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Title: EM, Negs and Possession
Post by: RandomName on July 03, 2002, 23:22:17
Very good research McArthur. im very impressed with all the information you gathered. You said that the entity made the needle bounce as if it was morse code? Why not communicate with it that way? If this entity is friendly, tell it how to use morse code and ask it to spell out its name and such. My question is, does this presence scare you or attempt to harm you? If your trying to find a way to get rid of it, why not learn a bit more about this being first? I reccomend you learn some offensive and defensive techniques against spirits such as Psi Balls(notice my name?).

 I sometimes feel a weird presence that passes through my house once in a while. I beleive that these are usually just vagabond spirits. I can sense most spirits or other entitys in my general area that nobody else can. its  possible for anyone to learn this, but it takes time.

Since this being is around, i reccomend you research him/her. Find out its name,age when it died, family, etc. You may actually find an old newspaper clipping showing this persons death or some other event of importance. As in common sense, don't bite off more than you can chew. Try not to upset it, because a nonphysical entity can give you hell for a while until you learn to get rid of it. If its a friendly being, ask it to try not to terrify you by accident.  I would allow ANY friendly ghost to stay in my home as long as it doesn't harm or accidently scare me. Sounds goofy, but good luck. As for effecting EM fields or neutralizing them, I don't know of any simple ways. If your a religous person, asking a priest to your home to try and help or exorcise this ghost would be a good idea. I have my own methods that I would use. I wouldn't ask a priest myself because im Agnostic, but if your religous, go for it.

-Andrew(aka Psi)

Title: EM, Negs and Possession
Post by: kakkarot on July 04, 2002, 01:38:49
OUIJI BOARD!!!  :) (or however you spell it) try it. it might work.


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Title: EM, Negs and Possession
Post by: McArthur on July 04, 2002, 20:31:44
I thnk i need to state here that i bought the EM Meter to measure the EM fields and wasnt expecting the results i actually got from it. The only reason i "spoke" with this Entity is to actually be certain that is was making the needle move and it wasnt my overactive imagination. Once i was certain that the entity was somehow manipulating the Em fields i was picking up, i stopped. The entity in question is quite a nasty one and i wouldnt really expect any truth from it anyway. I know this through experience. The only reason i think it "played" with making the meter beep was because it was a new "toy" for it and it seemed to enjoy trying out its abilities to manipulate yet one more thing in the physical plane. It certainly wasnt doing it for my benefit.
  I have just finished reading PPSD and i totally agree with Robert that Ouiji boards and similar calling of spirits is a highly dangerous thing to do. I only did what i did because i knew i was gaining some inmportant reasearch on its abilities and the fact it was already there anyway. I consider calling spirits out of curiosity the height of folly and is one way of getting oneself into something i know would be regretted. I am speaking from experience here and hope any reading this take mine and Roberts advice.




Title: EM, Negs and Possession
Post by: Nita on July 05, 2002, 03:28:57
Hi Mark
   I always pick up on entities as having what I call a energy signature. It is a vibration, a series of notes(the more complex the entity the more complex the tune), colors, and a energy field. it doesn't suprise me that it can vary these factors.
   I do have to say that you are the only person I have worked on who got a EM meter and tried that to see if something was really there. I can now say I said something was there! You can say that also.
   I wouldn't interact with it or ask questions because that makes it where it can link with you even better.


Title: EM, Negs and Possession
Post by: James S on July 05, 2002, 13:49:37

I know two sure-fire ways to protect yourself, but I don't really think you'd enjoy either wrapping yourself up in electrical degaussing coils, or spending your days inside a Faraday Cage

But seriously, if your looking to remove EM fields your looking for something like a crystal  Bioelectric shield. There are a lot of snake oil peddlers, but the  bioelectric shields at least have a basis in physics (Bragg's law -  x-ray diffraction using a crystal lattice - later also tested using microwaves)

They're not cheap, but they seem to get results.

