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Title: The spirit of a young man
Post by: kakkarot on July 11, 2002, 18:03:44
dig up your floor board and find out what's down there.


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Title: The spirit of a young man
Post by: Qball on July 11, 2002, 21:52:30
There is a thick layer of cement under the basement floorboards.
Unfortunately I will have to wait until this house,which is my parent's house, becomes mine before I can see if there is someone or something under the cement.
Or when  I have more mastery over astral projection I will call upon my guardians and project to that spot where I saw the cage being lowered into the ground.
There isn't anything I can do until then.

Title: The spirit of a young man
Post by: Qball on July 11, 2002, 22:00:51
I forgot to mention this in my previous post.
My bedroom is on the main floor, but there is always a lot of spirit activity in the bedroom below me. Sometimes I hear groans coming from the basement bedroom and movement or stuff being moved when nobody in a physical body is in that room.
Dogs are not comfortable in that basement bedroom, and one time when my Mother was sleeping down in that room she felt a spirit punch her. She was on the bed and the spirit punched her from underneath the bed. That happened about four years ago.
I have been putting various layers of protection around and in this house for the last three years, and yet I still hear graons coming from that room.

Title: The spirit of a young man
Post by: Nerezza on July 11, 2002, 22:45:52
Have you tried researching the history of the house/area? I once lived in an area that was extremely violent and it seemed to make the house I was living in pretty freaky.


Title: The spirit of a young man
Post by: Qball on July 12, 2002, 03:23:33
Just stuff about the farms that were here before these houses were here. The beginnings of this city. Stuff like that.
I imagine if a person was buried underground in a cage it likely would  have happened before the farms were here. If that vision was meant to be taken literally he is probably buried quite a distance underground.  I really don't see a way of finding that out until I can Ap.
What puzzles me is why I still hear a few groans coming from that room.
every so often. I have protection around this house.
 Lots of taps on walls, pictures, the swimsuit calendar and furniture in my room over the last month.
I do know a lot of portals to spirit dimensions open up in this area.  With the help of my guardians I've closed three or four portals already in the last year.
People I know in this area have had things happen in their houses. One fellow was a skeptic until he saw a kitchen drawer open by itself.

Title: The spirit of a young man
Post by: Nita on July 12, 2002, 03:25:16
Hi Qball
   The herbs bay leaves and angelica prayed over and then sprinkled in the corners of the room will help. Majoram absorbs negativity and should be vacumned or swept up every week if it is sprinkled on the floor of the house. Don't believe anyone else about what the house is built over research it. You can find information in the library about the area.
   Most ghosts just don't know how to get to the place where they enter the afterlife. They are stuck because of their worries and anxieties in the place where they died or lived.


Title: The spirit of a young man
Post by: Qball on July 12, 2002, 09:49:25
Hello Nita.
Thanks I'll try that.

  So the spirit of the young man who was lowered into the ground is stuck here? I wonder if he was really buried alive or if he was trying to show me he is stuck. He's not the first earthbound spirit that's entered this house. I know very little about rescue work. I know a lot more about fighting negative spirits though.

The protection,which I wear was getting very warm. Almost hot as I attempted to communicate with a spirit that taps on stuff. It also rustles plastic bags, and I suspect it is the exact same spirit that rattled the kitchen drawer and taps on the pots and pans in the kitchen. As I tune into this spirit I am not getting the best feeling in the world.  

I still don't understand how anything can get into this house
 I put a very powerful spell of protection around this property every month. I will ask my guardian angels and spirits for extra protection anyhow.

Another unusual visitor. A German fighter pilot from WW2 walked into my room. He looked at me then he had a model of an Me262 in his hands. That was one of the first fighter jets ever made. He placed the model of the jet on the top of my dresser. The model was like him. Something from the spirit world.
I felt nothing bad or evil about this man. I assume he is trying to tell me something by showing me the model of the WW2 German fighter jet. This is interesting. As I am writing this about him, I see him and I can see his mouth moving, but I can't hear what he is trying to tell me.

Title: The spirit of a young man
Post by: kakkarot on July 13, 2002, 01:15:43
maybe the fighter pilot is lonely and wants to talk.

as for the "tapping spirit"  :)  , if you don't like how he feels, ask him to leave. if he doesn't tell him to get out of your house (if MAY have been his in the past, but it isn't anymore since he is dead and just has to live with that). and if he starts making a fuss about that, fight him and boot him out.

regarding the spirit in the ground, call him up to you and ask him to bring the cage. if you ever see the cage again, try to break it; this might free him, if he needs freeing. then give him a prayer for his passing away so that he can have the death ceremony he might want. just some thoughts.


