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Title: Etheric double? Spirit guide?.......
Post by: Transplutonian on April 08, 2004, 22:45:11
Hi DigitalMoon,

Fascinating experience...

It could have been a fellow astral traveler which you were able to perceive momentarily after being exposed to the OOBE state.

Title: Etheric double? Spirit guide?.......
Post by: ralphm on April 09, 2004, 02:46:50
A Guardian of the Threshold? From what RB said in an interview I got the idea that there are entities that make you think twice about projecting, not realy negs but some kind of filter to keep out the people easily scared?

Title: Etheric double? Spirit guide?.......
Post by: DigitalMoon on April 09, 2004, 16:25:47
Hi Ralphm

Thanks for the reply.  Iím curiousÖ that interview you spoke of where RB discusses the Guardian of the Threshold available here?  Sounds intriguing.

Too be honest, I donít feel this is what occurred.  I felt very excited and comforted when I sensed the presence.  Plus, the few times Iíve attempted astral projection, Iíve had (within a very short period of time) very positive experiences.  I also posted another topic under Astral Consciousness titled ďOBE techniques from dream guides?Ē in which I was given instructions in my dreams on how to project (with a technique I had never heard of).

Now, more than ever, I feel more drawn to AP.  Thatís why Iím a bit confused about what I saw and how I should utilize it (if it is something that can be utilized).  Of course, you could be correct.  Maybe I wasnít ready at the time and someone was keeping an eye on me until the time is right [;)]

Title: Etheric double? Spirit guide?.......
Post by: Eol007 on April 09, 2004, 19:10:43
Hi DigitalMoon,

Nice to see that you had a good SP experience and thanks for relating it! It is good to see other peopleís perspectives.

Here is another spin. From personal experience of a frightening sleep paralysis episode some 20 odd yrs ago, and from the comfort of learning other possibilities from reading AD and later having opportunity of talking to Robert Bruce  -  could it be that your green visitor was your own projected double (mine was more like moving object or point of light). This may seem to fit considering that the image faded before you regained use of your body. It is also interesting that your cat was not alarmed by the presence. Is it possible that your cat may have recognised a familiar energy, hence the avid attention. Without the sleep paralysis and your catís behavior I might have thought it to have been one of the other suggestions, although less likely the Guardian of the Threshold. Alternatively it may have been a spirit helper. The green aura is intriguing! As well as your feeling at the time, it would be interesting to know if you can remember if it had any particular shades and intensity. From my experience of working clairvoyantly (be it with human or with spirit) it is always a pleasure to be able to have opportunity to practice aura reading and enjoy having interactive communication using colour as a medium. Is this something that you have been developing since this experience?



Title: Etheric double? Spirit guide?.......
Post by: DigitalMoon on April 10, 2004, 02:27:49
Hello EOL007

Thanks kindly for your response.  Actually, this particular event is something I experienced a couple of years ago.  For some reason (by no means out of fear or disinterest), I didnít pursue AP any further (I still donít know why, as I was blown away by the experience).  Over the course of the last two years, Iíve sort of dabbled here and there with AP (and always get very interesting experiences after only a week or two of practiceÖ..although I didnít project).  Now, a voice inside of me is screaming at me to pursue AP consistently.

I remember the aura I saw as if it were yesterday.  It was a bright green with bright yellow mixed in.  The colors were very intense (a bright neon glow). The yellow seemed to be pulsing throughout the green.  I never thought to investigate the possible meaning of the colors at the time.  

That being said, Iíve always been interested in exploring the reading of auras and other psychic phenomenon as well as AP.  Do the techniques that one needs to practice go hand in hand with AP techniques?  I noticed Robert Bruce has a treatise on reading auras.  Should I begin here, or is it a bit to advanced for me at this stage?  I know meditation is a must in this pursuit.  Are there any techniques you would recommend?  I hope this isnít too many questions.  Because Iím a newbie, Iím just a bit overwhelmed with where to begin.  