You can check out these sites if you want to look in to it more:

James S
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Title: EM, Negs and Possession
Post by: McArthur on July 05, 2002, 14:57:13
Originally posted by James S:
I know two sure-fire ways to protect yourself, but I don't really think you'd enjoy either wrapping yourself up in electrical degaussing coils,

Now theres an idea i would certainly give a try. Its not so much about having to stay in the coils, its more to do with getting a really strong *pulse* of some kind of field (or degausser) to see if it affects this entity or not. The very weak EM field given off by my beard trimer seems to do something, so i need something with a bit more Umph to it. I know this sounds like Sci-Fi and a little crazy but its all i have to go on right now. And i bet those damn coils are expensive too.


 or spending your days inside a Faraday Cage

I wonder if the entity could be trapped inside a small cage like this though. That would depend on if the Entity is EM in nature or not. I know it alters the EM field, but this doesnt mean to say that it IS the EM field.

But seriously, if your looking to remove EM fields your looking for something like a crystal  Bioelectric shield. There are a lot of snake oil peddlers, but the  bioelectric shields at least have a basis in physics (Bragg's law -  x-ray diffraction using a crystal lattice - later also tested using microwaves)

They're not cheap, but they seem to get results.

Ouch! :) Youre right, theyre not cheap. If i was a millionaire i would sure give it a shot to see if they do anything. I think i need a wealthy benefactor to help me set up a Mad Scientists Laboratory... :)

Nita::  Yes, i agree with what you say about not interacting with it. And yep, i actually have objective proof that this thing exists.  I wish i knew if it *was* partly EM in nature or wether it is just able to affect the EM field. I guess i will find out when i figure out out to affect the EM fields myself. I figure that IF it is EM in nature and i am able to build something that gives off a strong enough EM pulse or degausser, it might make it let go. I am now going to be dreaming of building a futuristic ElectroMagnetic Stun Gun so i can walk around zapping negs hehe.

So do we have any Physics wizkids on the Forum? Anyone want to help me build an anti-neg stun gun? :)

so lets see what we have here;

1. This entity is able to manipulate EM fields.

2. Health authorities are able to manipulate Em fields.

3. Using subtle differences in the Em fields the health authorities are able to make patients experience depression or the divine or a "presence" or other hallucinations.

4. Therefore this entity, in order to affect humans, must be doing something similar to the health authorities. If i am right and this is what it is doing, then it would be able to create all sorts of illusions and hallucinations.


p.s. I'm working on the self-exorcism. Maybe i'll add to the other thread regarding that.

Title: EM, Negs and Possession
Post by: Tom on July 05, 2002, 15:10:10
Computers and fluorescent lights have electromagnetic fields, too. It is hard to avoid small levels of EM fields. When I went walking between cities the large currents in the power lines usually had unpleasant consequences for listening to an audiocassette player. The tape player picked up the radiation and converted it to noise. Large currents carried between cities have to be brought back down to what can be used in homes and schools in power substations. Maybe there is one near you. These substations would have larger EM fields than anything for home use. They are also closer to the ground than the large power lines I walked under with my tape player.


Title: EM, Negs and Possession
Post by: kakkarot on July 05, 2002, 20:03:21
"Ouiji boards and similar calling of spirits is a highly dangerous thing to do". yeah, but what fun is life without some excitement?  ;)

i mean, if worse comes to worse with the entity, you could always banish, destroy (or as close to destroying as you can get), beat-up-really-bad, or scare it. but then, you could do all those things anyway right? :)

oh well, i guess my sense of fun is just not normal.  (in fact just yesterday i wanted to go to a node of energy that "belonged" to someone powerful, and try to lock it off. just for the fun of what would come next  :P  ).


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Title: EM, Negs and Possession
Post by: James S on July 05, 2002, 23:56:23
Degaussing coils are common enough and cheap enough. Every monitor & TV has them to demagnetize the picture tube. Trouble here is they only work on fairly low EM frequencies. I've got nothing to back me here, but I've often guessed that the more etheric energy forms tend to operate in frequencies that are orders of magnitude above the range that man made devices work at. Your field detector will show the strength of a field, but will it show frequencies? Unfortunately dealing with the frequency is kind of the key.

