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Title: invisibility
Post by: mooney_1888 on October 22, 2004, 15:19:13
does anyone know any spells to become invisible or the use of crystals anything

Title: invisibility
Post by: Leannain on October 22, 2004, 16:31:43
they physical body cannot become invisible.

Title: invisibility
Post by: Archnea on October 22, 2004, 17:31:55
I have accidentally become invisible twice in my life. I drink lots of cafix, which has chicory. Later I found out it is used for spells of invisibility. I also sometimes wear a cats eye crystal also found out they are used for that purpose as well.

The two times it happened to me I was sitting in a trance and startled two different people (in different situations) when they entered the rooms that I was in and did not see me, until I spoke to them. (They have both been spooked by me since.)

Title: invisibility
Post by: pod_3 on October 22, 2004, 21:19:38
What was the nature of your thoughts during this trance?

Title: invisibility
Post by: AuraMassageArt on October 23, 2004, 03:20:05
"does anyone know any spells to become invisible or the use of crystals anything"

I once became invisible to my brother who walked through and stayed in the living room where I was for about 5 to 10 minutes, before he saw me even though I was clearly visible to him. This happened when I was about 15, about 20 years ago.

I did it by focusing the mind in such a way, as to create the illusion in reality that I was hidden even though I was in plain sight.

He Really could Not find me for like 5 to 10 minutes even though I was actually sitting in a chair in plain sight of him.

I was experimenting with this book of mental imagery that I am still trying to find. It was written 20 to 25 years ago, and the hardback version of it without the cover was red. It was about 6 by 9 inches.

It was very into creating physical results through specific use of the mind.
It was very fascinating! I tried three things I can remember from it and they Worked!
It also dealt with out of body experiences, beside some kind of love visualizations.

There were NO herbs or crystals or potions of any type. Only the way you thought about things, and your intentions. Your thoughts were prime time mentally. Visualizations, etceteras were like fuel to the fire.

If anybody knows the book I am talking about please share. I'm trying to find it again but, don't remember too much about it.

Title: Thanks every one for sharing
Post by: AuraMassageArt on October 23, 2004, 03:42:01
Thanks every one for sharing

Title: invisibility
Post by: Archnea on October 27, 2004, 06:27:26
Quote from: pod_3
What was the nature of your thoughts during this trance?

I can't remember it was 16 years ago. I think I was thinking about my art and something I wanted to create. I was doing a lot of painting back then and one of the people who walked in on me was a man who bought a painting I made for $200.

Title: invisibility
Post by: zaicer on November 08, 2004, 04:05:32
I don't think you can really become invisible. (Unless you have acces to a star-trek cloak)
I do think that you can put your "shields" up. In this state you are visible but people don't seem to see you. Somewhat like in the Bible when the apostles didn't recognize Jesus althea they spoke to him.
I just do it by giving myself an order (or flipping a mental switch) "shields up" and then you have to do "Shields down"

I never tried the opposite, turning your visibility up. Maybe I'll try it next time when I hit the club. :D

Title: invisibility
Post by: alucard on November 14, 2004, 20:24:41
when i was younger i used to experiment with "potions" oninsects before trying them myself.  i had many very odd results, one being that the fly turned invisible, i could still hear it buzzing inside of the jar, but it was invisible.  to bad i was ignorant and did not write down the formula.

Title: invisibility
Post by: Hyperblu on November 14, 2004, 23:58:57
to become invisible is actually quite easy than i thougt but in this way that im going to explain is just a psychologic trick.
we can read peeps minds and so on and even talk to eachother  in our minds.  what you have reach is this  point where you can do all that. the thing is that you say  to them in (in your mind)  that you are totally invisible and that they  dont see  you. what happens  in that point is that you actually  wont  be invisible but  theyrs mind wont register you. i mean  they see you but theyrs brain wont notice you. you can do what ever you want and they   dont just see  or get  that you  actually are there.
thats  the mind  control trick. with lots of will-power i bet everybody can do that.

we all can be manipulated in that  way... i can even say to you that  go and drink water and  next second you will find yourself doing that.

the other part:
(energies,  vibrations and so on)

i've never been invisible...
but as much i know in theory then it cant be so  impossible.. everything that exist have enery... Controlled Energy  and as we all know its possible  to control a bit of that energy like moving thins with your mind...
so what i mean is that you  must really be able to control that controlled energy.
but it wont be easy cause we all know that energy is  vibrations and  we peeps see only a little frequence of those vibrations (just like light we dont see infra  and ulstra and so on)

"By taking energy and control it fully you can form what fysical object you ever want"

Title: invisibility
Post by: alucard on November 15, 2004, 23:27:32
like that Alec balwin movie, "The Shadow".  great flick.

