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Title: Hello All & what direction do I take now?
Post by: steveb on July 01, 2002, 11:40:21
Greetings jimbo... welcome

You should be able to nut out what your looking for with the wealth of imformation and expierance that passes through these forums.

Robert Bruces, New system apears to give good results.

One thing with energy raising, no matter what you do, draw it in from here or there, move it from one chakra( centre ) to another, store it ect. You must compliment it in the physical if you wish to maintian and improve it.
You can get all your centres nice and balanced, but as soon as you get angry,lustfull, or over emotional ect, your energy system goes on auto and transfers it without you even knowing.

If one chooses to walk a true spiritual path, with hard internal investigations of oneself these gifts will come naturally.

James, could you expand a little further in relation to the lightning experiance.

Regards  Steve


Title: Hello All & what direction do I take now?
Post by: cainam_nazier on July 01, 2002, 15:11:18
"knowladge is power!" Learn!
"Understanding is wisdom!" Learn!

Learn as much as you can.  Before the perfection of any process you must first learn what it is and how it works.  Some things can not be used very well/ or at all with out finding the proper manual.  

And yes please do tell us about the lightning.  That statment was too well baited to let go of.

David Rogalski
I am he who walks in the light but is masked by the shadows.

Title: Hello All & what direction do I take now?
Post by: McArthur on July 01, 2002, 16:04:53
No-one has all the answers. We live in an extremely complex Universe. There are, of course, various maps along the way. The best map to follow is your own. Sometimes another persons map of reality will be of assistance, but never rely fully on other peoples perceptions. Thier Universe may not be your Universe. Following someone elses map to its conclusion may lead you to a simple piece of insight-- No matter how much people seem to know, none of us really know what is going on. I know i don't. Those who think they do are merely creating the illusion that they do in order to cope with the stress of not really knowing.
But creating ones own map at least gives one a sense of meaning in a confusing world.  Ordo Ab Chao.
Something that has helped me along the way is investigating the mysteries of synchronisities. I consider these to be little clues or hints from the Cosmos as to which direction may be of value to me. A good book that explains the basics of this is "The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure" by James Redfield.

As Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki said in a lecture i have linked below;

"The only truth to be found is a personal truth, the only findings worth anything are those you have found for yourself. The only knowledge worth having is what you have sought out, tried and tested by your own efforts."

Happy Travels :)

"The map *is* the treasure" - Arthur C Clarke

Title: Hello All & what direction do I take now?
Post by: James S on July 01, 2002, 22:49:20
Thanks for the replys. So long I have bottled things up....

Firstly - the lightning:

I used to live next to a fairly high hill that was on a small kind of peninsula in a large body of water (Gosford on the New South Wales Central Coast). Id often walk to the top as it was one of the highest points around, and had great 360 views.

One afternoon I was looking at some very strange cloud formations that were part of a storm brewing in the area. As usual when a storm develops I felt a real charge, but more so this time I felt compelled to go up to the top of the hill (not a real smart thing in a storm).

Being on top of the hill was the greatest thing with the storm swirling around me. I looked across to a point on the high ridge runnung around the area, and felt that lightning would strike (well, you wouldn't bet against it). It did strike - exactly where I looked. Again I focused my attention on point on the ridge, again it struck that point. I got a feeling things wer getting a little strange, so again I kind of pointed to a spot. Again the lightning struck exactly that point.

Nine times in a row I mentally pointed to a spot and that's where the lightning hit, and no where else. After that, I dont know what happened, I lost concentration or something. The lightning backed off to just sheet lightning after that, so I just stood there and soaked up the atmosphere.

Well, it was a long time ago now, but something I'll never forget. since then I've not had another experience that powerful, but from dreams, flashes of visions, and other things beyond the normal in my life, I know I'm tied up in something much bigger than just normal day to day life, but as yet I don't know what.

McArthur - wonderful comment!!
Your point is exactly why I felt uncomfortable in the churches I went to. You were expected to develop spiritually, but bound by the strictures of doctorines that allowed no compromise. I believe God, be it the christian God, Allah, or the conciousness of this universe (I don't believe any one definition is more or less accurate than the others) is a whole lot bigger than that. We were made as individuals. Guidence is good. Better if it doesn't confine your thoughts.

Another long one. Hope you're all patient readers. It feels good to tell someone!