One thing you might want to investigate is somehow make use of Iron. Iron objects have long been used against demons and other evil spirits by many practices and beliefs. Knowing what Iron does to electrical fields there's got to be something in this. Ferrite based objects are about the only things that will muffle EM fields of any frequency (those black beads that you often see around a monitor's video cable are there to soak up stray radiation to stop it messing with your TV or radio).
It's a guess, but I hope it helps.

Good luck. I hope you can nail this thing soon (no pun intended).

James S
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Title: EM, Negs and Possession
Post by: Ides315 on July 06, 2002, 00:07:44
Hi, all.

Kakkarot, careful dude. One of these days you will find what you are looking for, and a challenging fight will ensue. Good luck to you. Kinda reminds me of something similiar to myself 10+ years ago.

To all: Does anyone have any experience with ion generators? We have some personnal experience, and they seemed to work very well to combat negative "atmosphere". I have also heard of people using ion cannons to remove strong negs from people. This method involved placing the neg entity into a crystal (big & perfect), and then shattering the crystal and scattering the pieces to the four corners.

Just thought I would mention it. The only real side effect was that our walls were coated in a black "soot" in about 2 months. Once exposing ourselves to the generators, much better moods were mantained in the house. I actually laughed (real laughter) for the first time in months after we got them. They are cheap, though I would recomend the airpurifier type, it keeps the soot down by collecting it.

Take care


Title: EM, Negs and Possession
Post by: kakkarot on July 08, 2002, 18:17:22
don't worry about me ides; i get all the fighting with spirits/demons i want, when i want it   ;)  .

but to get rid of negative entities, i just like to beat the snot out of them. they leave and stay gone  :)  .  unless they bring back friends, but that's when you beat them up too  :)  .  jeez, i'm just a loony, aren't i?  ;)

as for whether em fields have an effect on spiritual beings; well, there are many types of energy in the world, and they all seem to be able to interact with one another in some manner, given the right conditions. or maybe it is that there is one energy in the world and it acts and feels like different forms of energy based upon the properties that it has at the time someone uses it. who knows, who cares?  :)  it's all philosophy from there.


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Title: EM, Negs and Possession
Post by: McArthur on July 10, 2002, 17:23:10
Please read my post at the following URL about spirit "voices" recorded on magnetic tape!!

comments in either forum are welcomed!!


Title: EM, Negs and Possession
Post by: McArthur on July 10, 2002, 17:49:43
And there is more!

Robert, as well as other sources, say that bright Light is detrimental to negs. Robert states as an example of this in his book how spiritualists have to work in darkness for ectoplasm to manifest. He suggests that Light is detrimental to ectoplasm but does not offer a thoery as to why.

Here is why. Light is a form of electromagnetic radiation, which thus somehow affects the negs/spirits ability to manifest!

Title: EM, Negs and Possession
Post by: IlmariL on July 11, 2002, 02:16:45
I must say this thread is quite interesting. I don't really know that much about physics, but I got this idea... I've been wondering that if the negs and other entities can manipulate EM fields, why wouldn't they try to communicate through eg. a monitor or TV screen? The answer could be in the iron and ferrite effect on EM fields. Monitors and all fragile parts are well protected from 'interference', so they are probably well protected against weak EM manipulation too. Could it be possible to remove these protections from eg. a monitor or something, when a spirit is present, and ask it to try to communicate through it? This could take spirit communication to a totally new level from knockings and morse coding things, since with practice the spirit might be able to manifest complicated imagery to the monitor screen.
But I don't really know anything about these things, but that just popped into my mind (which isn't working too well anymore, it's 6:15am, it's been 24 hours since I last slept :).

Title: EM, Negs and Possession
Post by: kakkarot on July 11, 2002, 18:07:32
maybe scientists need complete dark to "manifest" ectoplasm because the ectoplasm is so subtle in its appearance that too much light illuminates the objects behind it better than it, thereby rendering it invisible to the human eye. by getting rid of the light (or most of it), the eye does not dull itself in its perception of light and therefore can see the more subtle light given off by the ectoplasm. just a thought.


Secret of Secrets

Title: EM, Negs and Possession
Post by: Nita on July 12, 2002, 03:36:55
Hi Mark
   I got in touch with Romero and told him your problems. He says to write him. I sent a email to you but kept getting message delayed so if you read this write me and let me know. I told him you were going to be closer to him.