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Title: The spirit of a young man
Post by: Qball on July 13, 2002, 06:05:10
I called to the spirit in the ground. Instead of actually seeing him appear in my room as I did the first time I saw him. He appeared in my mind's eye after I called to him.  
What I saw was him in that cage, so I tried numerous methods of opening that cage. Finally after an hour when I was about to rest and try again later an image of the cage opening flashed into my mind.  
The other spirit was tapping before I started to help the spirit in the ground, and when I started to help the spirit in the ground the tapping stopped. After I received the image of the cage opening the tapping resumed. I wonder if the two incidents are related.
Now all I need is some kind of prayer. The only prayer I say is a prayer of thanks when I eat meat.

Title: The spirit of a young man
Post by: Person on July 17, 2002, 19:47:39
Looks like you know what you're doing.  You said though, you know little about rescue work and more about fighting them.  I reluctantly found myself doing rescue work before I even stopped being skeptical about it.  Now, my spirit guides are Sending me people to be freed from themselves.  Maybe your area isnt whats attracting spirits, but the service you provide is?
I think the guy in the cage has a strong belief that he deserves hell, and his subconscous provides an image of him being taken away to it.  Since he's still around, ill bet the scenario just ends with him sinking away into darkness, and repeats itself.  Unless he's gone already, try talking to him.  Ask him if he's ready to go to heaven or something.  Explain that he's a good person trapped in his own self despair.  Usually that's enough to bring enlightenment, and they can take care of themselves from there...
Ever see the movie Frighteners?  The 'bad guy' is a dark ghost seen as Death, flying around as a murky blackness.  Once the situation becomes more personal, it takes the form of the real person that had died.  The tapper might be similar.  If it wont speak to you, do this... visualize a ball of shimmering, radiant white light, like the kind you saw in your room.. make it the most intense brightness you can... and throw it at them!  The high vibration seems to have a harsh reaction with their low vibration, and will shock them into submission.  If youre good at visualization, putting a sphere of this substance around you is the best protection ive found.
Another helpful hint is realizing that to them, you dont always look like you.  They might be so wrapped up in their personal dilemmas that their subconscious paints you as thier enemy, love, mother, or whatever figure they're most focused on.  Maybe the military guy is still trying to teach his cadets the only way he knows how.  White light can also blast away negativity.  Try it on the guy's cage if he still has one and see what happens.  
Good luck!


Title: The spirit of a young man
Post by: Qball on July 18, 2002, 08:39:06
Thanks. Maybe that would explain why this place has so many earthbound spirits.
A woman did come here about five years ago to do rescues, and she said that there were thousands upon thousands, and she saw layer after layer of these earthbound spirits here. She told me she was able to rescue a few hundred.
I don't know if this has anything to do with earthbound spirits, buy a ley line runs near this house.
I also saw a man who was walking around in pitch blackness. Another earthbound spirit I assume? What I was able to see the clearest were his glasses.
Yesterday morning I saw the following: A man who had his mouth wide opened. I wasn't comfortable with this spirit and I pushed him away as fast as I could. His mouth was stretched opened beyond normal. Three times.

Title: The spirit of a young man
Post by: Kristen on July 19, 2002, 21:01:58
Hi Qball -

Odd question for you - what did the guy's glasses look like?

And, I'm wondering, if the dream/vision symbolism about the man in the cage might be pointing to someone's buried cremated remains - an "ossuary of bones."

Just some thoughts....

take care,


Title: The spirit of a young man
Post by: Qball on July 20, 2002, 03:34:47
His glasses had thin silver frames, but they were the shape of those safety glasses with the thick black plastic frames.  

Title: The spirit of a young man
Post by: Kristen on July 21, 2002, 19:36:11
Hi Qball -

Hmmm....  I don't know.  I thought that maybe there was an odd chance that I  had seen "someone" similar to what/who you saw....  I saw a person in a hypnopompic vision peering at me through what looked like the wrong end of a telescope - through a lense in other words, and the person had glasses on that were black heavy-rimmed "nerd" glasses.

Maybe I'm on a wild-goose chase....  anyway, thanks for replying :)

take care,



Title: The spirit of a young man
Post by: Qball on July 11, 2002, 02:29:08
I guess this would fit under this subject the best.
One night I was lying on my bed when I saw a young man appear at the right side of my bed.
He was crying. Before I could ask him why he was so upset I heard a loud clanking sound coming from the floor of my room on the left side of my bed.
I turned and I looked to see what was making this noise. What I saw startled me. On and in the floor was a rusty steel grate, which was slowly opening. Once the grate was fully opened a rusty steel cage slowly rose up out of the opening in the floor.  
This is the part I am unsure of writing about. Then I saw the young man in the cage, and the cage was being lowered into the opening in the floor. Once the cage was completely out of my view the grate closed and vanished.
I do not believe in the Christian view of the aftelife.
What did I see that night?  Did I see some past event? An earthbound spirit?
A psychic told me that the houses in this area were built over an old graveyard or an old battlefield.