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Title: Paintcrop, the astral city?
Post by: chupacabra on March 07, 2004, 19:48:39
Cool experience. keep us posted on further experiences in Paintcrop.

What a wierd name for a city.

Title: Paintcrop, the astral city?
Post by: manuel on March 07, 2004, 19:58:02
Very interesting, paintcrop, indeed strange city, you know I might try and visit this place soon, if I do, ill get back to you.

Title: Paintcrop, the astral city?
Post by: Kerrblur on March 08, 2004, 00:27:31
Im gonna try everyday to go to this plACE, though i havnt a slight clue wut ill be looking for except for the facts that you have brought to us.

See you there soon

Title: Paintcrop, the astral city?
Post by: mazdaaf on March 08, 2004, 18:48:13
wow thats so weird.. interesting though. I think i might have been to that building though..i remember i had this dream once where i was in this tall building and I remember the first 3 floors were a shopping mall... i wanted to go higher but i couldnt get there. It seemed as though the higher up i went the less air their was, cause it was very difficult to breath. I also remember on the 3rd floor there was some wierd where u put your hand on a metal plate and it gave u something for free like a piece of fruit or something. Tehre was a long line to this though so i didnt get a chance to try. It was very crowded on the first 2 floors but after that most people wouldnt go any higher... was any of this familiar?

Title: Paintcrop, the astral city?
Post by: beavis on March 08, 2004, 22:56:19
Ceriel N: "Paintcrop" he stated, grinning wide for a reason unknown to me. "The city's name is Paintcrop". I got the impression he had gathered a lot of courage in telling me this and was now rather proud of himself.

Maybe nobody answered at first because the "city" has no spoken/written name, like most astral places, and they were afraid to make one up.

Did it look like an earth city? Is it a physical place that you went to in spirit form? They might have seen you as a ghost.

Title: Paintcrop, the astral city?
Post by: Kerrblur on March 08, 2004, 23:48:47
I will create a picture here tonight of a place I saw through my eyes.  Didnt quite phase myself there for long.  But had a glimpse, but Ceriel N, you can tell me from my picture if I was at a reletively correct place that you were talking about.  I woke myself up last night at 4 am and started.

It had a european kind of buildings.  streets made from brick, very narrow in width.  People were very startled, seemed like a city from the higher planes, very colorful, but were surprised to see something like us.  Beavis added that we looked like ghosts, that seemed right.  But it seems like a reel city from a higher plane. kinda like were on a lower plane than them.  I saw a Central area which I will draw for you, a circlar area with roads going out in between other buildings.  A fountain/statue in the middle of this central area.
People walking around, showing brief glances at me before I woke up.

Title: Paintcrop, the astral city?
Post by: Ceriel N on March 10, 2004, 21:15:10
All that's been mentioned is possible, but might be more due to my lack of complete knowledge. The first time I was there I didn't pay much attention to the scenery as I was quite busy chasing something. First I ran through the mall, a lot of yellow, maybe brass surfaces, and then through some obscure pathway I found myself to the upper levels. There was dark brown dust everywhere and the place looked rather gloomy. Ascending towards the top I am surprised that the person I was chasing isn't there, and next I fall out the window, slamming into the sidewalk far below. Dream-death, but the experience didn't quite end there. It's rather blurry what I did after 'dying'.

In the central square there is a fountain or statue. One time when I visited there was some kind of celebration on the streets. It was night again and the statue was lit up with green lights. At one side of the square there's a larger building that is high to the roof and has some kind of stage. There's been a concert there, but me memory of that is no more than an image.
I've visited mostly at night so it might be that I have not spotted bright colors.

The city seems to have the odd quality that I can find myself suddenly recognizing it after wandering around in some dreamscape, suddenly turning lucid. It always feels familiar is some way, yet a strange, lazy restlessness that you might find in a city occupied by a foregin force.

Beavis, it may very well be that the city lacks a verbal name.
Paintcrop appears extremely similar to a human city, but the inhabitants do seem a bit meek even if rather intelligent. I think I had a human form when there, but it could also be that my subconscious has translated an alien place into something familiar. It could be that the entire place is just a construct of my mind too. (And if this latter possibility proves true I'll be slightly worried about anyone else visiting it. [:P])

Title: Paintcrop, the astral city?
Post by: Kerrblur on March 10, 2004, 21:21:34
Omg, Ceriel,

I was there, it is proven, it IS a city in another dimention on our earth, not  a alien planet, dont think that but PM me, or message me on my instant messager s/n we need to try to go there together soon.