Title: EM, Negs and Possession
Post by: McArthur on July 12, 2002, 13:11:24
Thanks Nita,   i just sent him an email, lets see if he gets it this time. I am beginning to wonder about my email account and why certain people dont seem to be recieving them. Paranoid? Maybe. The silent phone calls i get arent helping.

I have given Romero my web email at because i wont be able to access my POP account from Spain.
If for some reason i have trouble sending or recieving emails, do you think he would mind conversing on these Forums?

Thanks again for your help.

Mark (McArthur)
You can take my heart but you cant take my Freedom!

Title: EM, Negs and Possession
Post by: Nita on July 16, 2002, 04:12:37
Hi Mark
   I will probably start using both email addy's because I had the mail returned a couple of times now. Romero is a very busy person so I doubt he would be able to post to the forums. I wish you good luck on this.


Title: EM, Negs and Possession
Post by: Metal Ice on May 06, 2003, 18:38:09
Mac arther, you're very intelligent to have figured out
the link between elecromagnetic fields and psychic
attacks. Psy. attacks are an electomagnetic.  I have
the buzzing in my head (annoying) from the connection a
living psychic vampire has to me. The buzzing is getting
slowly weaker. It weakens as I try not to think of him .
Your electric razor must have been on  a different
frequency in the electromagnetic field & disrupted whatever
field was effecting you . We need to change our frequency
to get free of the buzzing. I shall try the essential oil "joy"
next because it's supposed to have the highest frequency. I'll
see if my situation improves.

[^] Whatever does'nt kill you will make you stronger or insane

Title: EM, Negs and Possession
Post by: McArthur on May 06, 2003, 21:19:35
Hiya [:)]

Thankyou for the compliment. Do you have a link to a thread here that describes your situation for me? I havent been on the boards for a while.

As far as "living vampires" go... i have a theory about this. Those that are psi vamps may have a resident neg feeding off them which in turn forces them to look for energy from others. I also think their resident negs are feeding bovine excrement into their minds about them being "different" from others with special powers and teaching them how to feed off other peoples' energy. I have delved into the "vampire" community a little and done some studying. The negs want as much energy as possible so if they show their victims how to get more energy then the negs get more energy too.

So your attacker may also be a victim from what ive read from you so far. "Forgive them for they know not what they do."

Forgiving your attacker in this case, if s/he is human, might be the best course to take.

I wish you well. Dont give in without a fight!


"I can live for two months on a good compliment"- Mark Twain.

Title: EM, Negs and Possession
Post by: Metal Ice on May 07, 2003, 14:51:42
My thread is "help , a psychic vampire has his
fangs in my aura at night".
I have  a nightstalker. i come up with & use
suggestions of all kinds. At first, I was terrified
& helpless. He does what he does out of hate, anger
failure to get what he wants. Lives in my building.

He went to jail for a month & still was able to steal
my energy. I used to feel negs hanging around on his floor.
Me & another guy there banished them. They thrived on my fear.
He's a black sorcerer into chaos & la caribbe. He made my
temperature rise (really creepy & scary). I never
felt so helpless in my life. He put walls of pressure & fear
around me. But, NO MORE OF THAT!  I can now slam a black
magic attack into the wall with my mind. No
black magician can ever scare me again. But
my aura is in danger & I have to patch all the
time. I wake up & my hands are numb & I hurt for awhile.
Sick of it!  I will never stop fighting him & he's getting
mad cause he gets less energy.
I shall try to battle possible negs too maybe?
Just in case. Yes, it's interesting to infiltrate
the ranks. I found out from one of their psi vamp
websites that some of them CANNOT STAND HEMITITE.
It does'nt stop the one bugging me though.I have a
necklace of it.  Sorry this is so long. Are you making
strides with your neg?
My sister is chemical engineer. I asked how one
would disrupt Electro magnetic energy which is
what psy attacks are. She said copper wiring with a
current or industrial magnets. Are they safe?
Also, look under Geopathic stress. Same thing as
electromagnetic. There's a website  a Feng shui
guy has up that says he clears geopathic stress including
psy attacks. some sell those expensive necklaces made
of gold, silver, chyrstal, steel ect. Steel & iron
braek up attacks & that explains why. Hemitite
is supposed to protect aginst psy attack
geopathic stress from computers.

