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Title: fringe benefits
Post by: volcomstone on May 20, 2004, 20:19:31
well first off boeing released a statement that "Anti-gravity propulsion comes ‘out of the closet’
sounds like hover cars aren't too far off.

call it alien intervention or fringe science but  this controversial scientist's webpage has simple kitchen material "Lifters"
plus a whole bunch of others who reproduced his designs

is it just simple physics? or a whole bunch of crack-pots?
I haven't built one , yet. [8]

and if a whole bunch of nerds have these cool designs, you can only imagine what boeing would have.
They might be made out of something MUCH heavier; like any other type of wood besides balsa. and maybe they double wrap the aluminum

and If you're clever enough to find his main page, you might be-able to discover how cold-fusion works. (no , I'M SERIOUS:)))))