Title: invisibility
Post by: pod_3 on November 18, 2004, 05:04:43
Yes. There are a number of spiritually-visible circuits between people which can be broken.

Title: invisibility
Post by: aleshah on November 18, 2004, 09:23:48
i believe i can..., i just need to hide my physical body properly and blur my aura.

Title: invisibility
Post by: Sentential on November 22, 2004, 03:59:10
There are a number of ways to do it. But frankly I wouldnt call it invisibility, more like camoflauge. People can still see you, instead it just doesnt mentally register, thus they ignore you.

This applies to both spirits and physical.

Title: invisibility
Post by: Tyciol on November 24, 2004, 06:41:42
Either you make people not see you by affecting their minds, make the light pass right through you (thus not bounce off of your, making you invisible), or bend the light around you. In the latter two cases, you will be blind, since the light won't touch your eyes. You would then need to see via some other way (like that auric vision people talk about) or, bend the light around everywhere BUT the eyes, in which case you can see, but people can see your eyes.

Title: INvisibility relates to being visible within but not withOUT
Post by: AuraMassageArt on November 25, 2004, 04:55:24
I have experienced it once.
I agree that you can still see yourself although, you are camouflaged in a way.
It all comes through mental power alone as far as I can see. It takes focus to "hide" yourself, yet you can be masked in being noticed even though you are in plain sight of others.

Title: invisibility
Post by: pod_3 on November 26, 2004, 20:33:46
Yes, but the idea is to hide yourself from lightsources, too

Title: invisibility
Post by: Sentential on November 29, 2004, 02:21:37
Quote from: pod_3
Yes, but the idea is to hide yourself from lightsources, too

That is theorically impossible. If you hide light there would be no way to see outward, unless you were pulling the light in.

Title: invisibility
Post by: Hyperblu on December 01, 2004, 00:09:39
i discovered yesterday the ultimate tool how to success with everything you want to do or what ever.

you need to  remove all those doubts that you have  about yourself  or your abilities. you have to know that you CAN do it. don't believe cuz believe has  doubts in itself  only KNOW that you can.

what i also discovered how to make it easier to KNOW that i CAN DO what i want is actually  quite simple but takes a while till you reach the point you have  no doubts at all.
you need to visualize.
visualize every move  every feeling emotion and so on. go into detalis and really  live in that visual "movie" that you created with your mind.
also  visualize how you came across all your doubts.
when you are done... think that "I did it for first time... i really made it"
its always the  first time experience you need... to convince yourself/mind that you are able to do things.

so belive strongly that you can and KNOW that you are able.
and remember... even if you have smallets doubts about yourself it won work. (just like swimming.. you know  that you can swim and you can but if you start to have doubts hen you'll fail)

Title: invisibility
Post by: pod_3 on December 01, 2004, 21:37:26
Yes, we automatically use colors to communicate like cuttlefish or squid.  Evasiveness has it's own colors, and dim displays demonstrate wimpiness when contrasted to bright ones.

Does anyone have a rewarding and practical approach toward forming objects, though? Hearkening back to the invisibility method of cloud formation, I don't think it is off-topic.  Do you have it Hyperblu, or are you just making an observation?

Title: invisibility
Post by: Tyciol on December 02, 2004, 01:08:24
Colour has a U! :p Has anyone seen the movie 'Hollow Man'? Has anyone done invisibility like that, where it's just limited to your biological self, and doesn't extend to clothes? That'd be VERY interesting.

