is partly true.  Sure, if you associate with bad company you are more at risk of attracting Negative attention. But what about the numerous cases where people come under Neg attack for no discernable reason. They just happen.  Sure, you can say that all these are caused by 'other people's beliefs' creating and feeding Negs, but this theory does not hold water in the real world.  We need practical solutions, not high-minded spiritual theories best suited to the heavens and other exalted states of being.  

It is very clear to me that Negative spirit beings are heavily involved in the karmic equation, with the application of same.  These beings are drawn to inflict negative karma on humans (suffering), just as all of humanity is involved in the application of karma to all other individuals. If this is correct, then it would be impossible to remove Negative entities through high-minded wishful thinking.  This would also be contrary to the laws of applied karma, and contrary to the purpose behind physical incarnation.  As I said in PPSD, if God wanted us to live lives of spiritual purity and security, He would not have put us down here in the physical universe in the first place. Did God make a mistake?  He would, instead, have put is in some lovely heavenly place where everyone is loving and nothing could ever hurt us. But the fact is that He chose to put us here in the dimension of hard life experience, Negs and all.  There must be a good reason for this.  

I think it is much more realistic to work with what we have down here, rather than to rely on wishful thinking to fix everything about life that we don't like or can't accept.

Please keep in mind that I did not write PPSD just becaue I thought it would be a neat book to write, or because I dabbled and experimented with dark forces.  The content of PPSD evolved during a lifetime of ceaseless spiritual attack, that began when I was about 3 or 4 years old. I am not the only one who has lived such a life.  Read the books by Whitley Streiber, eg, 'Transformation' and 'Communion', where he speaks of similar things, albeit from a different perspective.  But it is very clear to me that Whitley and I are talking about exactly the same thing.  What he calls 'visitors', I call 'Negs'. They are one and the same.  I would also like to point out that most of the great saints in history also lived lives of strong spiritual attack.  This even includes the dear departed 'Mother Teresa', who struggled against darkness all her life, and underwent a number of church exorcisms.

Any person who makes a strong spiritual statement with their life (or has potential to do same) will immediately attract the forces of darkness in some way or other.  This will often happen many years before such a life statement is even conceived, often in early childhood.  The reasons for this are two fold:  one can be likened to how positive and negative attract, how natural enemies (or predator and prey) gravitate towards each other.  The other reason is that to succeed in making significant spiritual progress, resistence is necessary. Neg forces provide the necessary resistence that allows a person to go beyond their normal mortal limits, to reach new heights of spiritual awareness and accomplishment, eg, spiritual evolution.  

If my past were changed, so that all dark spiritual attacks were removed, I would not be the same person I am today. I would certainly not have written any significant books or even be writing this post today. The difficulties and torment involved with my life, including dark spiritual attacks, have not only driven me in a particular direction, but have driven me to learn, to adapt, to grow stronger and wiser, and to overcome same.  

Take care, Robert.


Title: Needing hel
Post by: Ides315 on June 20, 2002, 16:07:01
Hey, all.

Thank you Robert, for myself, and everyone else going through similiar circumstances.

God bless.


Title: Needing hel
Post by: Nita on June 20, 2002, 21:42:07
Hi Everyone
   Alchimiste, it was a example. Tyrone mentioned a voodoo spell wouldn't work in a place where people didn't know what it was about. I showed that it would work albeit not in the same way but it still would work.
    Robert is correct that most of the people I have helped are not into the occult. They do seem to have these problems and end up learning things that they need to learn. It is a life lesson or a way to show them their path in some instances. In others it is because of the abilities they have.
   I have not had a fortunate life. A lot of people on a spiritual pathway sound wise because they have been capable of surviving all the things and lessons that have been thrown at them. I have also been badly treated by others because they say that I support peoples belief systems by trying to help them. I  looked at any help I did giving the people a chance to think.
   A neg attack or curses normally are not to kill anyone. They are to make you fearful, angry, and miserable. They are to inspire all the negative paths your life could take. People curse others because they have low self-esteem and have to harm others so they feel they are superior or better in some way.
  The Dalai Lama had a article on Beliefnet called "8 Things your Enemies wish for you". It was the best description of what someone who curses you would want to have happen that I have ever read.
   I always assumed anyone who was here reading this forum was looking for ideas. I don't feel it is negative or counter productive. I haven't seen anything to keep people being fearful.


Title: Needing hel
Post by: chohan on June 21, 2002, 09:51:29
Originally posted by Tyrone:

  Its like the old adage, "If you lay with the dogs, you get fleas.".

  Wouldn't suprise me if they said the same thing about Jesus.



Title: Needing hel
Post by: alchimiste on June 21, 2002, 12:26:07
Thanks for the clarification Nita I can't help but agree with you. There are some forms of magic etc that can seriously effect you even if you are a staunch disbeliever although it helps if you do believe and the results are all the more devastating.

I have to sign off now to pick the kids up from school but I'll post later.

Alchimiste (devils advocate)


Title: Needing hel
Post by: Bjays_Angel on May 28, 2002, 04:57:47
Hello everyone namaste,
Im Angel and I just joined this forum tonight. I been having some bad energys around me latley andI just dont know whats going on or the cause of this. I been very down and crabby and sad. I been feelig alot of negative vibes around me lately. My mom astrals to me alot and she has not been able to come through to me as clearly lately. The negative vibes is effecting it. I know my adopted dad is into witch craft and black magic and he is very mean to me he abused me as a child. I have not had contact with him in years. Is it possible hes sending me bad vibes? I been having night mares and unable to sleep lately just been very hard on me lately. Can anyone help?