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Title: almost there but cant split
Post by: sk_nh on November 03, 2004, 13:51:42
hi all,
one night a couple months ago i woke up in a state of intense vibrations, i instinctively rolled out of my body. since i have been trying to do this again. i have been reading article after article, tip after tip and think i am about there. yesterday gave it another shot using some chakra meditation and then some trance counting(i am very new to the whole meditation and chakra thing). anyway i got pretty deep, drifting in and out of dreams until the vibrations started, i am not talking about little tingly feelings but the real deal(i should note that the vibes were not as intense as the night i woke up with them though) so i tried to remain calm, concentrated on my breathing, and began to try and focus on visualizing a door in the room or the light on the ceiling, then after a little while the vibrations subsided.  it seems i have been able to reach the vibrations almost every time i try, but that is as far as i get.  every time i am so sure that the split is about to happen.  anyway, my question is this, am i missing a piece of the puzzle?  is there something i need to do or not do to induce the split.  for example, once the vibes start should i focus on the ceiling, the rope technique etc.?  or could it be related to not having enough energy built up?  and lastly, i have been visiting this forum for about a month now and i want to thank y'all for taking the time to help anyone who asks and by providing so much info in an unbiased way.  take care.

Title: almost there but cant split
Post by: aleshah on November 03, 2004, 14:19:43
The most hardest point is to visualize you to the ceiling or somwhere out of body, without reacting oversensed to body sensations.
This noize is coming from youself, signs you already succeed, but don't guess it.

Some of my ways, that work for me:
I just listen.
I do it by  *feel*.
I can command make visual information  from just this special feel, by
tuning to some beautiful peaceful place.
I can  programm my subconscious to do this task of *getting out*.
I can tune my body  invisible, so i trick out myself.
I can tune my aura is blurring more and more.
I project consciously on body parts, imagining that i am changing weight from hard to soft, versa.
I imagine changing temperature from hot to cold, versa
I imagine i shake my rtz body to left right/ up & down.


Are you doing it in lying or sitting position?

Title: almost there but cant split
Post by: sk_nh on November 03, 2004, 15:21:25
thanks for the reply, most of the time i lay on my back without any pillows under my head, i have tried it  leaning back in a chair (at work, but don't tell anyone!)  but sitting doesn't give the same results.  so if i just remain at peace and listen then the split should happen on its own?  when you split this way where do you find yourself in relation to your body (in the same room, above, beside etc)?  thanks again!!

Title: almost there but cant split
Post by: aleshah on November 04, 2004, 12:22:38
Commonly i am byside my body, but i think it doesn't play any role
it's not the 3rd dimension :-)  

i think the oversensation caused by to much meditation.
i tried exclusive hearing meditation (just stay calm, closed eyes, all concentration to audio objects far away about 500 meters.)

Or just closed eyes and trying to caught one single light point,hard focus, but relaxed.

Or i just lay there without moving to any cost.

first time it was weird (i was spinning inside  the ceiling
i also tried to walk trough walls :)
one time i was in a psychic wind( i heard a lot of human voices and some kind of radio)
 I 've seen my arms were building up, I have watched the ends, they were bending like laser beams to sides.
 :idea:  :roll:

... i like to add : when u are freezing often, get dizzy with warm clothes. :idea:

Title: almost there but cant split
Post by: LotusLegs on November 04, 2004, 14:28:43
I especially agree to what you said about the people on this site.  They are helpful and unbiased.