Title: invisibility
Post by: Hyperblu on December 03, 2004, 23:33:26
Quote from: pod_3
Yes, we automatically use colors to communicate like cuttlefish or squid.  Evasiveness has it's own colors, and dim displays demonstrate wimpiness when contrasted to bright ones.

Does anyone have a rewarding and practical approach toward forming objects, though? Hearkening back to the invisibility method of cloud formation, I don't think it is off-topic.  Do you have it Hyperblu, or are you just making an observation?

Sorry i don't. its  kinda  observation and kinda my own experience.
I'm actually not so much into these things right now...
I'm reading more about NLP and hypnosis and also about magic (magic with brain, thoughts, feeling and so on)

As i  told before that the Knowledge mates it easy doesn't mean that its easy to reach up to it.

Just get yourself into these thoughts that you CAN and you CAN.

its just people that surround us  who say that  these things are impossible and can never been proved but they have no idea how wrong they are.

Oh and one little thing that maybe helps you guys out with reaching the point where you really believe and know that you are able to do what ever you think about. read little about NPL  try to find a file called " Ultimate NLP Home Study Course" . i found there tech. how to change your mind and beliefs. try it out ... it could help :)


EDIT: just you know  i have very hard to do the practical parts. thats  why I'm reading alot about everything that interests me. so basically i know  alot in theory  but still  a little in practical side from my own experiences

Title: invisibility
Post by: baddspellahl4 on January 19, 2005, 03:11:13
yes, we are now going to talk about invisibility. The nature of invisibility is from "blocking out light and it's many spectrums ", like a cloud blocking out sun light on your world. When light is blocked out things become invisible or unseen. The same way the key to invisibility is the cloud's, but we are going to use your auric cloud. That is this auric or photonic clouds that is around your body or object. Now again, visualization, feeling, and color, come into play.

One: color that is very good for invisibility is black and the other is indigo dark blue, yes, black is a color as well. This vibration can counter act visible light, for black is the "INVISIBLE LIGHT". What we are going to do is pretend again. Just see that you have aura around you and feel its presence heavy or light. Now see your aura change in color from its known whatever natural color it is currently radiating and change that natural color into "BLACK ". Now your aura is black in color, or make it indigo black, that is OK to and feel that in your mind and form that you have done it, see it with your visualization skill.  There is no wrong way, your black aura photonic artificial created clouds can be close to your physical form or twelve feet away from your form. It can be thick or thin, as long it envelopes your entire form with it black/indigo color, remember your aura is still that same color, but this black aura is actually a phantom or photonic generated artificial created aura or energy shield fields that you visually created that is designed to block out light, and harmful matter and energy that you don't desire to experience. So once light is block out, thus you become invisible, peekaboo we don't see you. Now pretend that you can't be seen, that light can't find you, so you have been shielded from the light, so no light is radiating from you either, or the environmental light is now being blocked out by your shield and thus there is no light reflection from the environment to you and you to it, so you become invisible through your artificial created auric phontonic shield. Now you see everything but everything can 't see you, there is no light reflecting from you, it is blocked. It is like a TWO WAY MIRROR, YOU CAN SEE THE OTHER PERSON AND THEIR ENVIRONMENT BUT THEY CAN'T SEE YOU. Now the application of this cloaking technology is many. It goes even further then invisibility, with your newly created invisible auric shield. You can also stop bullet, and bad energy as well. This shield can be use to levitate or shield you or your friend from any harmful reality that normally you or your friend's would end up dead or badly injured in the experience. Yes dear heart the shield can be used to stop bullet from a gun or a rocket from a rocket launcher. Since the shield is made from photonic energy of your thought and auric field it affects matter and energy around it. Guns, computer, electronic gadgetry or electrical based powered technology will not work around you, once you activated your shield, even your car won't start. For example dear heart if someone shoots you, your shield can freeze automatically the bullet in mid air because the photonic cloud affects both energy and matter and will obey your desired wish and thought. As the photonic cloud generated by your visualized thought process, can materialize any object of your desire, even another human beings, angels, food, technology, gold, metal, animals, etc. This is what we call materialization technology. The phontonic cloud is all around you, it is your aura. So you see you are a divine CO-creator of the many infinite universe' s and also it's many infinite wonderful spiritual and physical creations. You have no limit, just like us the guardians force also. So you can direct your artificial photonic auric cloud to cloak a house or a particular environment, even angel or other advance being even with auric vision can't see it only if you want them too. So dearest this cloaking technology has many useful path to enrich your life.
We now give this to you also. Use it well. Also don't forget your cloud is alive and you have to build a relationship with it (talk to it with love, feeling, compassionate energy, and light). For it will become your best partner during situations, so be friendly to it and give it a name and treat it with respect. You are Batman and your cloud is robin, the dynamic duo. Your clouds is very conscious and aware, so see it as equal to you and also it is an angel to you. Also remember it is your family. Love it and respect its existence so that it will support you and your safety, for the cloud will save your life or the life of your loved one in situations that you yourself wouldn't normally get out of. Don't forget your cloud can change shape as well as color, you can illuminate your environment with light that everyone (like a light bulb) can see, by changing your cloud color from black into the visible light spectrum, red, orange, yellow blue, green, white, etc., any color beside black or dark indigo. Dearest that means you can brain wash people that you are from other worlds and that you are angel, as well, make it up as you go along dearest, be creative with your new technology super power skill and gift, again dearest. Remember the golden rule for all light beings throughout out the many infinite universal order that is " DO NO HARM TO YOUR SELF AND DO NO HARM TO OTHERS" . We now take our leave dear heart Selamat Jarin, light being. Be one and be in joy for together we are victorious.