James S
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Title: Hello All & what direction do I take now?
Post by: McArthur on July 02, 2002, 15:55:54
Hi James,
               i really enjoyed your story about the lightening, it reminds me of similar things i have experienced. One might say that the lightening *knew* you were watching it and werent afraid. Everything is alive in this Universe of ours, even seemingly inanimate rocks. Spirit is in everything and everything is spirit in various forms. When someone like yourself suddenly realizes this, the Cosmos will go to extraordinary lengths to let you know that It knows you are watching It. Not many people today see Nature in this way, science has explained away the magic of our early ancestors to such a degree that no-one observes thier surroundings anymore. Not many anyway. I often talk to nature and the Cosmos and it "talks" back in its own way. One has to learn a new kind of Inner language for this though because it is far more abstract than mere conversation. 'The Language of the Birds' i believe its called in the Esoteric tradition.
  I tend to see a lot of rainbows. Whenever it is raining and i see the sun come out i always go outside to look for the rainbow. I stand there watching its beauty like being in some roofless Cosmic Art Gallery, and the Cosmos knows i am watching. I look around and see people walking and driving in cars. They dont see the rainbow because not many people look up into the sky anymore. Too busy with day to day living to see the magic around them. I talk to the Sun and Moon and Stars too. When the Sun shines on me i acknowledge the spirit of the Sun, i say "hi there, yes ive noticed you, thanks for your light". The Cosmos enjoys having people to talk to.


p.s. A good book is "Signposts- the Universe is Whispering to You",  by Denise Linn.


Title: Hello All & what direction do I take now?
Post by: James S on July 02, 2002, 23:26:55
Hi McArthur,

What an absolutely wonderful way of looking at it! What you say makes sense.
In church I was always told how so many beliefs are wrong because they worship nature, that they are worshipping the creation, not the creator. That doesn't make sense, it's out of balance. I now believe that the two are one in the same - just as you say "Spirit is in everything and everything is spirit in various forms."

Man has embraced "techno-logic" and seeks to define everything with solid empirical data. Science unfortunately has become one of the most forceful and intolerant of religions in this age. Despite this I still look at things with a scientific appoach, but I use it to help me understand things, not disbelieve or disprove them. I once sat for a time under a large copper clad pyramid a friend had built. It was an amazing sensation - I could feel energy around me that was very invigorating. My scientific mind led me to think that this works as some kind of amplifier for energy fields around the earth that physicists haven't even begun to learn about yet. I'm sure one day technology will come up with a device that will be able to measure these fields, and we can all sit back and say "I told you so".

I so desire to learn more about, and work with these energies, and see what the universe wants to show me. I've started with the idea that I should work on seeing auras and learn more about them. This seems a common approach. The feeling I get from your input McArthur, is possibly not get too focused on any one approach, but see where the universe wants me to go. My trouble there is being more sure of understanding what it is I'm being told. Is there a good starting point that most people seem to agree on, or is this a kind of chicken & egg situation? I kind of feel the need to grasp hold of something definite and go from there.

Thanks for the input.

James S
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Title: Hello All & what direction do I take now?
Post by: James S on July 04, 2002, 02:28:23
Hello again,

I'm going to backpedal a little here and retract my last request for help, though if anyone has something they think might be of benefit to me  - I'm always open to ideas.

All the input I've recieved so far, just on this posting alone, answered my last question. I just couldn't see the forest for the trees. From reading more of the material in this site, pieces of the puzzle seem to be falling into place. I trust my intuition, it's served me very well to date, so I'll let it stear me. Less confusing that way!

James S
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Title: Hello All & what direction do I take now?
Post by: kakkarot on July 04, 2002, 03:01:45
i strongly suggest you start gathering energy. not "raising" as is defined in the NEW system as moving energy from your legs up your chakras and finishing off in your head, but drawing energy from nature around you and storing it in your body. your tale about the lightning seems "familiar" because i have had some instances where i just feel like i should do things and when i do them, something happens. but i usually run out of or low on energy so i can't keep doing it forever.

try tapping into nature and "asking" for energy, then trying to draw it into you. after you gain enough energy, and if my theory is right, you should be able to do that lightning thing again, you lucky #$#$@.  just kidding. i have been trying to get lightning to strike a number of times and it just never works. drat. but i always feel like i am not "connected" properly to it or that i don't have enough energy to do it.

good luck with your search, and if you want help with learning how to control your energy, just ask. i would be more than happy to help you. just know that i don't know everything :) even though i have learned a lot.


