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Title: Man is a pathogen
Post by: Blackstream on March 14, 2004, 07:02:33
The only reason why we are raging out of control so to speak is because we have no opposition.  The earth only hangs into balance because nothing can win.  We aren't a pathogen, we just happen to be the winning force.  If we are a disease so to speak, then so is every other living organism on this planet competeing for survival.  The only thing that seperates them from us, is that we have exceeded everything else.  Do you think that if dandelions were suddenly able to grow everywhere without any competetion that they'd stop?  No.  Do you think that if Wolves suddenly could migrate around, grow in numbers, and rely on alternate sources of food (and basically survive when the current numbers of prey is rather low, until they either find more prey by migrating, or just get used to another source of food if their prey was gone), that they'd monitor themselves and make sure they didn't eat too many rabbits?  No.  Do you think that if rabbits were left uninhibited that they'd make millions of babies to kingdom come and overtake the planet?  Or do you think that there'd be little monitor rabbits walking around making sure every rabbit family has only 2 rabbit babies?

To be honest, if you are going to call mankind a disease, then you have to call all living organisms diseases, because in a way, that is what we are.  Harmony is just a word to describe an inability to win.  The closest anyone comes to harmony with anything is a select few of us humans, because we are intellegent enough to realize that hey, maybe I shouldn't kill this rabbit for food because I might eliminate the species that way.

Title: Man is a pathogen
Post by: Fenris on March 14, 2004, 08:12:46
Hi Blackstream

I really enjoyed reading your response, and I totally agree (my post is just a rant, not my heartfelt beliefs and ideas). But one point of my post within all the emotive babble I am really thinking about is the boundary between supporting humanity, or the well being of humankind, and being aware of the bigger picture. While yes mankindís dominance and the damage we have caused as a species is due to the natural instinct to reproduce and survive, our growth is unsustainable and the practices of man as a whole are most un-harmonious. As a human I want to support my species, contribute to our society and treat sick people/help others. As a consciousness constantly challenging and exploring the way I have been taught to think and reason these human ideas can be reasoned to be backward, unbeneficial to the wellbeing of my environment. The conflict between being a physical creature and being an aware or perhaps spiritual creature is something Iím trying to iron out.

Title: Man is a pathogen
Post by: Fenris on March 14, 2004, 05:33:48
Hi ya, the following is a rant I wrote after too much coffee

The earth is a living thing maintained by a delicate homeostasis of systems, such as weather and tectonic movement. A system of nature exists in which organisms live in a way of balance, creating sustenance and environment for each other, made possible by the nurture of the earths mother Ė the sun. Mankind is an organism that mimics as a functional unit of nature, appearing under the guise of an animal. When in fact mankind feeds on the earth to support its massive appetite and rapid rate of reproduction, without symbiosis, without balance it takes and destroys the earths body systems.

Natural disaster, outbreaks of deadly viruses, these are attempts of the earths failing immune system to wipe us out. We are the virus of the earth, consuming its proteins to make the amino acids we need to duplicate. We are a pathogen and we are winning. Like bacteria in a Petri dish, reproducing despite limited resources to the point of starvation. This is already happening. The end of man will not come with the arrival of some giant space rock, nor the coming of a divine being, mans demise will result from mans success as a pathogen to the world.

All the recycling and use of public transport in the world canít correct this, all this achieves is to make us a less efficient virus Ė prolonging the inevitable, making us a chronic disease. Even becoming a doctor or teacher to save our malnourished overpopulated masses means you are the mutating protein coat of our outbreak, protecting us from the Earths immunity.

Sure you could bomb a subway or dump anthrax into our drinking water, you could even shout to the universe that you wont be apart of it and blow your own head off. But to what end? Dysfunctional disease units will be consumed by the disease to dispose of such disgusting imperfection.

Of course everybody already knows this, they just choose not to think about it, instead the masses find comfort in religion and living out their lives as hardworking members of the infection. But if this is what a spiritual being is, if this is intelligence...then what is god?