Title: invisibility
Post by: pod_3 on January 31, 2005, 03:25:54
Read it carefully; subtle information is included.

Title: invisibility
Post by: Telos on January 31, 2005, 04:23:35
Just get yourself into these thoughts that you CAN and you CAN.

This is total nonsense. You don't know what you can do unless you play around and do it.

Don't encourage people to brainwash themselves.

I startle people all the time. Sometimes I'm standing right in front of them, not saying "hi," waiting for them to acknowledge my presence. They don't. I finally say something, like, "what are you doing?" And they say I've scared the crap out of them.

And it's not just when I'm standing in front of them. My family members are always surprised that I am not where they think I am. They yell upstairs to me, not knowing that I am downstairs, or think I am home when I'm not home.

There's no special ability involved. People just aren't always observant of you. Get over it.

Have I tried to affirm "I CAN" and truly believe that these powers were available to me? Yes. I believed enough to trespass onto guarded private property. But, then, what semi-reckless teenage boy doesn't?

I did them all - rooftops, fire escapes, construction yards, abandoned buildings.

My friends were scared as hell when I told them to scale a wall with me. "There's a busy street right next to us!! Won't someone see us??" I told them, "just act like they don't see you, because most likely, they won't." We must've climbed that wall a dozen times in plain view. We were never spotted.

One night I was pushing the envelope at an abandoned brewery. This was always the most interesting place to trespass. It looked like something out of a Noir film. Check out this website for pictures ( I had heard rumors that people were caught by night security, but that didn't phase me. I was a journeyman, and I had already conquered a few of the buildings in that complex, and I had the "relics" to prove it. My friends and I looted almost a car full of signs, mugs, books, merchandise, and promotional items just left on the premises. My friends were too scared of going back. So what did I do? I went back.

It was fun as hell, and scary as hell at the same time. You'd never believe how spooky that place is at night. But, somehow, I felt more confident alone. I was walking down one of the alleys, when the moment happened. A night guard walked out of a door and shone his light down the alley. I was tucked in a corner next to a dumpster and a pile of trash. No flesh was showing, my clothes were dark, and I was completely still. My thoughts were purely disciplined into shadow. Even better, was that I had noticed his movements earlier - his normal route would have been the other direction down the alley.

He walked toward me, and stopped, hesitating. The light flickered, and settled directly on my position. His pace sped.

I was caught.

Lucky for me, he saw that I was just a kid, and that I wasn't with any friends doing drugs or damaging property, so he told me to get out and never come back. Honestly, looking back on it, there's nothing I could've done. My mind's intentions were perfect.

You're not invisible until you prove it in front of a professional watchman.