Title: EM, Negs and Possession
Post by: McArthur on July 03, 2002, 22:49:51
For quite some time now i have known that certain Inorganic Entities can be somehow linked to Electro Magnetic fields. I remember reading online on some paranormal investigator website of how "Ghost hunters" will take an EM meter with them to alert them of some presence. For instance;
"It is also believed that ghosts are Electro-magnetic in origin. The energy a ghost gives off will cause a disruption in the location's magnetic field, which then becomes detectable using a measuring device. The instrument used to detect this is called an Electro-Magnetic Field Detector."

So i decided to buy one because i have some kind of presence around for a while now. As soon as i recieved it and turned it on i started picking up large fluctuations in the EM spectrum. The actual meter i used is the Natrual Trifield EM Meter and is specially designed to filter out man-made EM fields (hence the term Natural).

This can be used to measure *changes* in local EM field and is popular with Paranormal investigators. I was picking up changes in the EM field of around 5 to 6 microteslas. Then, all of a sudden, the EM field started going haywire, the needle was flicking from zero to 5 like morse code, and the tone on the meter was going beep beep beep! I knew it was the entity doing this and told it to do 1 beep for yes and 2 beeps for no. AND IT DID IT. I have witnesses to this.
  So anyway, not only do i know that the EM field changes when an entity is present, i know that, whatever IT is, it can *make changes to the EM field as and when it wants to*. How it does this is far beyond me right now, i just know, with scientific proof, that it can. Here is something i noticed though. The Meter is made only to pick up *changes* in the Em field. After a few seconds of any change the needle should *normally* go back to zero until yet *another* change occurs. But this entity was able to keep the needle on 5 microteslas for as long as it liked, THEREFORE, it must have been *oscillating* (vibrating?)the actual EM Field to keep the needle in that position!
For instance. I tried holding a magnet near the EM Meter to repeat what the entity was doing and i was unable to do it. Every time i put the magnet near the meter, the needle would move and then go straight (within 1 second) back to zero. So not only is this entity capable of manipulating the EM field it can also somehow oscillate it. Im not too up on physics and need to research this more but doesnt this mean it is changing the frequency of the field?

Something else i noticed. I have an electric beard trimmer, and i started to notice than when i was using my trimmer, the *buzzing* sound in my ears/head would almost disappear. I used my EM meter to measure what type of field the trimmer was giving off and it was in the EM range. Furthurmore, using the beard trimmer, i was able to make the needle on the meter stay at around the 6 Microtesla mark and stop it from returning back to zero. Somehow i believe that an oscillating EM field is able to interfere with what this entity was doing to me, buzzing in head with a numb feeling.

I just did a search on EM fields and brain chemistry due to something i read in another post here and came up with some VERY interesting information. Read this;
(a snippet)
"We can use TMS to prevent people from seeing a visual stimulus or make it hard for them to speak", he says. They can also make people move their limbs without any voluntary control."


"In scientific terminology, he uses a specific, precisely timed, repetitive signal - one dubbed the "Thomas Pulse" - to create a "sensed presence" in the test subject's brain. Some volunteers have reported feelings of pleasant detachment, while others have broken into a panic, convinced the test chamber is "hexed". And some have had direct experience of the divine. "

I now believe that one of the ways negs control or affect thier victims is through the manipulation of subtle EM fields. In the above where it mentions they managed to "make people move their limbs without any voluntary control" is so similar to possession experiences that i am totally convinced that this is partly how negs take over Human beings. My tingling and buzzing sensations in my head are a result of this neg trying to directly interfere with the brain and the electrical impulses as well as (possibly) brain chemistry using its ability to manipulate subtle EM fields just like the Health authorities are now learning to do.

This is not to say that these entities are EM in nature, i dont know this, but they CAN manipulate EM fields.

Does any of what i have written make sense? Please add your comments good or bad.

Now i need to find out if there is any way of neutralising an Em field, or at least something that can affect an Em field. Any ideas?