Secret of Secrets

Title: Hello All & what direction do I take now?
Post by: James S on July 04, 2002, 12:27:45
MANY thanks kakkarot!
Now there's a BIG piece of puzzle just fallen in place. Your thoughts also tie in beautifully with McArthur's comments on the natural world around us.
Its so obvious (no wonder I didn't see it). I felt so charged on that hill. Man, 21 years later and I'm only just finding out what was going on.

It all fits! As I think about it, one of the things I learned while spending time in churches was "Praying in the spirit" which I see as a form of drawing in energy. You can feel it around you and your skin tingles. I could sense it flowing through to my hands which could produce a lot of heat. Trouble was I could never get a handle on exactly what I should be doing, because I always felt confined by the churche's strict rules and ways of doing things. The ideas and direction I sought then just ended up having the minister praying over me to release the demons from me. Basically any spiritual gift not listed in the book of Acts in the New Testement - clairvoyance, PK, AP, telepathy, etc. are all branded the work of the Devil. So you can see how I've ended up so confused, not really knowing which way to turn.

To all who've responded to this newbie's desperate need to talk and find some direction, thank you all. It means a great deal to me to finally be able to find a group who are welcoming, willing to offer advice, and don't want to charge big dollars or demand tythes for their words.

kakarot - thanks for the invitation to help, and McArthur, I too love to stop and look at rainbows. Science can explain the technicalities of them, but it just can't explain the beauty or why they make us feel good.

James S
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Title: Hello All & what direction do I take now?
Post by: McArthur on July 04, 2002, 21:23:44
Hi James,  
 i thought i would post a link that gives some of the basic ideas behind the Celestine prophecy book i mentioned. Like most books there will be some things that may not feel right for you personally but it has a positive message and it was instrumental in getting me to seek out a spiritual path to start with. Some of the later books are not so good imo but the parable stories are worth a read;

Happy Travels



Title: Hello All & what direction do I take now?
Post by: James S on July 05, 2002, 07:57:47
Thanks McArthur.

I've heard the Celestine prophecy mentioned quite a few times here & there, and still don't know anything about it. Thanks for the link. I've got a rainy weekend coming up here in Melbourne, so it'll be a good time to do a bit of reading.

James S
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Title: Hello All & what direction do I take now?
Post by: distant bell on July 05, 2002, 20:08:32
Hi James!
If you whant some really inspiering books too read, I would
sugest Dion Fortunes novels such as The Sea Preastess and
Moonmagick.. They are the best books I have ever read.
And they contain alot of occult knowledge. I have read The Celestine Prophecy too, I liked it... but I still prefere Fortunes books.


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Title: Hello All & what direction do I take now?
Post by: James S on July 01, 2002, 06:02:16
Hello All,

This is my first message - time to tell my story & hope I don't bore everyone.

   I now know it's time to get serious about expanding my horizons. Since an incredible PK experience with lightning when I was 14 I've been fascinated with the paranormal, and thinking about the posibilities. But for many years, unfortunately only thinking, not doing.

   Through the years I've become increasingly aware of energies around me that I can only feel, from sudden empathic links to strangers, to standing under the focal centre of a large copper pyramid aligned to magnetic north (amazing sensation).

   After many years seeking answers in christian churches. I came away though feeling dispondent, because I felt the church trying to fit me into a mould, and make me like a sheep (a favourite christian analogy). I'm not a sheep, I didn't fit the mould. I did however witness some special moments there and my mind started opening up to the spirit world.

    A year ago I learned to properly tune in to a quiet, patient voice that had been in my mind for many years. My spirit guide then introduced himself to me, and has since encouraged me, given me insight, and made me laugh.

   I have spent some (not enough) time learning to see auras, with info from various books, and most recently Robert Bruce's guide. Robert's guide is the first I've read that brings a really intelligent approach, with sound reasoning and theory. A well written, informative article!

   I think I have part of a direction, but not too sure. I think I need to be learning more about energies, and how to work with them, but still feel I need some guidence, from people who have walked the path I am on.

   I had a very vivid dream last night that told me I have 4 years to get to it and learn. Something will happen in 4 years that I need to be ready for.

   Now for the first time I have found a forum where I believe I will get some direction and valuable info.

There you go. that's me tightly packed in a nutshell.
I would love to hear from anybody who would like to hear more, ask questions, or maybe has some feeling for where I might be headed. If anyone wants to talk (well, type really) more I just found my message box that looks made for this. Otherwise I can be reached at  


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