Thanks again.  Take care [:)]


Title: Etheric double? Spirit guide?.......
Post by: Eol007 on April 10, 2004, 09:48:59
Hi DM,

A pleasure! I have to admit to dabbling as well and, do seem to get called back again and again to this fascinating subject. However, I am probably not best qualified to give advice specifically on AP. No doubt one of the more experienced AP experts will be able to give you better guidance! Although my feeling on aura work and AP is that they do very much go hand in hand.

With mediation practice I find it valuable to take time to sit on a regular basis, employing various forms depending on what I feel inspired to work on at the time. Although choose what you feel comfortable with. I also find it important and grounding to balance spiritual practice with regular daily life, and have found general exercise and physical yoga really beneficial.

Other than that, perhaps consider Robert Bruceís energy work such as his: New Energy Ways (NEW) method. Do you practice any style of body work for instance?

Thank you for sharing your experience. It must have been a significant turning point for you. The colours seem to come across in a very positive light. A highly potted interpretation is that green symbolizes service and energy, while yellow indicates wisdom. It would be unfair for me to over interpret you personal experience. But whether it was the aura of a helper or your own aura, I feel that it was likely that they were confirmation of qualities that you may have been working on, or had been asking for at that particular time and space in your life. It is good to reflect on past experience, but also to move on and enjoy fresh fields. I think that each of us develops our own mind map of symbols for the meaning of colour and for the aura. It is always a pleasure to learn something new each day. Hope you do as well!
Yes, do read Roberts Bruceís work and I hope you enjoy his treatise on the aura. When I started to take serious interest in my personal development my mind was like a sponge for information. For me it seemed easy to take on board what might seem like a tremendous range of concepts. For me, a resonant cord had been struck with experiences that I had been denying from earliest childhood. It was a revelation to be able to feel that I was not the only one out there. Although I can appreciate that it may seem overwhelming when there seems to be so much to learn. Now I just take things one day at time and enjoy the moment as it comes along.  

Keep following your intuition and good luck with your practice and growth.

Enjoy the journey(s)!

Kind wishes,


Title: Etheric double? Spirit guide?.......
Post by: ralphm on April 11, 2004, 03:18:10
DM, the idea of guardian of the threshold comes from art bell's first interview with Robert Bruce. I hope I got the idea of the guardian correct. The interview was available for download at one time.

Title: Etheric double? Spirit guide?.......
Post by: DigitalMoon on April 08, 2004, 19:41:32
Hello to all

Iíve been observing this wonderful discussion site for quite some time, but this is my first post.  

I was wondering if someone may have an idea as to what I experienced a while back while, for the first time, attempting astral projection.  

I had just purchased William Buhlmanís book Adventures Beyond the Body and began using the targeting technique when, only after one week of practice, I began experiencing the vibrational stage (it felt like a jet engine was roaring in my head).  Of course, I got too excited and snapped out of it.  I found myself in a state of sleep paralysis.

The experience probably would have ended there if it hadnít been for my cat (who sleeps on my chest at night).  He was sitting up stiff as a board looking intensely towards the corner of the living room.  I was just able to move my head to look over in the corner, and I saw the glowing green aura of a human figure.  I wasnít the least bit frightened.  In fact, I was quite amazed and excited.  After a few more moments had passed, my cat jumped off my chest, ran over to the figure, and sat directly in front of it, looking up towards its ďheadĒ.  The figure slowly faded from after about 15 seconds.  When I regained full use of my body, I immediately turned on the light and recorded the experience.  

Had it not been for my cat, I would most likely have written off this experience as hallucination carried over from the dream state.  But after my ďempiricalĒ cat verified this figureís presence, I believed otherwise.  Does anyone have any ideas or theories as to what I may have seen?  Iíve heard anywhere from an etheric double to a spirit guide.  Any other thoughts?  Thanks kindly [:)]