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Title: out and about
Post by: mat on November 10, 2004, 15:51:16
I had a session of oob's last night, just my second or third time now.
Found myself realising I'm asleep and jumped up and out. In my first go I was over exited in making it and a little cautious and stayed around the house, so this time my objective was to get out in the neighbourhood.

I dived out my window and tried to fly across the playing fields. Soon lost energy and all went black so I retreated to my garden and got some more clarity, tried to go up and over the house and this just seemed too much of a feat, very draining, i was fighting for it but it phased back to physical. Seemed to me i couldn't go flying across the playing fields or over the house because my mind couldn't cope with generating the unknown landscape.
I stayed calm and got up again. Thought id try straight up this time, flew upwards and lost clarity again almost straight away.
Back to my body, was finding it pretty draining but got out. Thought id just go easy being as I failed pretty bad last 2 times, just went out my door, down and out the front door. Wanted to go try and spy on people in their houses. I now find that this just doesn't work, everyone i see in the astral can see me. I went up to a few doors to go in random houses and see whats going on but people just spoke to me asking what do i want, which unnerved me and I quickly skidaddled. Embarrassing too as i was only half dressed, just put a jumper on to supposedly keep warm.

So I made a little progress and learnt a few lessons. eg, ill get dressed properly next time before going out in the street - or anywhere else. Might have made the difference actually as i might have talked to a few people. Mainly i guess i learned a few of my astral limits.
Thats all really, if you've got any suggestions for me to take it further next opportunity then fire away.

all the best


Title: out and about
Post by: ASunnieSpirit on November 17, 2004, 02:24:14
hmmm, the nakedness disturbs me as well, i found it quite embaressing (and still do) but it seems like its hard to imagine clothes once you notice you dont have any, i guess its implanted in your mind already :P

The black out thing is really common, just keep up the practice. The first time for me i blacked out in my hallway outside my bedroom, the next time i made it to the kitchen, and then the last time the front door (but im still stuck in my house sadly and cant seem to get beyound the living room without complete loss of conciouness).
Have fun...

Title: out and about
Post by: mactombs on November 17, 2004, 18:30:09
I've never had that experience in an OBE (having had very, very few of those) but I've had plenty in dreams (which I don't think the mechanics of work all that differently). Usually, though, I've forgotten my shoes. I've never been naked, just shoeless, but that's bad enough. To get whatever it is I'm missing, I just tell myself that I didn't forget, I remembered, and I expect it to be there (like Tom says). It never fails to show up.

Don't try or squeeze or beg, expect and demand. It seems to be a rule in these places that it's important to be affirmative. Don't worry about demanding, either, since you're just demanding it of yourself anyway.

All the same, clothes aren't necessary at all. Either is having a body that can be naked. These are self-imposed limits. I prefer being a point of intelligence.

Congrats on the success, though, sounds like a good time. Hope you have countless more.

Title: out and about
Post by: ralphm on November 24, 2004, 04:04:51
In the times I have been out of body, I never thought to check to see if I was wearing anything. I guess l thought this was a clothing optional exercise. I guess I should wear something next time.