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Title: 4hz
Post by: Ceriel N on March 31, 2004, 21:34:14
4hz is below hearable levels. Maybe you mean 40hz?

Title: 4hz
Post by: Transplutonian on March 31, 2004, 21:52:43
Sorry, I was referring to 4hz binaural and brainwave entrainment.

(I realize everyones reactions to particular frequencies may vary as far as specific effects like AP, etc.)

Title: 4hz
Post by: Nick on April 01, 2004, 03:01:54
Hi Transplutonian,

Welcome to the Astral Pulse forums! [:)] I do remember a long thread last year on this subject. Here's the link:

Very best,

Title: 4hz
Post by: Transplutonian on April 01, 2004, 13:16:29
Hi Nick,

Thanks for the welcome.

I finally found the exact thread I was looking for: Complete set of "Brain-Sync" BWGEN pre-sets.

Title: 4hz
Post by: OmQ on April 12, 2004, 21:15:56
I'm new to this forum, so I'll start by introducing myself.
My name is Q, I'm a 30 year old male from Norway.
I just wanted to add my findings regarding hemisync and AP:

I found this site with a lot of different freq. listed. 4Hz does not induce AP according to this list (unnless Extrasensory perception is your term for AP). The frq. listed for AP is in the Theta range, 6.3 Hz and 7.0 Hz. Any comment on this?
Check it out for yourself:  and

Try it out and enjoy[8D]

Title: 4hz
Post by: Transplutonian on March 31, 2004, 21:04:06

Yesterday, I spent a lot of time browsing the forums, and I ran across a thread somewhere about 4hz as an effective frequency for stimulating AP(among other things).

Now I can't find it(I've used search).

Anyway, does anyone have any input on the 4hz area being effective?