I will go into more detail with the statue, was it a woman looking upward, if you remember that.

But definently PM or perferably instant messager. Thanks ttyl

Title: Paintcrop, the astral city?
Post by: Ceriel N on March 10, 2004, 22:22:51
I'll post a part of my PM to you here as to give the other readers of the thread a proper reply:

"I'm afraid I don't remember the details of the statue so I can't give you a definite answer. One memory says a large fountain on street-level,  another a huge cubic concrete slab with some men on it, and yet another is blurry. It could be that there are several statues."

Now I'm going to as it is late here. If I'm lucky I'll end up in the city. =)

Title: Paintcrop, the astral city?
Post by: __--nezabaleta--__ on March 21, 2004, 10:37:26
Tuesday Lobsang Rampa at his last book: The Tibetan Sage, tell us about an astral planet, he called: PATRA.
PATRA, according to Rampa, is a site where highly evolved beings works in benefit of humankind.
Have you hear about PATRA ?

Title: Paintcrop, the astral city?
Post by: __--nezabaleta--__ on March 21, 2004, 10:44:00
Another classical astral site is the Golden Light Country
It is referred by TLR, too, and many others.

Title: Paintcrop, the astral city?
Post by: Ceriel N on March 22, 2004, 15:54:21
"Patra" only brings "patria" to mind, which means 'father' or 'homeland' in certain uses of the word.

Golden Light Country does, I'm afraid, not ring any bells except for the fields... Was it the pre-ancient Greeks? ...go to when they die. "Elycion", IIRC. I'm going to have to look it up. (Oddly it can't be found online.)

Title: Paintcrop, the astral city?
Post by: Ceriel N on March 05, 2004, 09:26:55
It's a place I've been visiting. A city apparently called Paintcrop. Usually when I go there I'm in a half-lucid state, where I'm in control of my actions but lost most of my identity. Still this morning, minutes ago, when drifting in the twilight zone of dream and awakedness, I suddenly ended up in that place. I recognized it, having referred to it as 'the city' up until now. I was standing in a central square, and some people approached me. They seemed to somehow know me. I was looking around, recognizing every bit of the place and knowing what lies just out of sight. After all, I had been there.
I ask the first person near me "What's the name of this city?" but I get no response. Just timid looks and people seemingly frightened by me. I ask some other people nearby what the name of this city is. Same response. Running over a pile of snow I find a small mock choir, looking like they were singing Christmas songs. I shout "What is the name of this city!?" and they all turn to look at me like I'm mad. Then, unexpectedly, one of the individuals who approached me early on came back. "Paintcrop" he stated, grinning wide for a reason unknown to me. "The city's name is Paintcrop". I got the impression he had gathered a lot of courage in telling me this and was now rather proud of himself.

I decide to check out a place I've been to before. Had some unfinished business there. A very tall yet old building, maybe 12 stories high. The lowest parts of the building is a shopping mall, while the upper part seems to be abandoned.
"Where are you going?" the same man asks.
"To that building," I reply. "Got some unfinished business to take care of since last time I was here."
"You've been here before? What happened?"
"I died." He seemed surprised. "Fell off that building." I pointed at the 12 story one.
Now I found a high barrier that had not been there before. Maybe twice my height. The other guy started climbing over it, while I jumped up, grabbed a light post and slid down with it. I now got the impression the rather economically powerful individual I had battled with last time I was here, the owner of the 12 story building, was up to something sinister. With that, I decided it was time for a bit of revenge.
Unfortunately slightly after this the world faded and I found myself back in bed. Got up and scribbled down "Paintcrop".

An odd thing is that I speak Swedish, yet the name of the city is rather obviously in English.

And I also just remembered while writing, I had made my way to the square through a residential area covered with snow that I had not seen before. It seemed to be overcast and daytime there, while in the city it was night. It is probably two different places since when at the square and looking back I could see a building I'd visited before that was different from the path I had just walked.
Also, just when entering the residential area... come to think of it, it could have been some part of the place I live in. I have not been here too long, so that might be why I didn't recognize it. Anyway, when entering, I felt as if it was a door opening for me by two rather large beings. I felt a bit uncomfortable with them, so I didn't stay chatting but hurried through this 'door'.

Dunno if it was a projection of lucid dream... But I'm fairly sure I'll visit Paintcrop again. They seem to be in the need of help.